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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Qinghai's Alien Ruins

Picture is (C) copyright to Global Times Online

The possibility of life on other planets is one that people have been puzzling over for centuries. In Delingha, the third largest city in Northwest China's Qinghai Province there is an area called "Alien Ruins" that attracts many explorers in search of extra-terrestrial signs of life, on Earth.

Alien Ruins is located near Tuosu Lake, a salty body of water that is part of the twin "sweetheart lakes" on Bayinnuowa Mountain, about 40 kilometers from the center of Delingha. On the south bank of the lake stands several pyramid-like mountains at the edge of the Gobi desert, each 50 to 60 meters high with yellow-gray sides. There is a grotto in the shape of a triangle on the side of one of the pyramid-mountains that is the Alien Ruins.

Bai Yu, an archeologist from Qinghai, said that he was astonished by what he saw when he first visited the area in 1996. "There are no signs of life at all in the wide lake and the sharp mountains are also lifeless, as if they have experienced a massive fire. It seems that the scenery here did not originate from Earth, but from other planets in outer space.

According to a local guide, the most mysterious thing is a pipe-like object with a diameter of 40 centimeters slanting up from the bottom of the grotto. It appears that the pipe was inserted into the rock directly and there are 10 more pipes of different shapes penetrating the mountain with some extending all the way into the lake. All of the pipes are rust-brown red in color.

When a local laboratory tested the iron-like pipes, it found that they contained a large amount of ferric oxide, silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. Even more unusual, 8 percent of the elements found in the sample were unknown and could not be located on the periodic table of elements.

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