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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taiwan News Reports UFO Sighting

UFO in Tai Nan of Taiwan
January 2004, recorded on a camcorder, this sighting is near the Shin Kong Tower, what is believed to be a triangular UFO circling in the skies above Taiwan.

Suicide Forest in Mountain Fuji Japan

Author: Deena Budd

What is it about the Sea of Trees, also called the Jukai, located on the forests of Mount Fuji in Japan that draws people there to take their own lives?

During the last forty years or so, hundreds of people of all ages and vocations have traveled from all over Japan to come to the Suicide Forest to end their existence on this plane.

The authorities have placed warning signs all over the six thousand plus acres of forest area in an attempt to get people to think about what they are doing. One sign says "Wait! Think Again! You only have one life- value it."

For the most part, this forest doesn't sound as lovely as most wooded areas that I have visited. I have read of "stunted, twisted pines and oak trees," with little sunshine breaking through the darkness. There are seldom birds, and often ice lying in "black slabs on the paths."

Click here to read full article

Related: Japan's Most Haunted Forest - Aokigahara

Jinn in Syria...?

A home video filmed in Syria, which allegedly captures a strange occurence in the background. Is it a Jinn? You decide

UFO sighting on Chinese news - July, 2009 (BeiJing)

Chinese news broadcast about a UFO sighting in July, 2009.

UFO Fleet Reported from South Korean TV News

Fleet of UFO spoted and reported in South Korean News

Russian Exorcism (Father Vasily's Church)

TV news segment from Russia on exorcisms.
This film and events are taken from Father Vasily's Church

Transferring the Memories and Feelings of a Dead Person into Ours

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

In the movies, often we see detectives with metaphysical abilities that connect them with the dead to solve a mystery case. So can we really embed the memories, including the feelings of a dead person into ours whom we absolutely have no connection with? Historing Tan, a writer on science offers to share a logical reasoning to the question.

Psychologists who studied the memory of human thought, speculated that memory were preserved in the protein molecules of the brain cell.

On the other hand, physiologists who studied the structure of human body found that nearly 98% of the cells are changed once a year, and the protein molecules in the brain cell are metabolized almost entirely in one or two days.

The human memory, however, is preserved to recall things many years ago.

If hypnotic methods are used, recalls can goes many years back and maybe recalling the ‘previous’ lives.

The question arises; how do the old cells transfer the memories to the new cells?

Some scientists have done so in passing their memory over to the newly born cell thru electric impulses.

If this is so that memory can be conserved thru electric energy, why should the consciousness which produces memory and imagination, not possible to be conserved in the space which is full of electricity?

If the principle of the conservation of consciousness is valid, it offers a theoretical explanation of people who experience recalling past lives or thought of being possess by spirit. In other words, the consciousness of a dead person is alive around us. Are we able to connect to them?

Buddhism and other Religion on Rebirth

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal
Excerpt from: K Sri Dhammananda's "Do you believe in Rebirth"

The craving to unravel Rebirth among various communities
Buddhism regards the doctrine of Rebirth not as a mere theory but as a verifiable fact. The belief in rebirth forms a fundamental tenet of Buddhism. However, the belief in rebirth is not confined to Buddhists and Asia; it is also found in other countries, in other religions, and even among free thinkers.

Pythagoras and Plato could remember their previous lives. According to Plato, man can be reborn only up to 10 times. Plato also believed in the possibility of rebirth in animal kingdom.

Among the ancient people in Egypt and China, a common belief was that only well known personalities like emperors and kings have rebirths.

A well known Christian authority name Origen, who lived during 185 to 254 A.D., believed in rebirth. According to him, there is no eternal suffering in hell.

Gorana Bruno, who lived in the sixteenth century, believed that the soul of every man and animal transmigrates from one being to another.

In 1788, a well known philosopher, Kant, criticized eternal punishment. Kant also believed in the possibility of rebirth in other celestial bodies.

Schopenhauer (1788-1860), another great philosopher said that where the will to live existed, there must be of necessity life.

The Buddha explained this ‘will do exist’ as the craving for existence.

Read about the real rebirth cases from India and Sri Lanka

So what exactly causes rebirth?
The teachings of Buddha who died around 483 BCE was recorded and explains that “when the physical body is no more capable of functioning, energies do not die with it, but continue to take some other shape or form, which some people call another life.” The westerners recognized this theory only after 2000 years later where science begins to revolutionize the world and that is, in westerner scientific point of view, one of the most fundamental laws of nature, the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a system can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. Buddhism terms this state of energy as the Kammic force. This force will manifest itself in the form of human being or in the form of animal. The Kammic force is inclusive of craving, desire, volition and thirst to live and these forces does not end with the non-functioning of the body but continues to manifest itself in another form, with the co operation of existing cosmic energies, producing re-existence which is rebirth. So are you one of the believers??

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Massive UFO Fleet over Seoul, South Korea 12/10/2008

Here you can see a huge fleet of ufo over Seoul, South Korea on the 12th of October 2008.

Ten ways to improve your psychic abilities

by ToddDaigneault

So you want to improve your psychic abilities? We all have them, but like muscles, they have to be properly and strongly developed to work well. Also, we must make ourself far more sensitive to the other realms, realities and dimensions that interact with our three-dimensional reality.

Sometimes, we need to clear the distractions and the psychic "static" that permeates our consciousness. As a researcher/experiencer, who has over thirty years of researching the paranormal behind him, here are ten steps in no particular order:

A good way to develop your psychic abilities is to use divination tools like Tarot cards, ordinary playing cards, runes and other divination-tools to help improve your abilities. Do a reading every few days for people around you.

This helps to strengthen psychic ability by working the areas of your brain responsible for ESP and other paranormal abilities. Over time, like exercise, those areas of your brain will strengthen considerably and your readings will get clearer and more accurate in predicting the future.

Click here to read full article


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Japanese Barman Bends Metal

Paranormal powers or super strong fingers - how does this bartender bend solid metal spoons?
Magic Tricks or Real Magic?

'Evil Spirits' Close School In Central Philippines

A public high school in Oriental Mindoro in central Philippines had been suspended since August 8 after an "evil spirit" haunts the school ground and "possessed" students since.

Henry Tungol, principal of the Pedro Panaligan Memorial National High School said students have shown signs of "seizures, shortness of breath while some were shouting and writhing in pain. The events have caused hysteria inside the campus.

Click here to read full article


Chinese archaeologists 'discover' tomb of notorious pantomime villain Cao Cao

by Jonathan Watts

Chinese archaeologists claimed today to have found the tomb of one of the country's oldest and most notorious pantomime villains.

The bones of Cao Cao, who is a byword for treachery in Peking opera, may been located near the ancient capital of Anyang, in Henan province, the state-run broadcaster announced.

Picture is (C) copyright to Chinaview News

An epitaph and inscription were also found in the tomb that appear to identify the warlord, who helped to unify northern China.

If confirmed, the discovery would solve one of China's greatest historical puzzles.

Cao Cao, also known as the Emperor Wu of Wei, was a politician, general and poet whose brilliance as a military strategist and wordsmith was tarnished forever by the novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

In that classic, he is portrayed as a scheming, merciless tyrant who is so suspicious of everyone he meets that he mistakes a plan to slaughter a pig in his honour as an assassination plot – and responds by killing everyone involved, including women and children.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Encounters with "Quan Am" in Vietnam

Author : Former US Marine in Vietnam

The Vietnamese people like to talk about ghost stories no matter how scary they are. Most foreign expats write them off and tell the Vietnamese that it is just merely a figment of their imagination. I used to be one of those skeptics. Then I came to Vietnam…

Ten months later I saw the same ghost again in my room but this time I had been awake. I had just got a Quan Am Shrine earlier that week and put it in my room.

I was walking next to my computer when I saw an image of a young woman wearing all white standing next to the shrine. I turned to the direction where she was at but she disappeared immediately. After a couple days, I forgot about seeing this ghost again.

In February, 2006, I was teaching a group of students at SaigonTech. For some reason we started talking about ghosts. What they told me started to spook me. One student told me about seeing a young Asian woman with long black hair wearing white standing next to his friend one night while he was sleeping. He asked his friend who the woman was. His friend did not know. About 5 of my students told me the same story of seeing this same young women. Most of them saw her while they were awake but some said that she does appear in their dreams as well.

Most Vietnamese that I talked to about this ghost say she is Quan Am. Others are not too sure but she tends to be one of the most commonly seen ghosts in Vietnam.

Click here to read full article

The Tree Ghosts of Vietnam

Author: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghost Writer

I have been to Thailand and Burma. I have never been to Vietnam, even though I flew over Vietnam and Laos to get to Thailand. I hope to one day visit Vietnam. Vietnam has become a friend to America and tourists are treated graciously. My half brother Andrew Somprise Soyo remembers a different Vietnam

Tree Ghost
Picture is (C) copyright to AP

Thuy remembers the stories about the 'tree ghosts of Vietnam'. Legend has it that wandering spirits around the countryside of Vietnam need a place to live and they take up residence in the trees of the jungle. It is said that if you cut down a tree without asking permission, you will be cursed or you will face bad luck. Usually the people of Vietnam will perform a ceremony asking the entities to leave a tree and to move onto another tree before cutting it down.

Former Lieutenant Howard Pierce who recently went to Vietnam on vacation, stopped off in the jungles of Bach Ma. He claims he saw two pale apparitions staring at him from one tree. As he approached the tree, the apparitions vanished in front of his very eyes. Perhaps Howard saw the tree ghosts of Vietnam?
Click here to read full article

Putrajaya urged to drive stake into witchcraft

Author: The Malaysian Insider

At least once a month, someone complains to Datuk Michael Chong about being cheated by a practitioner of black magic.

The most recent case happened two weeks ago. A Malay woman asked a bomoh to make her more beautiful, said Chong.

She ended up not only losing her cash but also with bruises all over her body after being beaten with a broomstick and other objects by the medium — ostensibly to rid her of an evil spirit.

Chong, who heads the Malaysian Chinese Association’s public services and complaints department, said such cases were increasing as mediums prey on the fear of those who go to see them.

Chong told The Sunday Times that one victim lost a whopping RM250,000, the largest sum reported thus far.

Therefore, he supports a recent call by Muslim scholars here to outlaw witchcraft in the country.

On Dec 16, respected Muslim scholar Haron Din, who is also a leader of Islamist party Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), said that a law was necessary to curb the use of black magic because many people had been cheated of their money.

Click here to read full article


Aswang - The Beginning and Origin of a Legend

An excerpt from MICHAEL GROSBERG's "Hunting the Aswang"

Not surprisingly, like other folk beliefs around the world, the origin of the aswang is rooted in a specific historic moment. History professor Ephraim Areno of West Visayas University in Iloilo City explains that, in an effort to isolate Filipinos who opposed the occupation of the islands, the Spaniards claimed that “holdouts” who were forced to flee to the mountainous interior were in fact witches in disguise.

Picture is (C) copyright to AP

When you take into consideration that colonization always first takes place along the coastline, it’s not surprising that rugged, mountainous interiors become actual and metaphorical places of refuge and mystery. Traditional beliefs are more easily preserved as these places are harder to get to and farther from the reaches of modernity and technology.

Another way of understanding the emergence of this sort of belief is in the context of the clash between Christianity and traditional belief systems. During the pre-Spanish period in the Philippines, babaylan, or shaman, fulfilled important roles as political advisers to chieftains and spiritual conduits for the people. They tended to be women. With the arrival of the Spanish and the introduction of an alternative religious and political system, their power base was threatened and lives put at risk. As a result, they were influential in resisting the Spanish and therefore likely targets for a surreptitious campaign of slander and innuendo.

Click here to read full article

Aswang - The Most Dreadful Supernatural Creature in Philippines

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Aswang is an intelligent supernatural creature that takes roots in Philippines as early as the 16th century. The creature is so fearful that some elders in Philippines refuse to even mention the word ‘Aswang’. There isn’t a clear definition to which class of monsters the Aswang belong to, but they are often depicted as a pretty-faced, fair skinned maiden during the day and transform into hideous vampire in the night with red bulging eyes, disheveled hair and crooked wings.

An Aswang can be very deceptive and shy when they are not hunting. They will behave like a normal person and even hold a normal job during the day.

The one way to spot an Aswang is by starring into the eyes of the creature and notices the orientation of your reflection. Your reflections in the eyes of an Aswang will always appear upside down or in the opposite direction. Aswang wear thick contact lenses today so that your reflections will be reflecting on the lenses and not on their eyes, thus avoid its identity being expose. It is said that one can see the true form revealed of an Aswang when they view it from a “Peek ka Boo” (bend down with head between legs) position. The Aswang need energy to survive and their source of energy is either from the consumption of the human fetus or the human cadaver, thought they are also known to consume the blood and flesh of a walking person.

The original descriptions of Aswang Mananangal describe that the upper torso is separated from its lower body when they go hunting for food during the night. The upper torso of the Aswang flies to an area far from their home in search of their victims while leaving their lower body at home. Aswang is believed to never victimize its neighbors, however if a person ever encounter an Aswang somewhere, it is said that if you stare hard into the eyes and the hideous face of an Aswang, they will be shy and turn away eventually. Aswang is also extremely afraid of salt, vinegar, chilly and spices. The Aswang will get severed burns on its body when sprinkled with the mentioned commodities. If the mentioned commodities is sprinkled on the open cuts of the lower body of an Aswang, the creature will not be able to revert and will died in the day. There are other methods to subdue the Aswang (probably) from the influences of the western vampire cultures, such as piercing thru the heart of the creature with the tail of a stingray or a sterling grade silver dagger. If a person failed to intimidate an Aswang, there are two scenarios that likely to continue, he or she will either be eaten by the Aswang or turn into an Aswang itself. The Mangkukulam (Traditional Philippines Alchemist) is able to cure the victim by performing a complicated ritual that will lock the victim for a certain number of days, forcing the victim to drink a formulated potion in replacement of food (the humans).

There are few ways that a person could possibly transform into an Aswang;
1. When a person pluck an inverted plant from a cave.
2. A black baby chicken or a lizard crawls inside a person mouth.
3. When an Aswang blew air into the person head or neck.
4. When an Aswang offer food to the person.
5. The Mangkukulam can cure a person from transforming into an Aswang can also curse a person to turn into an Aswang.

More Sources:
Official Aswang Movie Blog
Reliable ways to Kill Monsters in the Philippines (Aswang)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Haunting in Executive Condominium

by Unknown Author

The names of the location and persons in this article have been removed to protect intellectual property rights.

I was looking for a rental apartment and I spotted an Executive Condominium in The Straits Time Classifieds. It was in xxxxxx, located at xxxxxx, it was near to my work place and and the price was attractive!

The agent who advertised turned out to be the owner himself (I found out later that it was so because no other agent would want to help him market the unit after showing their first prospective tenants). So I arranged a viewing with the agent cum owner and rented it on spot because I was then desperately in need of a place to stay.

When I reached the apartment, I saw a BIG Cross on the main door, I'm a Catholic so I didn't take it to heart. I viewed the apartment, I found that it was renovated nicely and I was told by the owner that the he and his wife had only stayed for a short while and moved out because it was far away from their work place.

The owner looked nice enough, a gentle speaking man, I was in urgent need of a place to stay and it didn't take me long to put a deposit- I was thinking, I'm just renting a place, not buying and the price was extremely cheap and I could have the whole 3 bedroom aparment for myself at an incredible rent, no need to be fussy.

As the owner had bought the EC from HDB direct, they can't sell the EC yet(5 yrs rule) so they could only rent the place out for now. I came to know from neighbours later that more that 5 families had come and gone during these time. The neighbours also told me the actual reason the owners left was because the family had problems, lots of financial problem.

The husband owed the loan shark lots of money, even the security guards had to be instructed to stop debt collectors from coming to the house. The family was breaking up. The husband was seeing another woman and he wanted a divorce. The wife refused and hence they quarrelled everyday. So please check with the surrounding neighbours before you rent or purchase a flat which now I learn. Ok! now I will listed all the incidences happened during my two months there.

1) One night after watching TV alone, I think it was about 2.00am and I was walking back from the living room past the dining room to the bedroom to sleep, I heard a boy's voice(very clearly) calling my name once and instinctly I turn my head to my left where the voice came from. My whole body went cold when there was nothing there at all! I rent the whole place for my own and there could be no one else in the house!

2) It was in the afternoon, I was washing hair in the bedroom toilet. As I was sitting on the edge of the bath tub bending forward holding the shower above my head washing my hair, suddenly, I felt that someone gave me a hard push above my head. I was unable to see that time cos my eyes were covered with shampoo, but I could discern a black shadow in the form of a 'human(?)' in front of me. Again, there could be no other person in the house!

3) (This one is real spooky) It was when I met a neighbour next door. I was instructed not to talk with the neighbours cos the owner had rented out the whole unit illegally, so this was the first time I had talked to my neighbour. Then, during our conversation, they mentioned, "Where is your son?" I told them that I am single and I stay alone but they insisted that they saw themself, when I left the main door open while I was in the hall watching TV on the sofa, there was a boy playing next to me and he was about 3 yrs old!! Both husband & wife saw that!

4) There was one evening at about 11.00pm. I was having my bath thenwhen I turn to face the wall behind me, I got a shock! There was a black figure like a human child on the wall! I was shaking like a leave and naturally used the hot shower spray and spray to that direction. Nothing happen at all so I quickly rushed out.

5) This last one is the final straw I was able to take before I decided to forfeit my deposit and shift out to my friend's place. I forgot to mentioned that all this time during the night when I was sleeping in my locked master bedroom, I always heard noises like someone twisting my room handle and trying to open the door. I did checked many times to no avail. One evening after watching TV, I went back to bedroom to sleep. As I entered the masteroom, I got a shock! There was a pair of deep lighted shinning green eyes on my PC screen in the room. The PC was not even switch on!! Just to make sure it was not a fault, I even pull out the plug from the socket!! The pair of eyes was still there!! Then suddenly the TV in the living room was switched on and the volume turned to the highest! I just ranout of the house without even locking the door and stayed at the guard house till the next moring!

I moved that morning!! This is a series of true incidences witnessed by me, I have been more diligent in going to church lately after this.

The last thing I heard, the owner is trying to sell the EC now as it's already reached the 5 yr occupation period. Take care and take note of the address when hunting for a home!!!

Chinese Knotweed that looks like a human

Stunned farmer Zheng Dexun dug up a crop of fleeceflower, or Chinese knotweed, and found one shaped like a person, in Langzhong, China.

Picture is (C) copyright to The Daily Mail

Click here to read full article

Massive UFO Orb Fleet over Russia, August 2008

Massive UFO Orb Fleet over Russia, August 2008
video owner contact : kuznecvole@mail.ru

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fatal Frame - Himuro Mansion Haunting

by Joan Seth

Picture is (C) copyright to Tecmo

Fatal Frame (known as Zero in Japan or Project Zero in Europe) was a video game developed by Tecmo and released in 2001.

The main basis of the plot focuses on a young lady called Miku Hinasaki, who travels to the supposedly haunted Himuro Mansion to search for the older brother. Mafuyu Hinaski was a novelist, who together with his assistant and editor went to the Himuro Mansion to search for his mentor, Junsei Takamine.

Please click here for an article on the Himuro Mansion

Although Miku eventually manages to find her brother, Mafuyu refuses to leave with her. It turns out that a vengeful spirit had kidnapped Mafuyu due to his resemblance to her former lover. Mafuyu states that he has to stay with her, so she will not be alone again.

Miku escapes the mansion alone, just in time to see the entrapped spirits of the mansion being released and floating into the night air.

How truthful is this game? Tecmo marketed the game outside of Japan with a "Based on a true story" tag.

The Himuro Mansion was a site of gruesome murders and deaths of a Japanese family and several associates a few decades ago.

However, the game does not make any mention of these murders; instead, other Japanese urban legends and ghost stories were included in it.

Please click here for an article on Japanese Ghosts

Ghosts like the Yurei and Onryo were mentioned in the game instead, which brings into question the factuality of this previous "basis" for the true story.

Nevertheless, this game was innovative for that time, in the sense that it helped popularize a genre of video games known as Survival Horror. It was also unique that it featured Japanese ghosts, spirits, exorcisms and occult rituals, which was not the main focus of any Survival Horror game before. It would be years later when Sony Computer Entertainment released Siren which is based on a deadly occult ritual.

Aquarium snaps world's first photos of young coelacanth

IWAKI, Fukushima Pref. (Kyodo)

Picture is (C) copyright to www.cryptomundo.com

A team from an aquarium in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, has succeeded in capturing the world's first photographs of juvenile coelacanths, a fish regarded as a living fossil, off Indonesia's Sulawesi Island.

According to Aquamarine Fukushima, the fry were found Oct. 6 at a depth of 161 meters in Manado Bay off North Sulawesi Province, where the Indonesian coelacanth was first discovered more than a decade ago.

While little is known about the breeding habits of coelacanths, examination of captured specimens has shown that their eggs hatch inside the female and the young, known as pups, are born as fully formed juveniles.

The fry photographed by Aquamarine Fukushima were 31.5 cm long and appeared to be newborn.

Click here to read full article

Picture of 100ft-long 'snake' sparks fears of mythical monster in Borneo

By Richard Shears

According to legend, the Nabau was a terrifying snake more than 100ft in length and with a dragon's head and seven nostrils.

But now local villagers living along the Baleh river in Borneo believe the mythical creature has returned after this photo of a gigantic snake swimming along the remote waterways has emerged.

The picture, taken by a member of a disaster team monitoring flood regions by helicopter, has sparked a huge debate about whether the photos are genuine or merely the work of photo-editing software.

Picture is (C) copyright to The Daily Mail

Even the respected New Straits Times newspaper in Kuala Lumpur has asked readers to make up their own minds about the photos.

Villagers who claim to have seen the snake say they have given it the name of Nabau, after an ancient sea serpent which can transform itself into the shapes of different animals.

People who have studied the photograph of the shape taken from the air have dismissed suggestions that it's a log.

Click here to read full article

Haunted Hospital of Russia

The construction labourer erect a wayward recording vinyl inside a wall of an hospital in Russia.

Ghosts In the Landscape: Vietnam Revisited by Craig Barber

Documentaty by Craig Barber

Friday, December 25, 2009

Japanese Ghost of Koyasan caught !



Unknown strange fishes in Kanas Lake

In July 5 many unknown strange creatures were found in Kanas Lake and those big fishes last time appeared on June 7, 2005. It's said that each of them about more than 10 meters long.


30 mins before the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China

This bizarre cloud was spotted 30 mins before the earthquake happened.


Canadian searches for origin of ‘Aswang’

Author: Felipe V. Celino
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:42:00 11/01/2008

ROXAS CITY – A young film-maker from Canada is doing a documentary regarding the origin of the word “Aswang” in the Philippines.

“We are hoping to make this documentary the most comprehensive and informative presentation of the word Aswang and the myths surrounding it,” says High Banks Entertainment Ltd.’s Canadian filmmaker Jordan Clark.

Clark, 36, is in Capiz to conduct research and interviews regarding the origin of the “Aswang.”

Clark makes it clear he is not a believer of the “Aswang” (witch or vampire).

To him, Capiz, Roxas City in particular, “is the cleanest safest city in the Philippines and the hospitality is second to none” and Aswangs do not exist in the province.

Clark, whose visit here last month was his fifth trip to Capiz, said he only wants to search and discover the origin of the word “Aswang” and map out the anatomy of the myth, which he believes originated from Capiz.

Exploring Capiz
With the help of some residents, Clark, in the next nine days, will travel to various parts of the province to interview old timers who might know how and when Capiz became known as a haven of Aswangs.

For years, the province of Capiz has been regarded as a haven of evil persons possessed with black magic.

Capiceños have been, and still are, being derisively called “Aswang” – half-bodied, flying witches hungry for human flesh and blood.

Click here to read full article

Chinese Black Magic Sorcery

by Paranormal Searchers

There are certain practitioners that deviate from the original teaching. These are the ones that follow the “Tao of the Left”, “Left Handed Paths” or “Side Doors” teachings. They practice sorcery that is extremely fierce. Some of them have great spiritual powers. They can cause the victim to be insane and even death!

Sorcery comes in many different forms it may be elements such as air, earth, wind and fire combined. They may even use spirits of the deceased to do their bidding, words and sounds (mantra) formulated into certain vibrations to effect a physical change in others, the earth’s meridian, astrological constellations, natural energies, guardians, spirits and beings that inhabits the mountain, forest, or even a lake.

Whether it’s white or black magic depends on the motivation of the practitioners. It is usually used to fulfill some wish quickly that is impossible to accomplish by normal means.

Click here to read full article


Seven signs your home is haunted

by Paranormal Daily News

It would seem almost everyone you talk to has had an experience of ghosts or something spooky they just cannot explain. Most can relate a tale of a haunted house where strange occurrences have taken place. Ghosts are a lot more common than you might think!

So what exactly are the tell tales signs that your own home is haunted?

Click here to read full article


Thursday, December 24, 2009

ufo over turkey 2008 explanation


UFO Caught On Surveillance Camera Russia 22 05 2009


UFO filmed in Changsha, China - April 8, 2009 - News Broadcast

At 6:00 p.m. on April 8, 2009 a UFO was filmed in Changsha, Hunan Province, China.

Solving the Codes on the Cover of The Lost Symbol

From: Greg

In late 2003 it was pointed out to me that the dust cover of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code contained a number of curious ‘anomalies’: map co-ordinates in ‘mirror writing’, bolded letters hiding odd messages, and more. The reason for these strange inclusions became clear when Dan Brown announced in an interview that clues about the sequel to The Da Vinci Code were hidden on the cover of the bestselling book.

Picture is (C) copyright to Doubleday Publishing Group

By solving these puzzles and ciphers – and being conversant with many of the topics and resources Brown was likely to use in writing the sequel, I was able to write a complete primer on the as-yet unpublished book in late 2004 (the progenitor of this book you are holding now).

In this very early ‘guide’ to the contents of The Lost Symbol – originally titled (and self-published) as Da Vinci In America – I gave background information on many of the topics that I surmised would be in the new book: Francis Bacon and the transmission of Rosicrucian philosophies, the history of Freemasonry, how ‘the Craft’ influenced America’s Founding Fathers, and the esoteric landscape of Washington, D.C. (including such exotic locales as the Scottish Rite’s “House of the Temple”).

Click here to read full article

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sinister side of Santa Claus

by Joan Seth

Christmas is commonly known as a time for celebration, for gift sharing and having special meals. Although a Christian holiday, Christmas is widely celebrated by many non-Christians, and some of its celebratory customs include pre-Christian or secular themes and origins.

The concept of Christmas revolves around the birth of Jesus Christ, however, most experts believe that Jesus was instead born in the Spring and that Christmas is actually a pagan winter festival.

But to many people, especially children, Christmas is a joyous occasion as they receive gifts from family and friends. Traditionally, a mythological figure called Father Christmas or Santa Claus, would travel around the world, giving gifts to kids on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas was noted for the care of children, generosity, and the giving of gifts. He traditionally appeared in bishoply attire, accompanied by helpers, and enquired about the behaviour of children during the past year, before deciding whether they deserved a gift or not.

However, in certain cultures, there is a belief in certain companions of Santa Claus. Unfortunately, they are more of the sinister and evil side, and do not really fit in the theme of a festival. Here's a look at some of them:

In Austria, Krampus is a scary figure who wears black rags and masks. He traditionally warns and punishes bad children while accompanying Saint Nicholas on his travels. Images of Krampus usually show him with a basket on his back used to carry away bad children and dump them into the pits of Hell. Not what you expected.

This picture is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.

Zwarte Piet is commonly known as a Devil who was enslaved by Saint Nicholas to help him. He appears in traditions originating from the Netherlands and Spain.

He is often portrayed as a mischievous character. Parents will tell their children that if they have been good, Zwarte Piet will bring them gifts and sweets, but if they have been bad, Piet will scoop them up, stuff them in his huge dufflebag and spirit them away as punishment.

Nowadays, the character of Zwarte Piet is usually linked to racism than festivities.

Picture is (C) copyright to http://umongo.com

Knecht Ruprech is of French origin. He was said to be a murderer of three children, until Saint Nicholas discovered the murders and resurrected the dead children. The murderer, out of shame and repentance, decides to become a servant of Saint Nicholas.

Knecht Ruprech travels with Saint Nicholas and punishes naughty children by whipping them. He distributes small whips instead of gifts.

Ruprecht walks with a limp, and wears black clothes. His dirty face and clothes are attributed to the soot he collects as he goes down chimneys.

Picture is (C) copyright to www.kostuemwarenhaus.de/

Turkey UFO 2008, I've broken down this video to show some Enhanced Still Images of two alien being. It looks as if theyre wearing a Jewish Cap... Or is it some
type of metal helmet?

Anyhow the Original video to the images can be viewed at:

Lost city of Atlantis found?

By David Derbyshire

Picture is (C) copyright to The Daily Mail

For centuries the story of Atlantis has captured the imagination - a fabled city of great beauty, culture and wealth that was suddenly swallowed up by the ocean.

Its location - or at least the source of the legend - remained a tantalising mystery. Was it really in the Mediterranean and not in the Atlantic at all?

Some claim its ruins lie beneath the waves off the coast of Cornwall. Others say they've been found in the Black Sea.

But for a few hours this week, experts hoped the riddle may finally have been solved.

More than six hundred miles off West Africa and more than three miles down lay a mysterious grid of lines that resembled the streets of a city.

Was this where the ocean's might overwhelmed Altantis, drowning its people and sweeping away a civilisation?

Or would it prove to be yet another reminder that, actually, there may not have been an Atlantis anywhere at all.

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First home from Jesus' time found in Nazareth

by Michael Winter

Picture is (C) copyright to Getty Images

Today in Nazareth, boyhood home of Jesus, archaeologists showed off the remains of a home that may have belonged to one of his neighbors, the first such dwelling from that era.

The simple house was one of about 50 that belonged to the impoverished Jewish families who lived in the hamlet. The remains of a wall, a hideout from Roman soldiers, a courtyard and a roof-top water system were found after builders dug up the courtyard of a former convent to make room for a new Christian center, just yards from the Basilica of the Annunciation.

This may well have been a place that Jesus and his contemporaries were familiar with," archaeologist Yardena Alexandre, excavations director at the Israel Antiquities Authority, told the Associated Press. Jesus may have played around the house with his cousins and friends, he added. "It's a logical suggestion."

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Malay Child Spirits

Well there are some similiarities of Kuman Thong and other "Ghost" in other beliefs. For example,The Kuman Thong is kinda similar to a Malay Child Spirit called "Toyol" or "Anak Kerak".

Keeping the fosilised foetus will result it getting good fortune but not being able to satisfy the Anak Kerak will bring you big trouble.Anak is a malay word for child and Kerak is a malay word for crumps( Think Bread crumps).

Anak Kerak is believe to have come from a dead foetus which was killed on purpose while still in the womb.
The best foetus to be made into an Anak Kerak are believed to have come from the 1st child from the parents who are also the 1st child.

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The Hauntings of Diplomat Hotel Philippines

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

The Diplomat Hotel on Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippines is famous for being haunted by headless apparitions amongst other things. There were some visitors of the hotel claiming to saw headless figures carrying a platter with their severed damaged head on it, walking along the corridors wailing for justices. The abandoned hotel was the heaven for the paranormal and ghost hunters.

The building was once the seminary Collegio Del Santissimo. The seminary was closed in 1917 due to poor enrolment figures. When during WWII, the seminary was used as a refugee camp. The Japanese run over the seminary and decapitated almost every clergy in the building. These murders were rumored to take place at the ground and second floor of the building. Many other refugees were also killed by the bombing of the seminary during the Japanese invasion.

It is rumored that the Japanese drowned childrens in this fountain.
Diplomat Hotel
Picture is (C) copyright to TriggerSQ

The building were restored after the war and bought over by Diplomat Hotel Inc. in 1973 and converted the building into an enterprising hotel. The hotel is made up of 33 bedrooms with a lot of architectural features remained intact to preserve the historical values of the building.

When Tony Agpaoa, a major shareholder and General Manager of the Diplomat Hotel died in 1987, the hotel was also closed down. Since then, visitors, ghost hunters and neighbors had reported sightings of a headless priest roaming around the corridors of the hotel. It was rumored to be Father Rogue Ruano, who was in charge of Collegio Del Santissimo.
The building were left abandoned for two decades until 2009, where there is rumored that authority is bringing it back as a historical museum.

More source:

"Ghost Orb" captured in Bukit Indah JB Malaysia

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

"Ghost Orb" captured in photo during a night haunting shoot out in local trees.

Click on picture to enlarge

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nensha - Thoughtography

By Chris Capps

This holiday season when you’re posing for a photograph with the family, perhaps you should make an attempt to take a couple of pictures outside of the camera. Think it’s impossible? The photograph at left was taken in a closed room without windows. Though the street, and cars within were never identified, they were certainly nowhere near the institute where the photograph was taken.

To place your thoughts onto film is called “Nensha,” or “Thoughtography.” Of course though the concept has been around since 1913 it is still little known in most paranormal circles. Some will recognize the phenomenon from the movie “The Ring,” but few know it actually has happened several times throughout recent history.

Picture is (C) copyright to unexplainable.net

Quite literally Nensha means “spirit photography,” which is an interesting divide between Eastern and Western parapsychologists. Tomokichi Fukurai is the first documented scientist to attempt to capture Nensha in a controlled environment. His subject was a well known clairvoyant named Chizuko Mifune.

Unfortunately, their experiments were highly controversial and Mifune was thought by skeptics to be a charlatan. Despite this, one public experiment they had performed involved Mifune reading letters written within envelopes before astonished audiences. Later, Mifune’s experiments would be retold as legend in the Japanese horror film “Ringu” which would recast her abilities in a much different light.

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Ufo caught on Live Tv News! Turkey! (Slient Mode)

TV news crew captures a serious of UFO shapceships coming in from the distance. The event attracts a crowd of people who look on in shook!
(this video is in slient mode)

U.F.O Istanbul / Kumburgaz Turkey (2008)

One of the most significant UFO videos of all time that also cover two extraterrestrials were caught on tape in Istanbul This extraordinary incident took place in a compound in Kumburgaz/Istanbul was witnessed by nearly a dozen of residents and filmed by a night guard in several different times. The images captured are expected to have a emendous impact throughout the world and be listed as the most important UFO/extraterrestrial images ever filmed. As is well known, UFOs and proof of extraterrestrial life have been frequently witnessed by both government officials and civilians in Turkey as well as throughout the world. In several cases, these observations were captured on tape by amateur cameras.

Haunted Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands

What was supposed to be a happy holiday turned out to be a nightmare to a friend of mine, Sheryn, when something unexpected happened to she and another 2 girlfriend of hers. Planning to enjoy the cool breezy hilltop resort, they planned out to travel with a group of friends. What they didn’t know was their choice of accomodation, Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands was haunted.

It started out when a group of them planned for a stumptuous dinner at thier rented apartment. So it turned out that a group of them went out to enjoy the breeze, another group of males planned to checkout the whole resort and as for Sheryn and another 2 of her girlfriends, they decided to be the chefs and stayed back to cook the dinner.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Japan Airlines UFO Sighting

The Airlines of Japan in the air journey encountered UFO.

UFO Footage Russia


The Haunting of Central Philippines University Philippines

By: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

The Central Philippines University (CPU) in Iloilo City, Philippines was founded in 1905 by American Baptist missionaries as an elementary school and evolves into a university today. During the WWII, much of the missionaries were decapitated by the Japanese. There are 3 locations of CPU which is rumored for paranormal and ghostly activities.

The football field of CPU is haunted by a lady jogging ghost. Several students, lecturers and principals reported jogging with this ghost and had strike out a conversation with her. The jogging ghost would mysteriously disappear after awhile once you attention slip away from her. The timing of acquaintance is said to be in late morning.

While to have a conversation with a ghost might keep somebody entertained, the second area where the university is described as haunt will not be so pleasant. The Ruby Hall of CPU is haunted by imps like creatures. The hall is also a medical hall that contains cadavers for the purpose of medical studies. The school janitor and staff working late at night will experiences a particular classroom in the hall which will light up by it self. Unknown noise and voices could be heard coming out from the classroom. During the day, Students and staffs using the classroom will frequently experience some unknown forces that push them.

The most haunted location in CPU could be the Valentine Hall. The haunting took place in the girls’ toilet. Students from the 70s reported seeing a scary female figure reflected on the mirror coming from behind their back.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Samurai Ghost Haunting in Tokyo Japan

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

The tomb of Taira no Masakado, a Samurai in the Heian period of Japan is said to be haunted by the spirit of Masakado. The tomb of Masakado near Tokyo was replaced with the new office of the Ministry of finance in the 1920s. In 1926, 10 staff members of the office were plagued with unknown diseases, resulted in a serial of deaths. Soon after WWII, the ministers of Japan attempted to reconstruct the tomb of Masakado. A bulldozer driver had died during the construction when he accidentally knocked over the tablet of the tomb with the bulldozer. The ministers of Japan then issued plans to carry out the reconstruction of the tomb in cautious. Masakado was then classified as a demigod; a shrine was dedicated and to pleased the spirit.

The final resting place of Masakado

Source: Boncherry

Haunting of Mount Everest in China

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Little was heard about the haunting of Mount Everest, most likely is because ghost haunting for the investigators on Everest is not an easy feat. Mount Everest was rumored to be haunted by a English climber Andrew Irvine. Andrew was the first person to attempt climbing Everest; he failed and died as a result in 1924. The haunting was first reported by Dougal Haston and Doug Scott in 1975. Climbers would often feel the presences of additional member sharing the tent with them. The ‘ghost’ is believed to have a kindled nature and had aid climbers in their attempt to complete their journey.

Photo of the late Andrew Irvine...

Picture is (C) copyright to mountainworld.typepad.com

Source: Haunted Places

Introduction to Ghost in Thai Culture

Ghosts (Phi) are alive and well in Thailand. Cinemas are guaranteed a full house for the opening of a new ghost movie or indeed a re-run of an old one. On television, ghost stories are extremely popular and come in many varieties from the comic to the gruesome.

But ghosts are no laughing matter in Thailand. If pressed, the majority of the Thai population will admit to believing in ghosts and many claim to have seen them. This phenomena is not restricted to the elderly in rural villages but is even taken seriously by university students and people in all walks of life and is particularly strong in Northern Thailand. It is bad luck and tempting fate to talk about ghosts but nearly everyone has a tale to tell.

Many Thais wear amulets to protect them against evil spirits and everywhere you go in Thailand you will see Spirit Houses (San Phra Phum).

There are many different kinds of ghosts in Thailand all of them to be feared and each posing a different threat. To combat this proliferation of evil spirits Thailand has its own special kind of "Ghost Buster", the Mho Phi or ghost doctor. Different techniques are employed depending on the type of spirit to be banished and some of these Mho Phi have gained celebrity status.

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Does Death Exist? New Theory Says 'No'

Robert Lanza, M.D.

Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.

One well-known aspect of quantum physics is that certain observations cannot be predicted absolutely. Instead, there is a range of possible observations each with a different probability. One mainstream explanation, the "many-worlds" interpretation, states that each of these possible observations corresponds to a different universe (the 'multiverse'). A new scientific theory - called biocentrism - refines these ideas.

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Mysterious Phenomenon In Tovoturinskaya In Russia, Lights Up An Area Of 400 Square Kilometers.

This anomalous event occurred at Tovoturinskaya rail station in Tyumenskaya oblast'. For about three seconds a very bright flash appeared at midnight illuminating area of about 400 km. As to the reports there was no sound at all. There are no light sources in this area nor any launch sites.

There are reports from local citizens who saw several lights in the sky at that time and felt low seismic activity.

The bright light in the night also was recorded by several cameras even in Tyumen city that is 400 km away.

No official explanation was given.

More Source: Tyumen

The Monkey Tree

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Recently in Singapore, there was a case of a tree which attracted many visitors to it. These people claimed that they could see a figure of a Monkey God in the tree.

Basically to say, that tree survived a few car clash accidents into the same tree. Over the period of time through it’s recovery, the shape of monkey was formed.

Monkey Tree

Monkey Tree

Click here to read on the
Jurong West Monkey Tree Phenomenon

Haunted Manila City Hall Philippines

By: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

The Manila City hall is one of the most bombarded areas during WWII. It was rumored to be haunted at night.

The City Clock Tower

Manila City Tower

The strange fact is that when the structure was rebuilt after the bombing during World War II, the architect deliberately designed it that way to serve as a symbolic coffin for all those who died there.

An aerial view of Manila City Hall with Google Earth

Manila City Hall

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Handcuffed Statue Has the Experts Talking


A handcuffed statue of a revered woman who exists only in Burma’s spirit world is at the center of debate and speculation among even the country’s intellectual elite.

Picture is (C) copyright to The Irrawaddy

“It is very interesting and mysterious story,” said Khin Maung Kyi, a writer on cultural affairs.

He and an increasing number of others interested in occult practices in Burma are following the story of a statue in Rangoon’s Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda which is handcuffed every night between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

“It is a sign of superstition,” said Khin Maung Kyi. “So we need to watch and observe it.”

The statue is of a prominent nat, or spirit, named Mya Nan Nwe and revered for the good deeds she is said to perform in the name of Buddhism. It is believed that she can transform herself into a beautiful girl and that she is the guardian of a treasure trove that she uses to build pagodas and other religious buildings.

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Gujarat government gets court notice on Asaram school deaths

Ahmedabad, May 2

The Gujarat High Court Saturday served a show cause notice to the state government, asking why the probe into the mysterious deaths of two boys at a boarding school run by spiritual leader Asaram Bapu here should not be transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The bodies of the Abhishek Vaghela, 11, and Dipesh Vaghela, 10, were found on the Sabarmati river bank, a few yards away from Asaram Bapu’s school, on July 5, 2008.

The boys were reported missing by the school authorities five days before the discovery of the bodies.

Parents of both the boys had alleged that they had been killed in Asaram Bapu’s ashram as part of some occult ritual and then the bodies dumped in the river bed. The accusations were followed by public outcry and violent protests against the spiritual guru.

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Indian scientists detect signs of life on Moon

Bhargavi Kerur / DNA

Bangalore: Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) are on the brink of a path-breaking discovery. They may have found signs of life in some form or the other on the Moon.

They believe so because scientific instruments on India's first unmanned lunar mission, Chandrayaan-1, picked up signatures of organic matter on parts of the Moon's surface, Surendra Pal, associate director, Isro Satellite Centre (Isac), said at the international radar symposium here on Friday.

Organic matter consists of organic compounds, which consists of carbon -- the building block of life.

It indicates the formation of life or decay of a once-living matter.

Pal said the signatures were relayed back to the Bylalu deep space network station near Bangalore by the mass spectrometer on board the Indian payload, the moon impact probe (MIP), on November 14, 2008.

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Russian UFO Crash

The Jaw dropping video below is from a UFO crash site allegedly filmed by the Russian KGB during March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia.

The footage was later obtained from the Russian Black Market by filmmakers who then published the documentary, "The Secret KGB UFO Files". Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash land in this remote region of Russian farmland?

Haunting of Manila Ozone Discotheque Quezon City Phillipines

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

The Ozone disco of Manila is considered one of the most haunted location in Phillipines. The Manila Ozone disco fire incident that happens in March 19 1996 is one of the worst tragic ever happen in Philippines and Asia. When the fire began shortly after midnight, an estimated 350 people were in the Ozone Disco Pub in suburban Quezon City, many of them taking part in high school and college graduation parties, survivors said. The school year in the Philippines ends this month.

Picture is (C) copyright to Bureau of Fire Protection Quezon City

The accident kills about 160 people on the spot, 100 people were injured and burned and the remaining survivors had not recovered from the traumatized cause by the accident. Since then faint crying sounds, disco music and dancing figures shadows could be seen reported often by the neighborhood.

Many family members of the victims in the accident had tried contacting the souls of their love one thru a medium. Rituals were also held outside the once flourished discotheque regularly to assist the spirits of the victims to leave the world in peace. A man assisting in the ritual was said to have being processed by one of the spirit of the victim during the accident. The processed man could illustrate the process of the fire breakout in vivid clear details. Today, the street is still very quiet; workers around the neighborhood had said to experience fewer ghostly encounters and they never carry out work at night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Believe it or not up to you ! Beards of status that can grow


The Beards of Fortune god statues grows by itself.
can you believe it?

Hotel in Guangzhou, China haunted

By: Spooky Corner

Author’s Note : This is a story told by my colleague who’s boyfriend, Jim, went to stay in a haunted hotel in Guangzhou but never stumbled upon anything unusual.

My boyfriend, Jim, always needed to travel up to Guangzhou, China for business purposes along with some ladies in the same department. Each time they would stay in the same hotel and co-incidentally, each time my boyfriend would stay in the same room. Jim had been traveling and staying in the hotel for some 2 years but nothing unusual happened.

About 2 trips ago, Jim had to bring along an additional male colleague, Fred, who happened to be his first time travelling to Guangzhou. Since Fred’s mum happened to work in the temple, she gave Fred a charm for protection and safe journey. Upon arriving at Guangzhou’s hotel, Jim as usual was checked into the same room as the previous times together with Fred in the same room. The girls on the other hand was staying at the next door.

As soon as Jim and Fred reached their hotel room, they unpacked and got ready for work. To Jim’s surprise, Fred took out his 8 feet by 8 feet length charm and laid it on his bed. Jim asked Fred about it but Fred just explained that it was for protection purposes and did not divulge further. That night after work, both continued their work on their laptops and typed away in silence. It was about 7pm when the light suddenly flickered. Fred started to panic and asked Jim to get the room service to check out the lights but room services could not find out why the lights in the room were flickering.

All along, the lights flickered like the fireflies for sometimes and it happened on and off. As sudden as it started, it stopped. Jim and Fred ignored and continue working until around supper time. Everyone was a little hungry and decided to head off for some supper. The girls and guys had a quick supper and head back to the hotel. However, Jim and the girls thought about a quick beer session at the bar and off they went. Fred was pretty tired and told everyone else he would head back to the hotel room first.

After about an hour, Jim and the girls came back, they were shock to find Fred sitting at the corridor waiting for them. It was not until that Jim had came back that Fred was willing to take a quick shower and went to bed. Jim didn’t query much about his colleague’s peculiar behaviour.
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Jurong West Monkey Tree

Orginal Post by Chia Shi Jen

Recently in Singapore, there was a case of a tree which attracted many visitors to it. These people claimed that they could see a figure of a Monkey God in the tree.

Basically to say, that tree survived a few car clash accidents into the same tree. Over the period of time through it’s recovery, the shape of monkey was formed.

In fact some said that there were 3 monkeys, while most said that there are only 2 monkeys. However there is also remaining rest who said that there is but only 1 monkey.

Monkey Tree

There are really a lot of people there most of which are Chinese & Indians. The Chinese who went there is mostly Buddhist and; the Indians who went there are mainly Hindus. The remaining rest unmentioned are the minorities.

You have see it to believe it for yourself! Of course over the time through so much praying & all those, suddenly the place become holy, & some people’s prayers or wishes are answered.

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Haunting in Manila Film Center Philippines

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

The Manila Film Center is believed to be the tomb of at least 169 workers. It is reported to be haunted by aggressive ghost where unknown shadow figures are sighted and mysterious voice could be heard in the building.

Ferdinand Marcos, the president of The Philippines at the time, decided to build an expensive film center as a way of enhancing the reputation of The Philippines around the world.

Unfortunately, it appears that both he and his wife, Imelda, began to change the building plans while the structure was being built, forcing construction delays. As a result, the center was being completed as quickly as possible in time for its inaugural film festival.

An accident that took place in November 17, 1981 where the scaffold collapsed during the construction, causing workers to fall into wet cement - many being impaled on steel bars. Because the cement was setting at the time, many became trapped - some being cooked alive. Since the recovery of bodies would take too long and required dried cement to be dug up, Imelda Marcos ordered that the remaining bodies be covered by cement and the construction work continued. I have not found any source that firmly states the total no. of death cause by this accident. In general, it is believed that 15 workers were killed while some source thought up to 169 workers were killed. The remains of the workers were entombed with the building.

There isn’t any media press that reports of this accident to the public and the origin of the source of the accident were unknown of to the Philippines and the world. The former site of the Manila Film Center is now Amazing Theatre Philippines in today.

More sources: The Manila Film Center mystery: A ghostly place or an urban legend?

Most Haunted Schools in Singapore

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Loyang Secondary School
It was rumored that in the 4th floor girl’s toilet at the old block, it is haunted and that is why the lights are kept on for 24 hours. Those students who had helped out in the AVA room claimed to see a lady walking along the backstage.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
The tertiary institute was rumored to have a girl student died in one of the engineering workshop because her hair got sucked in some machine and screams can be heard from the workshop at night. Ngee Ann Polytechnic was rumored to be built on burial ground. The slopes and hilly grounds is an indication of bunkers underneath.

Tampines Secondary School
Tampines Secondary School was said to be haunted by the spirit of a girl whom was raped by construction workers during its construction days in the 1980s.

Hai Sing Secondary School
The Mother Mary statue in Hai Sing Secondary School will drip blood.

CHIJ Saint Joseph Convent
There is a cubicle which is always locked. It was said that a girl was waiting for her parents to fetch her one day while she got raped and thereafter hanged herself in one of the toilet.

Pei Dao Secondary School
The school was famous for the smacking and hitting noise at night in the basketball court. The music room was also rumored to be haunted with a piano playing by itself every night at 12am sharp.

Pasir Ris Crest
The school had an Indian construction worker committed suicide in the toilet in its construction days. It was rumored that the toilet was locked ever since after students complained about seeing a man stabbing himself repeatedly in the stomach.

Queenstown Secondary School
A tombstone was found in the school compound field by students.

Bedok View Secondary School
The school had a toilet next to the bio lab on the ground floor haunted by a long haired ghost obsessed with combing her hair in front of the mirror. A few girls went into the toilet and ran out screaming and crying while it was rumored the principal went inside the toilet to scold the ghost.

Yuying Secondary School
The teachers and principals report sightings of silhouettes of children running around the school compound when worked late. It was said that when the school was doing its upgrading work, construction workers quitted one by one after witnessing strange occurrences.

Gan Eng Seng Secondary School
The Art Class of the 4th storey is haunted to the point of the teachers wouldn’t dare to enter the room alone. The rooftop of the building was rumored to live a singing lady whose voice could be heard in an art classroom.

Singapore Polytechnics
The institute had T1, T2, T3…..but no T13. A student committed suicide at one of the teaching block’s toilet after stabbing the lecturer (the lecturer died too). Screams can be heard at night when part time students were having classes.

Haig Girls Secondary School
The school used to be a place to hold POWs during WWII. There is an area within the school compound which has more than usual rate of accidents occurring. It seems many people would trip and fall while walking along the compound. Was rumored that walking across the field diagonally cutting across field at night, you will be greeted by an old woman asking you to buy matchsticks from her.

Meiling Secondary School
The school has a railway track behind its building. The school was moved to a temporary building they were building a new one. A broken hand was rumored to be crawling somewhere in the technical lab from a student whose hand was saw off during lesson and bleed to death. At the old school in Bukit Merah, the toilet on the 5th floor was locked because it was haunted by a girl who hanged herself in the toilet.

Boon Lay Secondary School
The school had a pond in the middle of a science block with classes. It was said that if one look at the pond at night, there will be a strange face that will surface out of it.

Temasek Polytechnic
The local polytechnic was rumored to have an Indian worker binding wire inside a pillar but colleague pour cement inside the pillar burying him in the process and they only found out when the whole building was almost completed. It was rumored that the body is still inside the pillar which is believed to be somewhere in Block 18.

In Temasek Polytechnic, Engine block corridors from Block 18 were so haunted that guards wouldn’t patrol that area. A famous story told by a guard was he saw a student at a locker as he was patrolling and as he make an U turn few minutes later, he found a piece of newspaper on the floor with that student’s face he just saw. Only problem is that student was killed by a sports car at the bus stop few months back.

Anglo Chinese School
The junior college was rumored to be haunted by a boy who jumped into the gears in the gear room of the clock tower. Students being possessed were common in the school.

Clementi Town Secondary School
The school had its Home Economics and Science Lab haunted by a ghost whose head roll on the floor.

Tanjong Katong Secondary School
It were said to be haunted at its studio. Band members staying the night were always disturbed while sleeping.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't get in a flap, it's just a cat with furry wings

Someone should tell the birds to look out - now cats are growing wings.

At least, this cat in the Chinese city of Chongqing in China appears to be.

Animal experts have been left baffled by the fluffy white moggy, who was born normal - but began growing wing-shaped appendages on either side of his spine when he was just a year old.

Some experts believe the bony 'wings' are in fact a freak mutation - a Siamese twin growing inside the kitty.

Others think the mutation may be genetic, caused by chemicals during his mother's pregnancy.

Whatever the answer is, the cat does not seem to mind - with his owners even claiming he enjoys all the attention.

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Korean Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins

By:Ginny Oct

귀신 is a generic term for a ghost or spirt. A 귀신 is a spirt that has already died but for one reason or another has not passed on to the afterlife. In other words, a Korean 귀신 is a spirit roaming the earth. In Korean ghost stories, the 귀신 is often in the form of a female with long black hair covering the face. The typical reason for the 귀신 to remain on this earth seems to center around carrying out some kind of revenge, or unfinnished business on earth. If you look at some of the rituals performed by Korean shamans, the rituals typically try to appease or release the ghost’s inner torment.

So where do Korean ghost stories come from? They may have formed from an old misconception or perhaps an exaggeration of an ancient Korean practice. The practice stems from old funeral rites. Long ago when a parent died, it was not unusual for an unmarried daughter to untie her hair in a gesture of grief. Nowadays some people in Korea wear black when someone dies, but white was actually the color of mourning in the olden days. Not coincidentally, Korean ghost stories describe the ghosts as wearing a white 한복 with unkempt, untied hair in the form of a female. Perhaps this is where the first Korean ghost stories come from.
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The Thai Spirit House

By: Ghosts and Spirits of Thailand

Almost every home and business has a Spirit House, the Thai word for them is San Phra Phum, here is an image of a typical Spirit House:

Thailand Spirit House

The Spirit Houses are used to house any spirits that live on the land, particularly spirits of ancestors who have passed, and providing a Spirit House helps to ensure that harmony and serenity will descend upon the land and property, the idea being that if they have their own dwelling in which to reside they will not feel it necessary to haunt the main house or building. To ensure the spirits are content in their abode they are provided with offerings of food, drinks, garlands and incence sticks. If properly provided for the spirit guardians will protect the dwelling and bring wealth and prosperity. Spirits that inhabit houses and private dwellings are known as Phra Phum and for businesses they are called Phra Chai Mong Kol.

San Phra Phum are placed on the land as determined by a Brahman Priest or another person specialising in these rituals who will find the best position, ideally to the North of the main building, and ensure that the shadow of the main house never reaches the spirit house as this is regarded as very unlucky. The priest will also determin the best day for the ceremony to invite the spirit into the Spirit House, this is calculated using certain dates - the best days are on Wednesday or Thursday, in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th or 11th waxing or waning moon. They also need to ensure that the selected date does not co-incide with other dates in the calendar which are regarded as bad luck.

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2007 Eerie Events and Paranormal and Unexplained Happenings

Author: Debbie Nicholson

Every year there are stories of the strange, unusual and unexplained. Recorded cases of spirit visitations, demon presence, haunted items. Strange seen occurrences that are not explainable. A lot of these are reported by ordinary persons like you and I. Who swear that what they relate are actual true events either witnessed by themselves or someone they knew.

As of September 2007, a new collection of events were complied. I found the count so far of the paranormal and explained to be as follows:

Ghost related incidents 44
Doppelganger 7
Hauntings or Haunted includeds item possessions: 11
UFOs 4
Angels 9
Ouija/Seance 2
Creatures/Monsters 18
Spirits 35
Visions/Premonitions 5
Demons 29
Others (those that do not or I feel do not fit in the above) 47

Some of these related incidents or stories fall into the famous "known" category, such as Big Foot, Moth Man, UFOs. Just like famous ghost stories like the 'Lady of the Lake" or "The Lady In White" which we have all heard time and time again. Some of them just seem impossible to believe while others can intrigue us.

One story is of the Haunted Cruise Ship Sapphire Princess. In May 2007 a incident was reported. The story goes that when the ship was being built in japan, a fire occurred. It was on the 13th floor and killed hundreds. Japanese tradition states that the site where a person dies of tragedy must be preserved. This is so the person who died does not realize they are dead. It was related that the 13th floor was constructed to resemble all other floors but is blocked off to the public. A witness stated that there is a landing between floors 12 and 14 but there is no 13th floor. They did witness strange and eerie events on the landing including chilled air.

With some old fashioned surfing I did find that Princess Cruise Ships do offer so called "spooky shore excursions". One of the ships in their fleet the Sapphire Princess goes to Singapore where the Hill Street Building is located. It is rumored that there are a lot of ghost sightings.

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What's Wrong with Miyuki Hatoyama's Alien Abduction Story?

Author: Robert Roy Britt

Miyuki Hatoyama, wife of Japan's Prime Minister-elect, Yukio Hatoyama, says she was abducted by aliens 20 years ago. Just for a night.

Two things make the story suspect. Well, okay, two things I'll choose to focus on here make the story suspect. In her words:

"While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus," she wrote in her book last year. "It was a very beautiful place, and it was very green."

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Japan's Most Haunted Forest - Aokigahara

Author: Craig Hawkins

Aokigahara is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji. It is also known as The Sea of Trees. The caverns in the forest are made of rock an ice even when it is summer.
After the first kilometer and the known tourist attractions Ice Cave and Wind Cave, there is very little sign of human contact.

Compasses are known to fail some people by giving false readings because of the high iron in the rocks, this is said to only happen to people with commercially brought compasses as US Militery regular use the forest as a place for training practices and their military grade lensatic compasses are known to function properly.

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Avoid Ghost in Hotels

By: Ms Ching

In Asia countries, many ghostly sightings have been reported regarding hotel rooms. The people in Asia are very particular about choosing a hotel room. Genting Highland Pahang in Malaysia, an entertainment resort is regard as one of the most haunted place in Asia. Several people have committed suicide here either by hanging in their room or jumping down from the window of their room. Some rooms are not for rent no matter how much you willing to pay for. Another phenomenon is that a lot of hotels does not have the 13th floor, they will replace with it with the 14th floor. The 13th floor is considered to be the portal to the underworld. Spiritual entities could gain access into our world thru the 13th floor. I will avoid both floors because I knew that the 14th floor is actually the 13th floor in disguise.

These phenomenons are not just across Asia but also in hotels in Las Vegas. According to my friends in Singapore, Singapore Polytechnics, a tertiary campus had their block 13 removed as it was rumor that many strange occurrences had happened in this block in the past. Below is some guidelines and taboos I have compile, it serve to educate the unwary.

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Ghost Marriage in Chinese Religion

You've probably seen "ghost marriage" in chinese movies.

Ghost marriage is called "Gui Hun 鬼婚" in chinese. Such marriage is also often called "Ming Hun 冥婚" or "Ying Hun 阴婚". It refers to marriage in the non-human realms, such as the underworld, the realm of ghosts, realm of hell etc.

Ghost marriage formed a part of the ancient chinese marriage practice that had its root dating from Pre-Qin era. In the Book of Rites 《周礼》, it was recorded “禁迁葬者,与嫁殇者。” (forbid the moving of the tombs/coffin of those who had passed away and died young, but getting marry). This implies that if a person had not married, but had died at an early age, he/she could still undergo a marriage ritual for him to 'get married in the underworld'.

The ancient chinese emphasized greatly on marriage when a person reached a certain age. In ancient times, a man will usually get married at 20 years old while a girl will get married at 15 years old. If he died without getting married, he would not enjoy the practice of worshipping/honoring by their relatives. In addition, if a person died young but had no partner, it would seem very sad for such a person. This is probably the origin of Ghost marriage
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