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Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang, The 17th generation Disciple of Seven Stars Sword Master Hebei China

Asia Paranormal About

Hi everyone,

Good day to all my readers!

I am Master Orthodox Occultist Kent Oregon Chang, an eccentric esoteric person.

Kent Oregon ChangKent Oregon ChangKent Oregon Chang

Let me share a bit of history about myself.

I was born in Taiwan in 1982 on Friday, 13th August 1982. I had studied in the US, thereafter i worked in Singapore. Currently I am living in Singapore.

Despite having a westernised education and upbringing, I have a strong passion and interests in many things Asian. I am not any expert but I do have some knowledge regarding Asian Literature, History, Mythology and Cultures since young. I also started learning a few fundamental basics of face reading, palmistry and fengshui during my teenage years. When I was 20, I became interested in the Paranormal and began my research and commitment to understand more.

I had a paranormal experience when I turned 21. I had a vivid dream in which a holy spirit spoke to me. This spirit was kind and non-violent. He told me to pursue my dreams and ambitions to the fullest, and live my life the way I want it to be. When I woke up, I was transformed. I immediately contacted some of my associates in the paranormal field. We started discussions, joined forums, did extensive research at the library and attended related seminars/talks.

When I was 23, I had another experience in the Paranormal. When I was out at night in the outfield area camping, I was looking at the skies, hoping to see a shooting star. However, something else caught my eye. It was a flying object, with rapidly-changing colors. I did not feel any fear at all; instead I was amazed.

What was this thing? Why was it here? Why was I the only person to see it? What was the objective in me seeing it?

This real-life experience I had, combined with the holy dream mentioned earlier, strengthened my decision to be involved in Paranormal Explorations and Observations. Eventually I want to be the Master of Paranormal - in presenting the facts that there are such things that exist on earth and that I'm not here to instigate or provoke any Paranormal events nor commit any wrongdoings.

I then decided to go on a spiritual journey around the world, seeking to gain as much knowledge and skills as much as possible. This trip started around 5 years ago. My first stop was in Nepal. I met the Venerable Karuna Kyar Ni Kan. He taught me Buddhist mediation and prayer techniques after spending 6 months with him. During this period I learnt to live like a monk. However, my true nature came calling and I had to bid farewell to the Venerable to continue my journey. Unfortunately, I received bad news that the Venerable passed away of dengue fever last year.

Next, after a chance encounter in Hebei, China, I was lucky to meet and be trained in the mystic occultist arts by Grand Master, Seven Stars Sword Master (七星剑大师). He trained me as a 17th generation disciple. Unfortunately, he passed away in an accident shortly after the completion of my training. He was struck in the head by a golf ball while performing rituals on a golf course.

I only grieved for a short while before I continued my journey. Next stop was Gurbaga in Karnataka, India, where I met a Vedic purohita, Sahedeva Haruma Bishima. He trained me in Purohita rituals and worship after I made a donation to his temple. He also taught me the way of life of Yajna. After 5 months I bid farewell to him and moved on. To my dismay, I received news that Purohita Sahedeva passed away in an accident after the roof of his temple crashed onto him.

I then went on a spiritual pilgrimage back to the country where I had studied - the USA. On a chance encounter in New York 5th Avenue, I met Father Cristiano Barnabus Titus Ronaldos IV. He shared with me some facts and aspects about religion and life. Over the course of a week, he also imparted some knowledge of Christian exorcisms and prayer. However, sadly, I received news that he choked to death eating a fishball last month.

However, as there was no time to lose, I went on to the nearby country of Haiti, where I met voodoo witch doctor, Madame Winifred Monfort Berry. She was reluctant to pass on her knowledge of voodoo magic and rituals to me, but I was able to convince her of my sincerity. I only learnt "good" voodoo magic on this trip; before I could move on to the "bad" voodoo magic, Madame Winifred passed away from food poisoning.

I had to move on after mourning her death. I went on to Brazil, where I met Vale Fabricio do Javari, a elder from the Masruhii tribe in the Amazon rainforest. It was an tough trip as I had to trek through miles of rainforest and brave dangers such as disease and wild animals to reach their tribe. Unfortunately while Vale Fabiricio was demonstrating how to perform a rain ritual, he succeeded in creating rain but got struck by lightning and passed away.

A couple of months later, I went to Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia to seek guidance and knowledge from a powerful bomoh named Mr Roslans Rahman Bin Rafael Razzak. Unfortunately, 3 days before I had arrived, sadly, he passed away after being attacked by a crocodile. However, his 13th generation disciple, Mr Mambos Numbas Bin Faiz was able to train me in powerful rituals and magic.

Thus conclude my journey. With all this knowledge and skills, I started this blog - A compilation of paranormal incidents and topics that happen in Asia as well as provide some entertainment to viewers. This Blog is, as it is today, Asiaparanormal.blogspot.com. This blog is also dedicated to the memory of all my teachers and masters who have passed away.

As earlier stated, it is a compilation blog and I am not the author of these postings. Thus credits, back links and one way links with do follow attributes will be provided in recognition of their work.

For the overall constructions of the blog, I did not do all the things myself. I have some affiliates and friends dealing with some of the blogging stuff. Other than that, i am just your regular neighbor.

In my free time I like to play Horror games on my Playstation 3 and do some reading. I am also looking for affiliates to provide Paranormal services and sales of items through this blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! asiaparanormal@gmail.com

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