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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Couple sells child for afterworld marriage

A couple in China sold their foster daughter, who suffered from a serious illness, to a family who wanted to conduct an afterworld marriage for their dead son, China Press reported.

According to iqilu.com, there were rumours that the foster parents did not send the sick girl for medical treatment and planned to kill her if she did not die in the next three or four days.

A check conducted by the website's reporter revealed that the girl was staying with her uncle in a village.

The uncle denied the rumours and said the girl was currently receiving treatment in a hospital.

However, the reporter failed to locate the girl in the hospital. According to a worker at the hospital, the girl was discharged a few days ago.

The worker told the reporter that the girl had been "booked" by a family and once she died, the family would claim her body and conduct an afterworld marriage.

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Local Paranormal Team Claims It Caught Photo of Ghost

The Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team has explored some of the areas most haunted homes.

Their skeptical team members always take hundreds of pictures in the dark.

But their most recent trip brought back a shocking image that is making believers out of the biggest of skeptics.

"The first thing I want to do is disprove it." says Robert McCall, skeptic and co-founder of the Ozark Mountain Paranormal Investigation Team.*

Robert spends a lot of time disproving apparent haunting in the region. "A lot of times people think there is a presence in the room and it turns out the room is where the breaker box is. Or your meters on the outside of the wall and there is a lot of energy there. Sometimes people think they are hearing things and it turns out they are just hearing things."

But something that happened during his latest ghost hunt left Robert with no explanation. A family in north Springfield contacted the group because of some odd things that were happening.

"All the lights were shut off and the doors were locked," says Robert. " I came around to lock up the front door and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a growling disturbance on my EVP and seen something darker then dark move around in the hallway so I just started taking pictures of a completely dark hallway with nobody there."

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ghosts in Thai folklore

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Spencer, who can be reached at sakyant@windowslive.com

We at Asia Paranormal thank him for contributing this interesting article about ghostly folklore in Thailand

The word 'Phii' means Ghost, in Thai. In Thailand's Folklore there are many different kinds of Phii, some of them National legends, and others local incidents which left people baffled, such as the case of a whole village that was afflicted with people being found dead with no liver or innards, but no visible perforations or cuts to the skin having been made.

Some Ghost stories turn out to be hoaxes or have a scientific explanation, but Thailand still has some very strange events and phenomena which occur, leaving no apparent explanation other than the Supernatural. Perhaps the fact that the mass-mind of the Thai people is still completely accepting of the idea of Ghosts and magic, that reality is affected by the mass consciousness. I mean to say that in a country where the Nation believes in Magic, Magic is thus real, whereas in a country where Magic is not believed in by the majority, then Magic has no effect. The Buddha said that there is nothing which does not arise from Mind. Is reality affected by what we believe? From the Buddha's point of view, at least our own reality is affected.

Phii Nang Dtakian

Nang Dtakian is a common ghost in the Pantheon of Thai ghosts. She inhabits the Dtakian tree as a spirit. The area of forest around where the Nang Dtakian is dwelling, is always clean and tidy with no under brush, as if someone were sweeping the area regularly. Nang Dtakian is normally attractive in appearance, with long hair worn to one side, and a pretty face with slender figure. She wears traditional Pha Tung skirt. Many witnesses have said she dresses just like a forest maiden dresses. Phii Nang Dtakian is quite worried about and protective of her dwelling place, and will become angry and run amok if anyone disturbs her place in the forest.

Because of the spirit of Nang Mai Dtakian dwelling within the Dtakian tree, when a tree is to be used for building a house or a boat, a ceremony must be made to ask permission from Nang Dtakian first. Once the tree has been converted into something else, the ghost spirit of Mai Dtakian will be converted into a spirit of a different kind, depending on what the tree has been used for; In the case of a boat for example, the Nang Dtakian would mutate and become a 'Mae Yaa Nang Ruea' spirit.

Phii Bporb

Phii Bporb is a ghost of a person who has practiced Wicha Akom Saiyasart (occult magic), who has developed strong powers, but used them from harming other beings with or making black magic spells, such a making 'Ya Faed', making destructive harmful spells with Yant Hnang Kway (buffalo skin Yant magic), chanting nails into someone's stomach, calling up other spirits and binding them to inhabit other objects or people (i.e. Gumarn Tong. From the point of view of Buddhism, these practices are forbidden.

The Lord Buddha stated that such practices are 'Dierachana Wicha' (animal sciences/occult arts), and that anyone practicing them should take great care in not transgressing the rules of practice and ceremony. To break these rules is called 'Kalam' (Isan term), or 'Phid Kroo' (offending the Kroo/Master of the Wicha). In such a case, the spirit of the Boroma Kroo (Master Guru of the Wicha) will punish the practitioner by cursing him/her to become a Phii Bporb.

Even if the Boroma Kroo did not punish, any practitioner who uses the Dierachan Wicha arts to harm others will at some point find that the magic they sent out begins to come back on them and eat them up until finally, they also become a Phii Bporb, just as if the Boroma Kroo had cast the spell on them. Phii Bporb is split into various types;

Bporb Tammada (normal Bporb)- Bporb Tammada means someone who is not possessed by, rather him or herself is a Bporb. This kind of Bporb dies when the person dies.
Bporb Chuea - Bporb Chuea means that when a family whose Mother and Father are Phii Bporb, and the parents die, then the descendants of that family will also become Phii Bporb, regardless of if they are willing to become Phii Bporb, or not. This kind of Bporb has no ending to its lineage.

Bporb Bplaeg Hnaa - 'Bplaeg Hnaa' means 'Stranger face' This kind of Bporb is very naughty and likes to make trouble getting other s in trouble for things they have not done or don't even know about. When Bporb Bplaeg Hnaa enters a person and possesses them, the Bporb will start to cause trouble, and when questioned if someone has forced them to do it or who is the culprit, the Phii Bporb will not tell the truth, and indicate innocent people to take the blame instead.

Bporb Gag Geug – Bporb Gag Geug (Isan word),is a Bporb that refuses to speak at all. This usuallyt results in the relatives taking the afflicted person to a Hmor Phii and ask the Hmor Phii to exorcise the Phii Bporb. Seeing the Hmor Phii begin his ritual, will cause the Phii Bporb to finally speak, admitting that it is a Bporb, and sometimes even telling where it came from and whop sent it. (in the case of a black magic spell or curse being laid on the afflicted person). This kind of direct possession by a Phii Bporb is called 'Bporb Khao' (meaning 'Bporb enters').

Nang Dtanii

Nang Dtanii is a female ghost just like Nang Dtakian, who inhabits a banana tree of the Dtanii variety. In order for the ghost to be able to inhabit a Dtanii tree, the tree must be of a special kind called 'Dtanii Dtaay Prai', which is a Dtanii tree which dies when it blooms its first flowers. Nang Dtanii is also beautiful in appearance just like Nang Dtakian, with green robes with a 'Jong Graben' cloth just like ancient Thai folk used to wear. She likes to lure men into her domain and seduce them. She has a very vengeful disposition and also very jealous, so that if a man who has been with Nang Dtanii should go with another woman, the Nang Dtanii will hunt the man down and break his neck bone.

Reduced Content - full story available in 'Buddha Magic Ezine' Issue 2 - available on the Buddha Magic site at www.buddha-magic.blogspot.com


Djinns claim man in spooky valley: report

A Saudi man is believed to have been gripped by jinn (ghosts) during a picnic with his friends in a valley which is reputed to be haunted. But he was later treated in an exorcist-style session by the Gulf Kingdom’s religious police.

The unnamed man and seven friends from the western town of Makkah were vacationing in the nearby Taif city when they decided to descend into Wadi Al-Amak (the deep abyss) despite warnings by local people.

After a short evening trip in the valley, the colour of the man’s began to change and his behavior became aggressive before he lost balance and fell down.

When his friends tried to talk to him, he shouted and pushed them away while his eyes were fixed at an area deep in the valley.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Conscious Continuity: Ourselves, Others and Oddities

by Micah Hanks

Have you ever seen someone you thought you knew, maybe from a short distance, and you thought for certain that you were seeing a friend? The hair, the height, the way they walked, and even the clothes they wore… all these things seemed to match the person you thought you were seeing… until that is, you get close enough to realize that it was actually somebody else who merely looked like the friend or acquaintance y0u thought you’d seen.

This kind of phenomenon has lent itself to a variety of interpretations of what might be called doppleganger phenomenon, as well as philosophical notions of what exactly consciousness is, and how we use it to relate to others around us. Often, it seems that there is something fundamentally deeper about the nature of the human experience, and that rather than just being physical bodies moving around and interacting with one another on a day-to-day basis, there indeed might be more to the proverbial pie than just the aroma we’re able to catch from time to time… especially when it comes to strange phenomena.

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Face in the clouds


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jodie Foster helps keep search for aliens alive

"Contact" star Jodie Foster was among donors helping to revive the 42 radio telescope dishes at a key California institute searching for extraterrestrial life, the group said Tuesday.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in California, which got a direct hit from federal and California budget cuts, had to halt operations in April for its telescopes pointed toward outer space.

But after a public campaign launched on its website, SETI said it had received $223,000 -- exceeding its $200,000 goal -- from 2,557 donors, Foster among them.

The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is "'good to go' and we need to return it to the task of searching newly discovered planetary worlds for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence," she said.

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A teacher's ghost

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Ralph, who can be reached at psycho_alchemist@yahoo.com

This is my second experience. I was eating my lunch in the canteen and I saw a strange woman dressing teacher's uniform.

I said to her, "Good Morning Ma'am," but she doesn't reply.

She was walking and smiling while her eyes were looking at the floor.

When I finished eating, I decided to go to the library and review my homework.

While reading, I saw the same woman in the window, smiling while looking down.

She's a little bit cloudy. I was terrified when I realized that I was on the third floor. That meant the woman was floating outside the window in mid air!

I informed my guidance counselor in his office. He said I was hallucinating and influenced by horror movies. However, my math teacher said that he also experienced it before.

He said, "She was a teacher who committed suicide in the 70's because of relationship problems."

Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/11/11 Gulf Tsunami

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Jay Essex, who can be reached at unclejay2010@live.com

Hey folks. I wanted to add a couple things to my message about the 8/11/11 Gulf Tsunami. First, this is not the end of the world coming. Everyone is leaving no later than 2266. 2135 is when the Earth starts kicking up a lot of dust. Gaia is evolving too. She's Planetary Essence. There will be 34 thousand dead or missing in the U.S. and a million or more world wide.

This is not about me. I simply am. You're receiving this from me because you need your initial proof that I am in constant communication with the Creator, both Mother and Father.

This is all about you and your evolution. Negativity is being taken out of the picture slowly but surely. That's why they're freaking out taking over most of the Middle East and where ever else they can dominate. I'm leaving in late 2018. There are 4 more planets left to deal with. When I go the majority, almost all, of the truly dark stuff on this planet will be taken away and kept from returning.

The Earthen Human bodies are going to be returning to the original 12 strand DNA format that I brought when I first came here. Myself and the other 4 Adams and Five Eves have had to come here 5 times. We won't need to come again. Your Souls are evolving also. The Animals, Plants, everything is evolving or being taken out of the equation.

Some of you have said I'm some nut that wants to be noticed and in the public eye. It's my job, again, but I don't look forward to being annoyed. I save animals, have no money and don't care for being rich. I like solitude. I'm moving from the Atlanta area next year.

It's simply time for all you wonderfu Souls to realize who you are and for the Dark Annunaki, some are of the Light, to leave. The family we all have from other planets, that you will see in the sky in massive numbers, are 99.9% our friends. Almost all visiting family here are our brothers and sisters. Let's act civil and not shoot at them when they appear.

Check in with David Wilcock for when they will announce themselves in this manner. I'm not allowed to say, this is his. The physical and metaphysical realms are about to embrace each other. You will all start waking up. This was the whole plan, the Creator's plan. You folks have no idea how very special and gifted you are. I'm going to show you this, and a lot more.

Please feel free to think what you will, and say what you want. Free will is a very important gift and should always be used. Anyone who puts themselves above you, is false and only about themselves over you. Mother and Father Creator put themselves at the same level of importance as they do you. They are incredible parent. They do not want to be worshipped. They do appreaciate your Love and Understanding.

Be Strong. Be Compassionate. Be Free and of Free Will. I'll take care of the darkness. Just go inside yourself and say hello, to you and your Creator. I'll see all of you very soon.

Aramaeleous-Jay Essex

Fans snap ghostly image during Hacken Li concert

A fan of Hong Kong singer Hacken Li Ke Qin reported that her husband took photos of a female ghost during his concert.

The fan, Ms Tan, attended Hacken's recent concert with her husband.

Both were using their mobile phones to take photos of the concert.

When she got home, she was surprised to find that some photos from her husband's phone contained images of what looked like a female ghost.

The image is that of a very pale woman with long black hair and clothed in white. There is also blood at the corner of her mouth. She appears flittingly at different parts of the stage and only her top half seem to be "projected" on the stage.

Ms Tan said, "The image (of the female ghost) wasn't seen during the concert." (So this probably isn't deliberate special effects for the concert.)

[Click here to read full article]

Friday, August 26, 2011

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists

Rising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report

When they see what a mess we've made of our planet, extraterrestrials may be forced to take drastic action. Photograph: PR
It may not rank as the most compelling reason to curb greenhouse gases, but reducing our emissions might just save humanity from a pre-emptive alien attack, scientists claim.

Watching from afar, extraterrestrial beings might view changes in Earth's atmosphere as symptomatic of a civilisation growing out of control – and take drastic action to keep us from becoming a more serious threat, the researchers explain.

This highly speculative scenario is one of several described by a Nasa-affiliated scientist and colleagues at Pennsylvania State University that, while considered unlikely, they say could play out were humans and alien life to make contact at some point in the future.

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Spiritual Healing in Malaysia

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Ranjit, who can be reached at ranjitmac@gmail.com

My name is Ranjit and I am a spiritual healer. I am based in Ipoh, Malaysia. I can assist victims of witchcraft, spells, voodo, charms etc. My treatment is purely prayer based with no rituals or mumbo-jumbo. I only HEAL and not HARM anyone by casting any spells or spirits.

Case Study
A family of four sought my help to eradicate a demon that was agonising them for 15 years. The couple could not enjoy a decent sleep for even three hours at a stretch. They were constantly harassed by the demon in their bedroom and this led them to several nervous breakdowns over the years. The lack of sleep over a prolonged period affected their health seriously so much so that the husband had to quit his job (since he was the worst affected). This inevitably led to a fall in their income to sustain the family. Even their two boys (aged 8 and 10) were not spared. Both of them suffered partial blindness together. As a result, they were put on medication with numerous side effects on their health. All this was spiritually induced. They NEVER had any physical problems. They sought help from various witch-doctors, shamans and bomohs but to no avail.

After treating them the first night, the couple slept like babies without any interruptions in their sleep. This bolstered their confidence in my treatment. As I treated them spiritually, I saw clearly the gravity of their problem. The husband's parents were dead set against the marriage and they resorted to witchcraft to break the family apart. All their care and concern were pure drama. Finally, I had to evict the devil from the couple's house and it went straight back to its sender. Now, the husband's parents are in agony. The husband's parents are seeking their son's forgiveness. But it is already too late. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! The reaping came with compounded interest for doing evil onto others.

Witchcraft is heavily practised by the educated and uneducated alike in South East Asia. To secure promotions in a job, to gain the love of someone, to break-up families, to destroy competition in business are some of the services provided by mediums or bomohs (as they are known in Malaysia). It is a very real thing and only those who have gone through it know its destructive force!

My spiritual treatment for others is relatively simple. Since I am into evicting evil spirits out of people, I will touch the palms of the recipient to find out the status of his/her soul. Two things are achieved by this. I will be able to assess the strength of the soul and find out if there is any other evil attached to the soul. Here is where I apply my 'spiritual knife' creating a 'spiritual incision' into the soul. Everything is laid bare for me to see deep into the soul. This is where my 'salvage operation' begins where I infuse my energy into the soul to awaken it out of its deep slumber and shackles.

Any encumbrances or evil attached will be forced to surface in the open. Hence, the battle begins for the soul between good and evil. Some demons are very hard nuts to crack while others are just pussy cats. After a long drawn out battle with the hard nuts, I will immediately proceed to 'lock' the soul of the recipient from further attacks of the demon/s. Thus, the recipient is on his/her way to healing and liberation from all encumbrances. A lot of energy and patience on the part of the healer comes into play in this aspect. To read more about spiritual healing and cases, visit my blog www.spiritualism-ranjit.com

Thursday, August 25, 2011

‘Grease devil’ haunts Sri Lankan women

RIYADH: Sri Lankan women in the Kingdom who want to go home for their Eid holidays are panicking over recent incidents in the country caused by night prowlers dubbed "grease devils."

A grease devil is a thief who wears only underwear and covers his body in grease to make himself hard to grab if pursued.

Panic over midnight assaults by the alleged grease devils is rising across rural Sri Lanka, leading to the deaths of at least three people last week. This has prompted women to stay indoors and men to arm themselves, police and local media said.

At least seven were wounded fighting with police outside the navy base in Kinniya after hundreds of mainly Muslim residents in the eastern coastal area demanded soldiers hand over two men who tried to abduct a 28-year-old Muslim woman the night before. The incidents are happening mainly in areas where there is a concentration of minority communities such as Muslims and Tamils.

According to police, incidents relating to grease devils were reported in Badulla, Mahiyangana, Girandurukotte, Rambewa, Siyabalanduwa, Alawathugoda, Kantale, Ampara, Nuwara Eliya, Hasalaka, Ridimaliyedda, Bibile, Nawalapitiya, Kinniya, Muttur and Pottuvil.

Rashika, a housewife who was going to Sri Lanka for her son's wedding, told Arab News that she would not travel outside Colombo to give wedding invitations to her relatives living in rural areas because of the panic.

[Click here to read full article]

Monkeys break into top Indian hospital via automatic doors

By Kate Goodacre, News Subeditor

Monkeys have invaded a leading Indian hospital after working out how to use its automatic doors.

Staff at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) told The Times of India that the rhesus macaque monkeys have been sneaking into wards and recovery rooms, having learned that the hospital's new automatic doors operate using motion sensors.

A doctor at the New Delhi hospital said: "I was at the patient recovery room when a nurse cried out that a monkey had sneaked in. The monkey had somehow entered the main corridor and was hiding in the false roof.

"As soon as the security guard moved away, it jumped inside."

[Click here to read full article]

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pontianak in the USA

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Prestor John, who can be reached at Preston.john81@yahoo.com

This is an interesting account. From what was described, it looked like he encountered a Pontianak.

In my dream I was standin somewhere,it was dark outside. I didnt know where I was. I look up an I see a women in a white dress fly towards me. She had long black hair,long nails an fags. Around her mouth was coverd in blood. She grabed me from behind an some how she scrach my right eye than she laugh.. I woke up thinking "what the hell" jus a dream. Went back to sleep,woke up that mornin to go to work,i look in the mirror an their was a scrach on my right eye..stories about her are from singapore im a native american from the U.S.

Train track therapy craze spreads to Malaysia: KTMB

Desperate, Sick Indonesians Use Railroad 'Therapy'

Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) said it has encountered trespassers lying on railway tracks in the mistaken belief it could improve their health.

A spokesman said they were mainly foreigners, particularly Bangladeshis.

"We are not sure if this works, but it is clear to us that this is a dangerous act," he said.

KTMB has since increased checks to prevent people using the tracks for "healing" purposes.

Under the Railways Act 1991, trespassers may be fined RM1,000 (S$400).

The origins of such "cures" can be traced to the village of Rawa Buaya, near Jakarta, and a Chinese report.

The Javanese village made world news following reports that villagers there sought train-track therapy to ease aches and pains.

[Click here to read full article]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girl who could communicate with the dead

Master Oregon note: The following story has been edited for correctness and clarity.

This is a reader contribution from our reader, Walter Parks, who can be reached at hparks@cfl.rr.com

My friend Dr. Robert (Bob) Russell said that he knew a girl that could communicate with the dead. I didn’t believe him. He invited me to an “encounter” to prove it.

We went to a very weird old house where a Paranormal Investigative Team was working. The team was led by the girl Amy, about 25 or so. She had another girl and 2 guys about her age as the rest of the team.

They had some pretty sophisticated equipment. Their equipment recorded the event in detail.

The temperature sensing equipment showed significant and rapid temperature drops when the "entities" appeared.

Their electromagnetic sensors recorded the spikes of appearance and higher than normal levels as their presence continued.

Their infra red cameras detected image hot spots that varied in size from small orbs to life size wisps of bright energy.

Their acoustic equipment recorded static "noise" and varying levels of frequency specific hums with their presence.

Amy and one of her other team members, Ted could detect all of this much faster than the other two team members and my friends Bob, Mike and I could.

They could also understand communications when the rest of us could only detect the static noise and hums.

Amy and Ted could also see people when the rest of us only saw varying sizes of orbs and bright un-discernable images.

But Bob, Mike and I saw enough to know that we experienced a real paranormal encounter.

The machine that measured temperature and its rate of change proved to be most interesting. Amy explained that when “entities” came over into our world that they need energy to materialize. That’s why it gets cold when ghosts, or whatever, come on the scene. They suck up the energy from the room or area so they can come into being.

The more energy that they are able to absorb, the more visible they become.

Mike and I were initially skeptical.

Amy asked if I believed that people had souls. I told her that I was taught to believe that in my southern Baptist upbringing, but I had drifted away as I studied and worked in the physics based aerospace industry.

Amy stared at me for a moment and then the detail explanations began. We discussed the soul, ghosts, paranormal events, parallel universes to the point that we all became believers.

I became so convinced that I set out on a data collecting research project to try to determine the science behind paranormal events. I tried to determine that, if there is a soul, how can it exist and be described scientifically.

I used my findings along with the inspiration from the paranormal encounter to write a film script about the paranormal encounter. This imagined script is included in this book: Paranormal Portal to a Parallel Universe.

Read the book and you will become a believer.

Walter Parks
UnknownTruths Publishing Co.

17 Practical Tips for Would-Be Ghost Hunters


Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these are some common sense ideas to remember in the pursuit of spirits. One thing I would add is to recite a prayer of protection before hunting for ghosts in the event you encounter an entity that is evil or harmful.

Ghosts are thought by some to…

…hurt you (rare but possible!)
…move at the speed of thought
…mess with your equipment
…speak to you through thought
…follow you home!

For the first-time ghost hunter, the excitement of being in the moment can sometimes cause lapses in common sense. Sometimes, a last minute decision to visit a cemetery late at night can end badly. Recall the school teacher in Tennessee who held a group of teens at gunpoint, believing them to be trespassing.

[Click here to read full article]

Monday, August 22, 2011

Aliens Will Fix Global Warming ... Or Kill Us

If or when intelligent extraterrestrials discover us, it's anybody's guess what they'll do. They might befriend us. They might eat us. As Carl Sagan once noted, they might find amusement in some talent we have that they lack and use us as entertainment, just as we keep sea lions in captivity because of their remarkable ability to balance rubber balls on their noses.

All of these scenarios and more are fleshed out in a new article in the journal Acta Astronautica by researchers at Pennsylvania State University. One possibility they've raised has garnered more attention than any other: An extraterrestrial civilization might notice our planet by detecting changes in the spectral signature of Earth — the light radiated by our planet and atmosphere — caused by greenhouse gas emissions. And they might frown upon our behavior.

The group's thinking goes like this: From the rate of change of the chemical composition in our atmosphere, the aliens will deduce our rapid expansion and, because of that, possibly view us as a threat, thinking we'll soon pursue resources on other worlds.

[Click here to read full article]

The Mystery Monster at Chiang Rai

Often paranormal stories will follow a central theme or be related to a well known phenomenon. Entities are said to be like other existing creatures or entities or else they often are connected to a long string of stories that become lore and eventually out-strange their predecessors.

But the story of the creature in Chiang Rai in Thailand started extremely odd and only got stranger. What’s more, the entity seemingly came out of nowhere and was witnessed by several people right from the start.

There’s a definite difference between stories about creatures like The Mothman of Point Pleasant and the more widely accepted Bigfoot (and Yeti) seen throughout the world.

One of them seems to be an actual physical being interacting with the world around it like other physical beings while others seem to be only limited in their interaction with our world - sometimes appearing more ghostlike than physical and carrying with them a sense of impermanence perpetuated by forces unknown to us as if they had somehow leaked into our world from a higher dimension. Such is the case with the mysterious creature of Chiang Rai that appeared in a field one morning in 2005.

[Click here to read full article]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ouija Board - A History

Written by Jason Sieckman
Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I remember I was about six when my 16-year- old sister had several of her girlfriends at our home for a slumber party. I was not interested in girls yet so the night was extremely uneventful for me. At least most of the night was uneventful. The only interesting part of that night came late in the evening when I heard loud screaming coming from inside her bedroom. Then her bedroom door flew open with such force that it sucked the air out of the hallway where I was.

I saw my sister run out of her darkened room and then accost my mother as she was watching television in the living room. I do not remember what she said, but I remember she was hysterical. All I remember next was our mother, wearing her irritated face, came into the hallway, charged my sister’s room, turned on the lights, and told all the girls that she was taking the “Wee Gee Board” and that everyone had to go to bed. None of the girls protested; they actually looked relieved.

This was the moment when my fascination with the Ouija Board began. Just the look on my sister’s face convinced me that there were magical powers in that board. What six-year-old little brother would not want to somehow wield the power of a board that could terrify his annoying older sister almost to the point of tears.

My memory of this incident is vague with the passage of years. As I grew older I began to realize that there is far more to this enigmatic board game than just a tool to terrorize a sibling. I learned that some people thought that it was a communication device with the spirit world.

I learned that some people believed it was a dangerous tool that, when used, might inadvertently summon a demon, or worse. The mystical and antiquated box the board came in was enough to convince me of its magical powers. Years later I began to notice that the thing was sold at “Toys R Us” and that “Parker Brothers” was stamped on the side of the box. As an adult I eventually became a paranormal investigator. Once I started studying the occult, I learned that this portal to the other side might actually be nothing more than a misunderstood parlor trick.

So what is the Ouija Board?

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A ghost story

MY definition of a ghost is "something that cannot be seen by two or more people in broad daylight". Not many people will agree with me. Put the existence of ghosts to a vote among the seven billion of us and I would not have a ghost of a chance of winning.

The Month of the Hungry Ghosts is upon us and whether we are believers or not, our lives will be affected. But, first things first. Try not to be born in this inauspicious month when ghosts, many malevolent, roam freely among us.

Unfortunately, if you are, it is not possible to go back in time (notwithstanding H.G. Wells and the Terminator) and dampen the sexual ardour of your parents to make sure no couplings occur nine months before the Ghost Month. However those who plan on having children should take note of the next Ghost Month and see their gynaecologist to plan the timing of their procreational activities for the sake of their unborn child.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ghostly couple spotted on defunct railroad

(Pic / Omy / Courtesy of reader Liao Ting Yao)

The ghosts of a couple who died at the Bukit Timah railway two years ago have been spotted!

Many Singaporeans have been flocking to the defunct railway to take photos as mementos, and two people have on separate occasions encountered a ghostly couple. Both times, the ghostly couple was seen at night and at the same spot where they died after being hit by a train two years ago.

This ghostly photo was submitted by photography enthusiast Liao Ting Yao (age 27).

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A Celtic Tribe in Kazakhstan?

When Beach was still a green blogger – before he had learnt about spiders, search engine optimization and RSI feeds – he spat out a little post about a group of Celtic hoodlums who, as mercenaries, travelled around the Mediterranean causing havoc everywhere they went.

Beach sold this as a Wrong Place post: an example of Celts ending up surprisingly far from home and so, in a modest kind of way, it was. But recently he has come across an example that is far more dramatic: a Celtic militia who apparently wandered from North Western Europe and ended up half a world away on the Silk Road to China.

The evidence is admittedly not all that it could be. In fact, it is one lonely word in Ptolemy’ Atlas. Ptolemy, the ancient geographer, gives a series of placenames relating to the Europe-China trade route recorded originally by a Macedonian merchant named Maes, who may have actually travelled the road in question.

Describing the tribes of ‘Scythia’, a word that can mean anything in ancient and medieval sources from Scandinavia to Central Asia, but that probably here means Kazakhstan, he lists one group called the Tektosakes.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Orbs and rods sighted in Chinese Restaurant

A video of a flying orb entering a Singapore-Chinese restaurant has been circulating on the Internet.

A rod-like imagery also flashed across the restaurant, but owners and patrons of the eatery did not find the rod on the ground.

Questions of the reality of the orb and rod sighting still surround as Chinese researchers try to solve the mystery of the orb and rod sightings.

Duration: 2 min 39 sec

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Penanggal Video

This is a video of a Malay Penanggal spirit, see it to believe for yourself.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thousands Of Birds Flocking Hypnotically

Thousands of starlings flying together form an ever-changing cloud against the backdrop of a New Zealand sunset. These massive flocks appear all around the world. Birds generally move in a V-shaped formation because it helps them conserve energy. Since each bird flies in front of the other there is less wind resistance. But, it wouldn't be fair for one bird in the front to get the brunt of the trip so birds periodically switch around creating a hypnotic wave-like motion.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

23 minutes In HELL !!!

23 Minutes in Hell - Bill Wiese (Newest Version - Dec 2006)
Bill Wiese saw the searing flames of hell, felt total isolation, and experienced the putrid and rotting stench, deafening screams of agony, terrorizing demons, and finally, the strong hand of God lifting him out of the pit. Wiese's visit to the devil's lair lasted just twenty-three minutes, but he returned with vivid details etched in his memory. Since this life-changing ordeal, he has spent the last seven years studying the Scriptures to find answers and has listed more than 150 Bible verses referencing hell.


Girl in Primary school being possess in Brunei


Monday, August 15, 2011

Prahlad Jani - No Food 65 Years

"I feel no need for food and water," states Prahlad Jani, a seventy-six year old Indian ascetic who lives in a cave near the Ambaji temple in the state of Gujarat. Mr. Jani claims that he has not had food or fluids to drink for the last sixty-five years. At the age of seven years he left home in search of spiritual unfoldment. Jani states that at the age of eleven years he was blessed by a goddess.

He claims that since that blessing he has gained his sustenance from nectar that filters down through a hole in his palate, and has not passed urine or stools since then. Mr. Jani explained, "I get the elixir of life from the hole in my palate, which enables me to go without food and water." Almost daily Mr. Jani enters a state of Samadhi characterized by extreme bliss and enormous light and strength. He says that he has never experienced medical problems. He says that he did not speak for a period of forty-five years.

In November 2003, after over a year of coaxing, Prahlad Jani was finally persuaded to participate in a scientific research study. A medical research team of twenty-one specialists, headed by Dr. Sudhir V. Shah, had Prahlad Jani under twenty-four hours of observation for ten days at the Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad. The team's research expertise included cardiology, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, renal function, pulmonary function, ENT analysis, psychiatry, general medicine, and other specialities.

A series of investigations were done on Mr. Jani in each of these areas according to a pre-determined protocol, and additional tests were carried out as per suggestions of the team. At the conclusion of their intensive investigations the team's doctors were left with an unexplained mystery, unable to disprove Prahlad Jani claims.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Desperate, sick Indonesians use railroad 'therapy'

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Ignoring the red-and-white danger sign, Sri Mulyati walks slowly to the train tracks outside Indonesia's bustling capital, lies down and stretches her body across the rails.

Like the nearly dozen others lined up along the track, the 50-year-old diabetes patient has all but given up on doctors and can't afford the expensive medicines they prescribe.

In her mind, she has only one option left: electric therapy.

"I'll keep doing this until I'm completely cured," said Mulyati, twitching visibly as an oncoming passenger train sends an extra rush of current racing through her body.

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I Have Been to Hell ( Jennifer Perez)

Picture is (C) copyright to Jennifer Perez

Hell Is Real, I know, I went there", says Jennifer Perez.

This precious testimony is of a 15 year old girl who was raised in a Christian home. She later backslid in her walk, found herself overdosing on drugs, dieing, and being sent to Hell. Fortunately, she was given a second chance and mission to go back and warn the lost, backslidden, and lukewarm with an urgent message.

They took me to a place, and when I looked to see where I was, it was heaven! The first thing that I saw was a great big wall. It was white and stretched out so far that it didn't have any end. In the middle of the wall was a door, a long door, but it was closed.

In the Old Testament, Moses speaks of the tabernacle and describes its features. And I remembered this, and I saw that the wall looked like it. Right besides the door, there was a large chair, and there was a smaller chair on the right side. And they looked like they were made out of gold. On my right side, there was a large black door, it was so dark around, but I knew it was a door becaue of the knob. It was an ugly door. But on my left side there was a paradise, there were trees, a crystal clear water fall, grass. It was such a peaceful place, but there was nobody there.

I looked and I saw the Father in front of me, I couldn't see His face, because His glory, it was so big, so bright, it shined and lit up all heaven. His glory made everything bright. There was no sun, no moon, no stars, He was the light. I did see His body, and his body was with the Son, they were one inside each other, they were together, you could see the separation of them, but they were one inside the other, they were together.
Right beside them were 2 angels, Gabriel and Michael. The reason I knew their name was because it was written on their foreheads in Gold.

When I was in front of the Father, I felt dirty! I fell to my knees and cried. I was very ashamed of myself. Even if I could see their faces, I didn't want to, because I was ashamed of myself. As I was there in front of the Lord, He showed me a movie of my life, from the beginning until now. He told me that the most important part was the things that I did after I was saved. I told my friends I was a Christian, but in fact I didn't show my fruits. And He told me that I was destined to go to Hell.

The angel Gabriel came and grabbed me by my arm. He took me to that ugly black door that I didn't even want to look at. I tried to stop myself, but I was in spirit, and we went through the door. When I was on the other side of the door, it was dark all around, I couldn't even see myself. Then we started to fall really fast, like a roller coaster. As I was falling it was getting hotter and hotter. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to see where we were.

When we stopped, I opened my eyes, and I was standing on a great road. I didn't know where it lead to. But the first thing that I felt there was thirst. I was really thirsty! I kept telling the angel "I'm thirsty, I'm thirsty" But it was like he didn't even hear me. I started to cry, and when the tears ran down my cheeks, they completely evaporated. There was the smell of sulfur, like burning tires. I tried to cover my nose, but that made it even worse. All my 5 senses were very sensitive. When I tried to cover myself, I could smell the sulfar even more. Also, all those little hairs on my arms, they just disappeared. I felt all the heat, it was very hot.

When I started looking around, I saw people being tormented by demons. There was a lady there suffering, a demon was torturing her. This demon would cut off her head and with his long spear he would stab her everywhere. He didn't care. In her eyes, in here body, in her feet, in here hands, he didn't care. Then he would put her head back on her body and would stab her and stab her. She would cry with screams of agony.

Then I saw another demon, this demon was torturing a young man about the age of 21-23. This man had a chain around his neck, and was standing in front of a pit of fire. This demon would stab him everywhere with a long spear, in his eyes, everywhere. Then the demon would grab him by his hair and with the chains he would throw this man into this pit of fire, then take him back out and would stab him and stab him. This would go on continually, and every time he would go inside that pit, I couldn't hear his screams, but when the demon would take him out, he would scream with agony. I tried to cover my ears because the sound was so horrible, but I could still hear. My hearing was more sensitive.

I looked at another demon, and this demon was ugly, the other 2 were ugly to, but this one was the ugliest. He had characteristics of many different animals, I can't even explain it with words. He would go around and scare people, and the people would be really scared.

And then I saw another demon, but this demon was a beautiful demon, he looked like an angel of God, but he wasn't. The difference between the angels of God and the demons, was that the demon did not have their name written on their forehead with Gold, but the angels of God did.

After that, I looked back at the angel Gabriel, and he was looking up. I though he didn't want to see the others being tortured. I thought to myself, "why is he still here? Aren't I suppose to be there waiting for my turn to be tortured?" I was also thirsty. And I cried out to the angel, "I'm thirsty I'm thirsty!", I think he heard me because he looked down on me, and he said, "the Lord is going to give you one more chance."

Immediately when he said that, all my thirst, all my agony, all my hurting, it just went away. I felt peaceful. And then he grabbed me by my hand and we were about to rise, but suddenly I heard my name being called, "Jennifer, Help me, Help me!" I looked down. I wanted to see who it was, but when I did the flames blocked their face. It sounded like a girl's voice. I could only see her hands stretched out, wanted me to help her. I had such a desire, such a want to help her. When I tried, I couldn't, because my hand went right through hers. I wanted to help her so much, but you see, she didn't have any hope. I couldn't help her.

And then I looked around and I saw my friends, people that I knew, and other people. They looked familiar but I didn't know who they were. I didn't know their lives, but when I saw friends from my school there, it hurt me!. I though to myself, "maybe the bad testimony that I was giving them, of saying that I was a Christian but turning back, made them not want to know about God, and turn away from Him. Maybe it was me that brought them their". That's what I thought. I saw that in Hell there is no time, there is no past, present, future, everything is the same, they are destined to go their. But like I said in the beginning, I don't want to make up any doctrine, but that is what I saw their. The people that I saw there are still alive today.

Then the angel took me back into the presence of God. When I was standing before Him I was on my knees crying and crying. I still didn't want to look upon His face, because I was ashamed of myself. But the Lord, with such sweetness in His voice said, "I love you" Just like He loves you who are listening to me. But He told it directly to me. He said He forgave me for everything that I have done when I offended Him. He forgave me.

God looked at me and He showed me many things. He showed me the world, the earth. Around the earth I saw something soft, like the ozone layer, it was around the world, it looked very soft, and I had such a desire to touch it. When I touched it, I realized it was the Holy spirit, because it baptized me, and I began to speak in other tongues.

During that time, I looked up and many evil spirits came out of me. When I would get high and do drugs, that would mess with my mind and would open doors, and these evil spirits would come into me. They would torture me. The way that I would act was not really me, it was the evil spirits inside of me. In the Word of God it says that when your house is cleaned, evil spirits would try to come back by bringing 7 other evil spirits. My house was cleaned when I got saved. And I saw these evil spirits when I was being babtised, they have 7, and those have other 7, and those had other 7, and I couldn't even count them all! But the Lord cleaned me of all those evil spirits.
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Sea of green as algae invasion hits Chinese holiday beaches

LOOK mum… I can do the boggy-paddle. This brave youngster takes a holiday dip in the sea, surrounded by a vast expanse of slimy green algae.

But his swim turns out to be more of a swampy crawl through a forest of seaweed. And he probably didn’t need his armbands to stay afloat.

Despite being harmless, the sudden influx of algae has hit tourism around Qingdao in China’s Shandong province and damaged the local fishing industry.

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Prophecy claim: Vatican to be destroyed August 17 – Fatima

An extreme Marian organization behind the obscure Fatima Movement has claimed that, according to a new interpretation of the Third Secret of Fatima, the Vatican will be destroyed on August 17, 2011.

Their website, displaying cryptic symbols and end-time warnings, includes a countdown clock towards the Vatican impending doomsday.

According to their claim, the prediction is based on a new translation of the 1944 Vatican documentation of the the Three Secrets of Fatima.

The Fatima Movement believes to hold the true prophecy of the Third Secret and claims that the oficial version released by Vatican is false. According to the Fatima Movement interpretation, “The cathedral of Rome must be destroyed and a new one built in Fatima.”

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Snake detected in woman’s abdomen

WARBURTON - A 50-year-old local woman with a gigantic snake in her body has called upon the authorities to help her undergo surgery.

An unforgettable incident happened with a 50-year-old Rasheedan Bibi, a resident of Chora Saggar, a suburban area when an ultrasound test detected a gigantic snake in her body. Reportedly, a very small snake entered her body when she drank water from a pitcher in her house. After two months, she felt progressive increase in belly size but she supposed it to be pregnancy.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost city of Atlantis believed found off Spain

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. — A U.S.-led research team may have finally located the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis believed swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago, in mud flats in southern Spain.

"This is the power of tsunamis," head researcher Richard Freund told Reuters.
"It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that's pretty much what we're talking about," said Freund, a professor at the University of Hartford who led an international team searching for the true site of Atlantis.

To solve the age-old mystery, the team analyzed satellite imagery of a suspected submerged city just north of Cadiz, Spain. There, buried in the vast marshlands of the Dona Ana Park, they believe that they pinpointed the ancient, multiringed dominion known as Atlantis.
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The 21 grams theory

Dr. Duncan "Om" MacDougall was an early 20th century physician in Haverhill, Massachusetts who sought to measure the mass purportedly lost by a human body when the soul departed the body upon death.

In 1907, MacDougall weighed six patients while they were in the process of dying from tuberculosis in an old age home. It was relatively easy to determine when death was only a few hours away, and at this point the entire bed was placed on an industrial sized scale which was apparently sensitive to the gram.

He took his results (a varying amount of perceived mass loss in most of the six cases) to support his hypothesis that the soul had mass, and when the soul departed the body, so did this mass. The determination of the soul weighing 21 grams was based on the average loss of mass in the six patients within minutes or hours after death. Experiments on mice and other animals took place. Most notably the weighing upon death of sheep seemed to create mass for a few minutes which later disappeared. The hypothesis was made that a soul portal formed upon death which then whisked the soul away.

MacDougall also measured fifteen dogs in similar circumstances and reported the results as "uniformly negative," with no perceived change in mass. He took these results as confirmation that the soul had weight, and that dogs did not have souls. MacDougall's complaints about not being able to find dogs dying of the natural causes that would have been ideal have led at least one author to conjecture that he was in fact poisoning dogs to conduct these experiments.

In March 1907, accounts of MacDougall's experiments were published in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research and the medical journal American Medicine, while the news was spread to the general public by New York Times.

[Physical evidence of the soul]

[NYT archives of newspaper article from March 11th 1907]

Friday, August 12, 2011

10 Things To Do If You See A UFO

In an interview with The Morning Call, Patch reader and Emmaus resident John T. Royer explains how twice he saw a big, black triangular object in the sky, at night, that blocked out the stars.

One of those objects, Royer says, appeared over Emmaus High School in 2003.

Those experiences got him interested in UFOs, and his research led him to become a volunteer field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, called MUFON.

Royer, 65, retired as a drafting instructor from Lincoln Technical Institute, and is a graduate of Lafayette College. Now he investigates dozens of sightings throughout the Lehigh Valley, most of which, he says, are mistakes.

Royer makes no judgment about what he or others think the saw, but in the interview he says, 'I believe there is something flying around out there that we don’t know about.'

What about you? Have you ever seen a UFO? When, what did you see? Let us know.

In the mean time, according to MUFON, if you have a close encounter in the future, here are 10 things you should do:

1. REMAIN CALM, but protect yourself from any hazards real or perceived.

2. Be objective. Not every UFO is extraterrestrial.

3. Use a camcorder or camera to record the event.

4. If you have a tape recorder, record your description of the event as it happens.

5. If other witnesses are present ask them to also write or record their observations.

6. If the UFO left some trace of its presence behind do not disturb the area around it.

7. If the sighting is from a distance, at an arms length, what would it take to cover up the object? A Quarter? A Penny?

8. Try to judge the distance from you to the object, the objects altitude, and its speed.

9. Should you encounter some type extraterrestrial being associated with the craft be prepared to take evasive action to protect yourself.

10. Immediately report the event to a UFO research organization.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

‘Ningen’ humanoid sea creatures of the Antarctic

Over the past few years, rumors have circulated in Japan about the existence of gigantic humanoid life-forms inhabiting the icy waters of the Antarctic.

Reportedly observed on multiple occasions by crew members of government-operated "whale research" ships, these so-called "Ningen" (lit. "humans") are said to be completely white in color with an estimated length of 20 to 30 meters. Eyewitnesses describe them as having a human-like shape, often with legs, arms, and even five-fingered hands. Sometimes they are described as having fins or a large mermaid-like tail instead of legs. The only visible facial features are the eyes and mouth.

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UFO's Over Taiwan 16th July 2011


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Massive meteorite found in China

A massive space rock – one that could rank as one of the largest meteorites ever recovered – has been found in a remote and mountainous region in northwest China, according to news reports.

The huge and oddly-shaped rock was found in the Altai mountains in China's Xinjiang Uygur province, according to Sky and Telescope magazine. Earlier this month, Baolin Zhang, a meteorite specialist at the Beijing Planetarium, led a small team up a 9,500-foot (2,900-meter) summit to investigate reports of the supposed meteorite.

"This is a huge iron meteorite," Zhang said in footage from China Central Television. "It may be the second largest iron meteorite, which can cause a sensation in China and also attract attention from [the] world's meteorite fields. It comes from outside solar system and it is of great appreciating value and of more scientific value."
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Hindus Welcome Miley Cyrus’ Belief In Reincarnation

Hindus have welcomed American singer-actress Miley Cyrus’ reported belief into the concept of reincarnation.

Cyrus’ July 17 Tweet said: Dear Universe, For my next life can I please come back as some form of marine life? Such a great day. The water makes me feel so free :)

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it was kind of endorsement by Cyrus of an age old Hinduism concept, which we had been stressing all along. Zed invited Cyrus to look deeper into the rich philosophical thought which Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, offered.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, says that ancient Prashna Upanishad and Amritabindu Upanishad talk about rebirth. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad explains it beautifully: As a caterpillar, reaching the tip of a blade of grass, draws itself together and reaches out for a new foothold, so the Self, having come to the end of one life and letting go of ignorance, gathers in his faculties and reaches out from the old body to a new.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Man 'possessed' in hair salon

A man went crazy and tried to bite people after getting his hair cut in a hair salon. He was eventually subdued by five policemen and Civil Defence personnel.

The man - who is in his 50s - visited a hair salon in Blk 12, Telok Blangah yesterday afternoon.

He fell asleep in the barber’s chair and was unable to wake up. The salon staff feared that something had happened to him and called for an ambulance.

Eyewitnesses saw three Civil Defence personnel trying to wake the man up. When they finally managed to wake the man, he acted like he was possessed. He glared menacingly at the people around him and yelled as he struggled with those trying to subdue him. He reportedly even tried to bite the those around him.

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The 10 Courts of the Chinese Hell

by Shijie

It is now the 7th Month of the Chinese where which the gates of hell has been open and the ghosts are already released into this mortal world.

Asiaparanormal shall source on a few articles on Chinese HELL !! and the below will be first

Where is the Hell?

Based on Taoism documents, hell is under the sea, or so called beneath the sea bed. The kingdom of Hell has 10 palace halls with a respective king in each.

In Each of the respective Palaces lies a Court which we will report to the king upon our deaths. These courts are known to be as the 10 courts of HELL !!!!

Which are the 10 Courts of Hell ?

It is not in the case that all of us will report to all of the 10 courts and all of the 10 kings. But however there is a also a possibility that we might as well.

Basically each court of hell has a different function which base on what type of sins and crimes and wrong doings we have all done when we were alive as humans.

So which are the 10 courts of Hell? Well, they are basically as follows :

The Ten Courts of Chinese Hell

Court 1 : Mirror of Retribution. Ruled by Qin Guan Wang (秦廣王蔣)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 1

Court 2 : Pool of Filth and Hell of Ice. Ruled by Qu Jiang Wang (楚江王歷)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 2

Court 3 : Black Rope Hell and Upside-Down Prision. Ruled by Song Di Wang (宋帝王余)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 3

Court 4 : Lake of Blood and Terrible Bee Torture. Ruled by Wu Guan Wang (五官王呂)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 4

Court 5 : Sixteen Departments of Heart Gouging. Ruled by Yen Lo Wang (閻羅王包)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 5

Court 6 : Screaming Torture and Administrative Errors. Ruled by Bian Cheng Wang (卞城王畢)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 6

Court 7 : Tortured by Mincing Machine. Ruled by Tai Shan Wang (泰山王董)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 7

Court 8 : Hot Suffocation Hell. Ruled by Du Shi Wang (都市王黃)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 8

Court 9 : Iron Web and Office of Fair Trading. Ruled by Ping Deng Wang (平等王陸)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 9

Court 10 : The Wheel of Rebirth. Ruled by Zhuang Lun Wang (轉輪王薛)

Chinese 10 Courts of Hell - Court 10

Court 1

This is where you will first report to !

The court inside this first palace is in the hall and it is also the entry door to hell. The first king of the first palace is Qin Guan Wang (秦廣王蔣)., who is in charge of people's date of birth and death

There you will face the Mirror of reflection ! In this mirror all of the things that you have done when you are living will be reflected out in the mirror as if it is like some movie or drama in the TV or Cinema.

This Sin mirror with 50-feet width and 10-feet height on the stage. The mirror of reflection is also known as Sin Mirror or Karma Mirror.

This is where you will really get to have a chance to look at yourself and what have you really done ! Have you been good or bad etc...

This one mirror every single individual will get their turn to face it , one by one at a time. After you have seen everything, the king will be made his verdict based on what the mirror has reflected.

Your punishments to your sins and crimes and to what court you will go to after this will be based on this court 1 king, Qin Guan Wang (秦廣王蔣).

Some of the lucky ones can even proceed straight to court 10 immediately and await to be reborn. Such People are the ones who have the benevolent deeds with good virtue will be protected and escorted to pass the hell and be sent to the heaven or happiest world. People have some kind deeds and charitable work will be sent to 10th palace of the hell and wait for rebirth. People with evil behaviors will bring up the a stage.

Court 2

Court 2 king is Qu Jiang Wang (楚江王歷)

There are quite a few things in this part of hell and they are as follows :
1)Hell of Dark Clouds of Dust
2)Hell of Night Soil and Urine
3)Hell of Five Pronged Fork
4)Hell of Extreme Hunger
5)Hell of Excruciating Thirst
6)Hell of Slough and Blood
7)Hell with Boiling Copper Cauldrons
8)Hell of Iron Corslets
9)Hell of Great Scales
10) Hell where you will be pecked by Cocks
11)Hell of Rushing Ashes
12)Hell where the Body will be cut into pieces
13)Hell of Knives and swords
14)Hell of the Beasts
15)Hell of Cold an Ice
16)Hell of numerous Copper Cauldrons

Some examples of why you get such punishments are because you are a kidnapper, claimed a lost deposit of somebody for your ownself into your own account. Due to your own incompetency you are resulted in the tragic and sufferings of others.

Court 3

In the third palace of Hell lies court 3 and the King is Song Di Wang (宋帝王余).

This is basically one large Hell with many small dungeons. In this Hell, there are :
1) Hell of Rib Piercing
2) Hell of handcuffs
3) Hell where your Knees are Crushed
4) Hell where you drink blood

Some Examples of why you gain entry into this hell will be due to :
1) A Terrible , Bad and lousy Wife who is a burden and a Worry to the husband
2) A Disobedient Slave, Maid, Servant, Employee
3) Cheating on the funds of the Company, Family, Country or Friends
4) Unreasonably delayed a funeral or done forgery

Court 4

In this fourth palace of hell, lies Court 4 and the king to it is Wu Guan Wang (五官王呂).

In this hell, you will be thrown into a roaring stream, made to kneel on spikes, get your tendon cut off, flesh gimleted , limps cut off, sit on sharp rocks, lips are splited and buried under gravel.

Some examples of why you will receive such punishment will be due to :
1) Deliberately opening and reading of letters which you should not have
2) Pilfered oil from the sanctuary lamp
3) Not giving money to the needy
4) Spreading of garish rumors
5) You are a Litter bug

Court 5

The king to the fifth palace of hell, Court 5 it is Yen Lo Wang (閻羅王包).

In this Hell, are those who are punished for being unbelievers who defy, rapists, seductive woman, brigands, harlots, those who curse monks, priest etc.., arson on properties and nature, ill treatment to animals and did not bury them well.

Court 6

In the sixth palace of hell is Court 6 with Bian Cheng Wang (卞城王畢) as the King.

In this hell, you will kneel on iron filing, nipped by insects, crushed under rollers, sawn into half, drink mucky waters and kicked by donkeys.

Some of the people you will find here would be those who :
1) Curse Nature, Gods, Buddha etc..
2) Disrespect Religion or who challenge the religion
3) Destruction to religious buildings, objects etc...
4) Promote Obscenities and Porn instead of putting a stop to it.

Court 7

In the seventh palace of hell is Court 7 and King to it is Tai Shan Wang (泰山王董).

Sometimes, this hell is referred to the hell of remorse and self hatred. This is the hell whereby your legs will be hacked and burnt, ankles bitten by dogs, your flayed skin is fed to the hogs and after which you will be pecked by eagles.

Some examples of the why you are here is simply because you have :
1) Violated or raided Tombs
2) Lazy, neglectful, never perform your duties well as mentors, teachers, lecturers etc..
3) drug traffickers,
4) Staged a Rebellion against your master
5) caused quarrels ,conflicts or done sow discords

Court 8

Court 8 is in the eighth palace of hell and Du Shi Wang (都市王黃) is the King to this place.

In this hell, you will get crushed under carriage wheels, tongue cut out, sliced into pieces and ripped into bits.

You are probably here because of disrespect ,rudeness or because you bully your parents and other elderly folks. After which you will be send into the tenth court and be turned into as animals, most likely.

Court 9

In ninth palace of hell court 9 is under King Ping Deng Wang (平等王陸) !
In this hell, your Bones are scraped, tendons snapped, your head will be crushed in iron rings, and your Skull steamed in frying pan.

Some examples of what you are guilty of will be such as

1)Guilty of the Ten Great crimes
2)Wrote Erotic books, drew dirty pictures, photo dirty photos, you are an abortionists

This place is sometimes also called as the city of suicides.

Court 10

Zhuang Lun Wang (轉輪王薛) is the king of the tenth palace of hell, court 10 ! King Zhuang Lun Wang (轉輪王薛) is in charge of the rebirth of death spirits, who might become saints, human, spirits, animal, ghost or staying in the Hell.

Only when your agony is completed and that you have truly repented for what you have done after receiving all of your dued punishments, will you then be reborn.

Wheel of 6 Incarnations

King Zhuang Lun Wang (轉輪王薛) will then decide the manner of your next existence before sending you to have a ride on the wheel of Reincarnation / Life.

You shall aim for the boat across the Styx to proceed to the Wheel but you can get knocked off down into the waters by fierce demons sometimes

孟婆 Meng Po 02

After you have already crossed the Styx, you will see MENG PO (孟婆) awaiting for you of your arrival. She will give to you the soup of forgetfulness in which you will forget everything of your current life and your punishments

孟婆 Meng Po 03

After which will you then proceed to the wheel of Reincarnation / Life finally.

Sometimes it has been believed and said that it is because you did not drink the finish the soup, therefore you can have memories of your previous life or of what you have been through in hell.

When you are on the wheel, the wheel will spin round and round , faster and faster until you are finally being shoot off into a void and land into a body of something such as a human , animal etc.. and you shall begin your new life all over again.

However, if your negative karma is still too strong, you will not be reborn but instead, you will stay in hell almost permanently and get back to be punished again ! You will only leave hell after all of your negative karma is being used up. It is only then will you get be to be reborn

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Atmospheric Monsters Attack!

Atmospheric monsters are bizarre and seemingly impossible creatures. These sky-bound beasts soar silently above the human race, defying the conventional laws of physics, and their origins and intentions remain one of the most perplexing and fascinating mysteries in the realms of both ufology and cryptozoology.

Most intelligent individuals would readily concede that the oceans of Earth have yet to reveal even close to all of the mysterious beasts that dwell in their vast depths. Some scientists have suggested that there are nearly a million undiscovered species lurking in the briny deep, while others insist that the number is a good deal higher. But while scientists have no problem accepting that the seas are chock full of as yet unidentified life-forms, they reject the idea that the ocean of air above our heads might be just as full of unique and currently unclassified species.

Current scientific figures state that our atmosphere extends approximately 621-miles above the planet’s surface. According to the mathematics done by minds far in advance of my own, the volume of Earth’s atmosphere in cubic miles is, and I quote: “142,782,184,457.44 depending on whose number you go with for the ‘thickness’ of the atmosphere.”

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Cryptozoology: The First Documented Case?

From Scott Corrales UFO DIgest Latin America Correspondent

Any discipline worth its salt has a more or less well defined point of departure, based upon a specific event or the presence of a given researcher or any other reason. This situation can be hard to pin down at times, as can be the case with cryptozoology, where there is no definite date that marks the start of this science. The first photo of Nessie, perhaps? Or the publication of the first book by Heuvelmans? Each individual probably has a starting point in his or her own head.

It is not our intention to kick off a debate on the subject, which we find absurd. What we want to show is that if there has indeed been a starting point with regard to the study of unknown animals, it occurred in an earlier age. A cryptozoological prehistory, so to speak, in which spectacular cases involving strange animals occurred, even if there were no researchers to disseminate the phenomenon explicitly.

And apropos of this, we have perhaps come across what may be the first documented cryptozoological case in the history of Spain. Our reporter of the age is none other than Roman author and scientist Gaius Plinius Cecilius Secundus (23-79 B.C.E.) better known as Pliny the Elder. His vast work Historia Naturalis, which collects all of the knowledge of his age with regard to zoology, botany and other sciences in 37 volumes, mentions the case of a “polyp” that killed off all the fish in the wells of Carteia, a city adjacent to modern San Roque, in Cadiz, where the salted meat and fish works of the time were housed.

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