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Monday, May 31, 2010

Philippines : Ghosts Sightings at work place

Paranormal File.... From Ralph , Philippines (8 May 10, 02:37 PM)

It was a pleasant day, last Thursday. I worked on a foaming industry of the Philippines. It was 2am and I was on duty and my co workers are asleep. I was searching for a measuring tape and asked my colleague, Wiljun if he knows where it is.

He said it was on the fiber making table and I headed straight for the place. As it was dark, I brought along a flash light. Along my way as I walking, I heard numerous sounds of children, crying. This made my hairs stand but however I wasn't terrified.

I went towards the direction where the sounds came from and near the making department, I saw 3 sitting children who were crying and they were holding hands together. However, they had no feet. I couldn't figure out if they were boy or girl as it dark.

Suddenly they screamed and the hideous scream was so sharp that I decided to run. I wanted to have a talk with them but it sorts of freaks me.

There are many paranormal events which I had experienced. I have what some called as the 3rd eye and I always tell myself that I am gifted as my conclusion. This is my favorite quote which I would always tell myself as follows : “ existence which science cannot explained is nothing to be feared of , nothing to be terrified of, nothing to horrified of . . nothing to hate of, nothing . . nothing .. nothing but . . "mercy" =(

To simplified, it means : Anything that cannot be explained by science isn't really something that you need to fear, but the most only mercy.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paranormal phenomena in Malaysia School

In this modern day and age, accounts of supernatural activities in schools are very much alive and well. Sightings of apparitions and unexplained occurences are popular topics of conversations. Current and former students share some of their eerie experiences.

Historic haunts

Invented or real histories of schools are a common starting ground for terrifying tales.

At the more historic schools around the country, it would seem that some of the troops who arrived in Malaya during the Japanese Occupation of the early 1940s have never left.

Colonial era schools such as this one in Kuala Lumpur tend to have more than their fair share of creepy stories.
Picture is (C) copyright to The Star

Tales of schools being former Japanese torture camps are a particularly popular explanation for apparitions of headless corpses and sounds of marching soldiers in the dead of night.

Perhaps the strangest tale in circulation at the moment are sightings of beheaded nuns in a well-known girls’ school in Kuala Lumpur.

While the school canteen may be the focal point for students during recess, it can at other times, turn out to be an eerie place where one can hear mysterious sounds and witness strange happenings.

Although the brutalities committed during that era cannot be denied, conclusive proof of all the exact spots where the Kempeitai (Japanese secret police) murdered their victims is hard to find.

Consultant Mavindren Naidu however, believes that his former school in Ipoh is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

“From 1943 till the end of the war, the Japanese government did have their headquarters in Perak.

“It’s not surprising then if some of the locations in my school were previously used as execution spots by the army,” he says.

Mavindren claims that his former schoolmates have seen silhouettes of bodies hanging from trees, and screams echoing down empty hallways.

“I’ve experienced the screams myself once, while waiting for my father to pick me up after co-curricular activities.

“Maybe it was a classmate pulling my leg, but there were no other students around and it didn’t sound human...” he says.

Many a student will swear to spirits lurking in empty classrooms.

Declaring himself to be a sceptic, Tan Seng Hong says a misunderstanding of history can easily cause rumours to spread.

“Some say that my school was a prison, or that it was built on an ancient tribal burial ground,” says the secondary school student.

“But my school is fairly new, and this area has always been a commercial one!

“Of course, if I believed the stories to be true, I too would feel scared or see things that aren’t really there.”

Full Source

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet the Chinese Girl that laugh Non stop for 12 years

Originally Published on by the Sun: 15 Jan 2009

A YOUNG girl has been laughing non-stop for 12 YEARS, it was revealed today.

The Chinese teenager cannot even talk - but has to communicate with different types of GIGGLE.

Xu Pinghui, 13, has stumped doctors ever since she started laughing when she developed a fever as an eight-month-old baby.

Her parents are now desperate to find a cure.

Mum Yang Longying said: "Ever since then she has been laughing uncontrollably.

Her dad Xu Weiming added: "There is no happiness for us. Seeing her laughing we feel even sadder than if she were crying."

But Pinghui has been given new hope after doctors said her brain's frontal lobe may have been damaged by the fever.

They now plan to carry out a CT scan on the teenager and hope this could provide answers to her mysterious condition.

Full Source

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jailed for slapping corpse

A MAN who strangled and slapped a corpse across the cheek at a funeral of his neighbour was jailed by a district court on Friday.

Muhamad-Ali Mahmod, 35, unemployed, is believed to be the first person to be convicted of offering indignity to a human corpse. He was given 14 weeks for the offence, which is punishable with up to three years and/or a fine, at Tampines on March 8.

He was jailed 16 weeks for stealing a $150 mobile phone from a polytechnic student at the Sports Complex of Temasek Polytechnic on Oct 23 last year, and 14 weeks for inhaling toluene on March 11.

The court heard that Muhamad-Ali's 72-year-old neighbour held some prayers at the funeral of his late son in the living room. At about 4pm, Muhamad-Ali entered the flat and strangled and slapped the corpse. A relative immediately told him to leave and he did so. The deceased's father felt insulted by the act.

District Judge Sarjit Singh ordered the theft and inhalant abuse sentences to run consecutively, making a total of 30 weeks. Muhamad-Ali has convictions for, among others, drug-related offences, theft of vehicle, carnal connection and misuse of intoxicating substances.

He told the court that he would seek his neighbour's forgiveness after his release, and that he did it while he was under the influence of inhalant.

By Elena Chong, Court Correspondent

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The History of Voodoo

Voodoo is a religion that originated in Africa and was brought to Haiti by slaves, where it is still widely practiced by most inhabitants. Most aspects of this religion are positive and it affects all aspects of the people's lives, such as morality, economics, safety, relationships and health.

There is a revered God, an assortment of spirits, and many rituals. Worshippers communicate with their God through the "loa" or spirits. This relationshiop is based on trust and mutual give and take. The people conduct ceremonies to honor them and loas, in return, are helpful in their lives.

The black magic aspects of this religion play a very minor role and is not typical of voodoo. In the early to mid 1900's, there were exaggerated claims about voodoo and movies portrayed followers as ignorant people who were obsessed with evil. Werewolves, zombies, the casting of spells and the use of voodoo dolls were sensationalized as the common practices of these people.

In actuality the use of black magic is rare but this stereotype remains with us even today.

The use of voodoo dolls is unheard of in Haiti and most places where the religion is practiced. The only recorded serious use of the dolls, among voodoo worshippers, was in the new Orleans area in the early 1900's. Hexes were cast to bring either good or bad luck to another person. The doll was used to symbolize that person. The sticking of pins into the doll was to reinforce and direct the spells that were cast.

Full Source

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chinese Viewpoints On Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a process that does not use any medicines or procedures.

In this method only the mind at a subconscious and a spiritual level is healed. A person has to have the willingness to accept spirituality in the first place for the spiritual healing to work on them.

People need to come into the system with an open mind and also accept whatever is being told to them in the form of preaching. People who have taken too spiritual healing should be extremely positive. Spiritual healing is very popular in countries like China and India, where many people preach some positive aspects in life and also teach them how to be positive.

According to many spiritual scholars when the mind is positive the body also becomes positive helping the illness and other toxic substances in the body to clear.

The Chinese believe that every human body has energy and the energy flows in an upward and downward direction in the body. Using these energies people can heal themselves from any kind of illness. The energy forms of the body can also be brought into control by meditation and yoga. Meditation also helps a person to become more positive and have a positive outlook in life. Using energies in the body a person can heal others and also themselves. This method is also called pranic healing, which originated in China. Prana means energy and this is what the Chinese traditional healers use to heal and cure the body of ailments and diseases.

[Click here to read Original article]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

India Shama Boy


Monday, May 24, 2010

Malay Spiritual Healing

MANY Malaysians are no strangers to the workings of faith/spiritual healers, and there have been numerous TV programmes documenting these healers.

Today I would like to share with you about two female spiritual healers. One is from my home town Kota Baru, Kelantan, and the other is from China. They are among the most fascinating I have ever encountered.

Puan Lin

Puan Lin (or just “Lin” as she is commonly known) is in her 40s. She’s originally from Java, Indonesia, and settled in Kelantan after marrying a Malaysian. They are blessed with seven children

[Full Source]

Several years ago, she had a dream that she was to start healing people. Her first patient was her own relative, who was bed-ridden. After her “treatment”, he recovered. That gave her confidence to treat others, and the word spread like wildfire. Now her “clinic” is always crowded.

Lin starts diagnosing the cause of the ailment or problem as soon as the “patient” introduces himself to her. Her speciality is in diagnosing and reversing black magic. Every patient is required to bring an egg for the diagnosis, and a bottle of water for her to supplicate upon. She will roll the egg over the patient’s back and then break the egg. Needles, rusty nails, hair, seeds, and countless other items have been found in the eggs which were brought by the patients.

I have observed these many times at close range, sitting or standing just beside her while she was treating the patients. Each session lasts only a few minutes, and each patient is asked to telephone her in the evening for further instructions.

Note that the patients brought their own eggs. This is important because healers often have been accused of cheating by putting these items inside the eggs and cleverly concealing the breaks in the eggs. To put in nails and larger objects without breaking the eggs would require extreme ingenuity.

She is now pregnant with her eighth child, and had actually decided to stop her “clinic” to concentrate on her pregnancy. However, people kept knocking on her door for help, and she relented. So even with a bulging tummy, she patiently treats over 200 people each day.

Many people have benefited from Lin’s treatment, ranging from physical ailments to spiritual angst. If you were to study the cases that come to her, you will realise that so many people have physical ailments that actually have spiritual causes behind them, and that many physical ailments are amenable to spiritual healing

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malaysia Spiritual healing case study : YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

From Contributor : Ranjit (Malaysia)
7th May 2010 (11:14:30am)

My name is Ranjit and I am a spiritual healer. I am based in Ipoh, Malaysia. I can assist victims of witchcraft, spells, voodo, charms etc. My treatment is purely prayer based with no rituals or mumbo-jumbo. I only HEAL and not HARM anyone by casting any spells or spirits.

Case Study
A family of four sought my help to eradicate a demon that was agonising them for 15 years. The couple could not enjoy a decent sleep for even three hours at a stretch. They were constantly harassed by the demon in their bedroom and this led them to several nervous breakdowns over the years. The lack of sleep over a prolonged period affected their health seriously so much so that the husband had to quit his job (since he was the worst affected). This inevitably led to a fall in their income to sustain the family. Even their two boys (aged 8 and 10) were not spared.

Both of them suffered partial blindness together. As a result, they were put on medication with numerous side effects on their health. All this was spiritually induced. They NEVER had any physical problems. They sought help from various witch-doctors, shamans and bomohs but to no avail.

After treating them the first night, the couple slept like babies without any interruptions in their sleep. This bolstered their confidence in my treatment. As I treated them spiritually, I saw clearly the gravity of their problem. The husband's parents were dead set against the marriage and they resorted to witchcraft to break the family apart. All their care and concern were pure drama. Finally, I had to evict the devil from the couple's house and it went straight back to its sender. Now, the husband's parents are in agony. The husband's parents are seeking their son's forgiveness. But it is already too late. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! The reaping came with compounded interest for doing evil onto others.

Witchcraft is heavily practised by the educated and uneducated alike in South East Asia. To secure promotions in a job, to gain the love of someone, to break-up families, to destroy competition in business are some of the services provided by mediums or bomohs (as they are known in Malaysia). It is a very real thing and only those who have gone through it know its destructive force!

[Click here to visit Ranjit]
Or Email Ranjit at : ranjitmac@gmail.com

Friday, May 21, 2010

India Witchcraft Introduction


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haunted Hotel in Penang

by otyew

During the trip with the G's at the Tg Dawai sangkar, I'm not sure what ticked us to tell our own stories on...ahem ahem but I do have a fair share of experience.

This happens few years back when I was having a business trip with my colleague in Penang. We were staying at this hotel for 2-3 days and most of the time we worked from morning until the late evening, tired most of the time. Then on the second night, I was asleep earlier than my colleague and I had a 'dream', a really strange dream.

In my dream, I saw a boy.....naked btw, took the newspaper on the sidetable and put it at the end of my colleague's bed. I saw him and before I woke up, he smiled at me. When I woke up, the newspaper was there on my bed's sidetable and guess what? Everything I saw on my dream is exactly the same as the conditions of the hotel room.

It was so real that I did not forget this until now. And after a year or two, I had received an email forwarded from my friends about this hotel and attached here is the photos of it.....freaky? So is the hotel really haunted or....??

[Click here to read full article]

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some outrageous psuedoscientific theories

by Joan Seth

In this article, we look at some really outrageous pseudo-scientific beliefs.

The Hutchinson Effect

In 1979, John Hutchinson purportedly introduced a new phenomena he claimed to have discovered, namely the Hutchinson Effect.

In his theory, he managed to demonstrate the levitation of various heavy objects and has posted videos and pictures of said effect. Hutchinson and many of his supporters claim that these phenomena arose from the Casimir Effect.

In reality, however, no other scientist (including sometimes Hutchinson himself) have managed to reproduce the phenomena in closed experiments.

Till date, he has not been able to provide absolute proof that the Hutchinson Effect exists, and thus, he has been deemed as a joke and have been subjected to ridicule in scientific circles.


This is a medical technique which purports to be able to determine a cause of illness or state of general health through the retinal patterns in the patient's irises.

The general idea is that details in the iris demonstrate changes in the tissues of various organs in the body. A specific bodily condition will translate into a specific change in the patterns that appear on the iris.

However, medical practitioners have pointed out that the iris, in actual fact, does not undergo any changes throughout an individual's lifespan. The texture of an iris is a feature which developed during gestation and remains unchanged.

Other than changes brought about by glaucoma treatments, no evidence exists that shows that patterns in the iris changes. This phenomena is now the basis of iris recognition for identification purposes.


Phrenology is a theory that states that the personality traits of a human can be derived from the skull's shape. It was popular in the 19th century, but is now considered not to have any scientific basis and is considered a pseudo-science.

Introduced in 1796 by Franz Joseph Gall, Phrenology states that the brain was made up of 27 'organs' that influenced and created one's personality. Phrenologists run their fingers or palms over the patient's head to feel for indentations. With this information, the patient's character and temperament can be assessed.

Although Phrenology did introduced certain valid assumptions such as localization of mental processes in the brain (which has remained in modern nueroimaging techniques), through advances in neurological science, Phrenology has now been dismissed as a pseudo-science. Certainly if there is a bump on one's head, its more of a case that the person fell and hurt his head, then a case of a mental disorder.

Flat Earth Theory

Overall, this theory might sound quite a preposterous idea to many, but the Flat Earth Society, was started in 1956, and has survived till date with a reported membership of 60 people currently.

Proponents hold firm onto the belief that the Earth is a flat disk, rather than a sphere, and that Antarctica is an ice wall that surrounds the Earth. They also propose various theories to explain natural effects which can only be explained thoroughly if the Earth is round. These theories attempt to explain The Sinking Ship Effect (where a sailing ship disappears over the horizon), Lunar Eclipses, Gravity and sunrise and sunsets.

They also claim the photos taken by NASA of planet Earth in outer space as a hoax, and thereby declare that the Apollo Moon Landings are a hoax too.

Perpetual Motion

This refers to the theory of movement that is able to go on forever. This would mean that more energy will be created than consumed, resulting in a net output of energy for indefinite time.

One type of a Perpetual Motion machine involves a mechanical system which is able to provide motion indefinitely, even after losing energy through air resistance and friction. Obviously this violates the Law of Conversation of Energy (which states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, and instead it is transferred from one form to another).

Another example of a Perpetual Motion machine extracts heat from its surroundings and converts the heat into energy. Such machines violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that the entropy of a closed system can only increase over time, never decrease.

Throughout history, many people have reportedly claimed to have invented such machines, but all of them have been exposed as frauds. As such machines and theories violate known laws of science, nobody has been able to produce absolute proof of such a machine.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scary early morning patrol

by Unknown (source: Hungzai)

[The following is a supposedly true story about 2 neighbourhood policemen who went out on partol in the early hours of a particular day in 1993]

This occurred in 1993.

At that time I was attached to Kg Ubi NPP located at Block 9 Eunos Crescent.

It was during the Chinese 7th Month and as usual I was on “C” shift. (Yea! Supernatural things always occurred in the hours of darkness).

I was out on patrol at about 0330hrs with my partner, a young Chinese boy serving his NS, when we received a dispatch from our DOR (Division Ops Room) to attend a case at Block 3XX, Ubi Ave 1 #03-XXX.

We arrived at scene within 10 mins and knocked on the Complainant’s door. The door was opened by a young woman in her early 20’s, She had a towel across her body to cover her modesty. She was hysterical! She was holding a cluster of garlic and a cross on one hand and a cleaver on her other hand.

She looks glad to see us and immediately invited us into her house and lead us to her kitchen. She was speaking very furiously and at a very fast speed which we had a had time to comprehend, I then told her to put down the cleaver and her other items, she only put down the cleaver but not the cluster of garlic or the cross. She said its for our protection. She then lead us into her kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, we noticed a cup was smashed and there was a bad liquid believed to be coffee. There were also some drawers were on the floors with its contents all spill all over the kitchen’s floor. There was a foul smell like shits and there were some black thick grease on the floor. There was also some torned clothings.

She then lead us to the kitchen’s window and pointed to a tree located about 10 metres from her kitchen window. She then asked us, “Can you see him?” I repiled, ” See What?” She looked at us with unbelieving eyes and again said, “Can you the see creature?”, I again repiled “See what creature? Mdm, there is nothing there!” “Officers are you blind, there is a man on the branch of the tree, & his severe head is resting on his right hand’s palm & he is smiling & looking at us right now!!!”

Both my partners again took a long look at the tree but neither of us could see anything. “Look Mdm, are you on medication (drugs)?” She shooked her head. “Are you saying that there is a headless man on the branch of the tree outside your house and he is holding his severe head in his hand?” She nodded! I turn to my partner and said, “32″, my partner nodded his head. (32 is a Police jargo which mean Insane Person). I turned back to her and said,”Mdm, there is nothing out there! & I think its your imagination working overtime”

Her face turn pale and we lead her back into her living room. This is her story. (We still have to “entertain” her even if she is really “32″).

Janet (not her real name), is a Chinese Singaporean and had recently got married and that her husband was away in Malaysia for work. They have shifted to Ubi just 3 months back after their wedding.

Her husband, Jack (Not his real name), is a oil lubricant Salesman and has to travelled intensely to South East Asia countries to services his clients.

Her husband had left for Malaysia earlier in the day. He intended to drive to KL to meet his clients.

Janet said, “Officers, what I am going to tell you, although it might sound incredible and you might even think that I am crazy or high on drugs, which I can asurred 100% that neither am I high on drugs or is crazy. What I am going to tell you is the truth!”

As I could not fall asleep, I to make myself a cup of coffee before watching VCD (That time still dun have DVD hor!).

As I entered the kitchen, I felt a strange presense, “It was like someone staring at me from a distance”, thinking that it was my own imagination, I continued to make my coffee. It was then the entire unit’s lights went off, leaving the entire unit in darkness.

As I was trying to locate a candle & some matches from one of the kitchen’s drawer, I saw someone had jumped in from the window. The creature then tried to rape me. The “thing” grabbed me from my rear & hugged me. Its hands were grouping my breasts. The thing then tried to undress me & as a result my pyamas were torned.

I was struggling with it, when I caught a look at my attacker, it was tall, dark & huge & its body was covered with a layer of thick grease or engine oil. Its eyes were bright yellow like black jauguar’s eyes. I then grabbed a washing board and hit it on its head with it. The creature gave out a loud shriek and then its head rolled off. The creature then got up & picked up its head & flew out of the kitchen’s door and rested on the tree’s branches outside my unit. The creature is still sitting outside my unit in the tree.

She then showed us her torned pyamas which was recovered from the kitchen. On the torn pyamas, there were clearly 2 set of hands prints on it. Its palms prints were covered with grease and mud and it showed up clearly.

As my partner had completed giving the facts to our DOR, my Ops Sgt instructed me to give a call back to DOR.

I told my partner to stay with the complainant while I go downstairs to use the Public phone to contact DOR. (That time, we were not issued with HP like the officers now)

It was already nearly 0435hrs when I spoke to my Ops Sgt, she informed that a Singaporean car had been involved in a fatal accident along the North South highway of Malaysia after Segamat earlier on at 0100hrs. The car had overturn and handed upside down inside a small river. A body with its head severed was found in the wreakage. I replied, “Sarge, I am still engaged in a case leh!” (I thought she wanted me to inform the Next of Kin - Police Officers, sometimes when the Next of Kin cannot be located or contacted, they will get the Police to assist to inform them)

“Cpl Christopher. please let me finished” Said my Ops Sgt

“From the contents in the deceased’s wallet, it was established that the deceased was a Jack Lim residing at Block 3XX Ubi Ave 1 #03-XXX. It is the same unit that you are attending a case right now!” “You are to informed his wife about the fatal accident”

I then went back to the unit and informed Janet about the accident as gently as I could. Once I told her, she fainted and fell to the floor. We carried her back to her living room and put her onto the sofa. I summoned for AB (Ambulance). While waiting for the arrival of the AB, my partner & I heard sobbing sound coming out from the kitchen. We went to investigate and managed to trace the sobbing sound to the tree. However, neither of us could see anything! It send a chill to our bones.

When AB arrived, Janet was conveyed to hospital. It was learnt that she passed away the same day without regaining conscious.

After the incident, whenever I attended any cases near the vicinity of the block, it never fails to send a chill to my bone.

I hoped that their souls will find peace where ever they are.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three Weirdest Examples of Mass Hysteria

Have You Heard The One About … ?

For a topic involving laughter, what you're about to read is not amusing. Creepy and disturbing, yes. Funny, no.

1. The Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

Things supposedly started innocently enough. Kashasha, near Lake Victoria in Tanzania in 1962: One girl in a boarding school there told another girl a joke. Maybe, "Have you heard the one about?" or "A Jew, an Indian, and Herbert Hoover walk into a bar …" or "Take my wife, please … " Whatever the setup, the delivery, or punch line, the result was laughter. Whether it was a giggle, a guffaw, a chortle, a snort is irrelevant. The listener found it funny.

But then things went dark, weird, and creepy: one girl laughed, but then so did another, and then another, and then another, and then another.

After exposure, the incubation period from nothing to hysteria was short, from a few hours to a couple of days. There was no fever, no physical symptoms, just laughter and occasional crying between short moments of exhausted recuperation. When victims were restrained they sometimes became violent.

No one knew what to do. The school administrators were puzzled, local
doctors were confused. Trying to put a lid on the phenomena, the administrators shut the school down.

But that was too little, too late: Whatever it was began to spread. It infected other schools and worked its way into the village, seemingly carried by infected students. It traveled to another village 20 miles away, and another 55 miles from Kashasha.
[Click here to read full article]

Picture is (C) copyright to Mario Sanchez Nevado

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Woman wants police to detain brother's spirit

by Asiaone

A WOMAN has sought help of police to detain the "spirit" of her dead brother, which she claimed has been disturbing her, China Press reported.

Her brother died years ago, said the woman from Kuching.

The woman, in her 50s, told the police that she always saw her "brother" sneaking into her house at midnight and requested that the police detain "him".

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