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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wanted: Fresh,Young and Pretty Female Corpse, for Chinese Ghost Bride

The newly deceased bodies of young women in rural China are in increasing demand for superstitious families to use as, “ghost brides” for sons who died before marrying, to prevent the unmarried dead from haunting the family.

The 2,000 year old practice of spirit brides is becoming more difficult to sustain in a modern twenty-first century China, with its one-child policy, which leads to a shortage of women both dead and alive.

The acute shortage of young female corpses for ghost brides was highlighted by the recent arrests of five men from the Sha’anxi province, who were caught digging up the grave of a teenage girl who committed suicide, after failing her university entrance exams.

A grieving father, who lost his son to an unexpected automobile accident, paid several men thousands of dollars for a ghost bride for his unmarried son. The father had planned to have a spirit marriage ceremony, joining together his dead son and the female corpse in marriage, so that his son would have a mate in the afterlife.

The female ghost bride would then be buried in the same grave with the deceased son, a bachelor in life but not in death.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two lesser-known indonesian cryptids

by Dr Karl Shuker

I've always had an especial interest in lesser-known mystery beasts, and a couple of my favourites hail from Indonesia.

One of these, which, sadly, I did not learn about in time to include within my book Mystery Cats of the World (Robert Hale: London, 1989) is a very peculiar cat said to inhabit the Lesser Sunda islands of Alor and Solor.

According to orang pendek investigator Debbie Martyr, who wrote to me concerning this cryptid, it is only the size of an ordinary domestic cat, but is instantly distinguished from all felids, domestic or otherwise, by the pair of noticeable knob-like structures projecting from its brow, which resemble short stubby horns!

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The Chinese Ghost Buster - Zhong Kui

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Zhong Kui is a figure of Chinese mythology. According to myth, he was born in early Tang Dynasty. The actual existence of the person is not known.

The Legends
According to myth, Zhong Kui was a man who joins the Imperial Examination in the Imperial Court. Though Zhong achieved top honors in the exams but due to his horrific appearance, the official title of ‘Zhuang Yuan’ (imperial Scholar) was being taken away from him from the Emperor. In humiliation and unjust, he killed himself in the Palace by bursting his head onto the pillars of the court in front of the Emperor.

In Tang Dynasty historical records, there's no such a person known as Zhong Kui. However there is a kind root-plant with the name of Zhong Kui. The plant is believed to possess magical powers and used to ward off bad or evil entities. Some anonymous scholars during the Tang Dynasty wrote some articles regarding the plant. It stated that the plant Zhong Kui manifest itself from a vegetation to a spirit and later to a human.

After Death
Zhong Kui die classified as a ‘Gui Yin’ (demonic and ghostly hordes) due to suicide and according to the Chinese mythology, Gui Yin can never be reborn and has to remain in the repeating cycle of sufferings and torments. It was the Jade Emperor who had Zhong Kui’s soul summon to the heaven from hell and bestowed him with the title of “Capturer of all Negative Entities”. His primary duty is to subdue evil spirits. Zhong Kui was then promoted from a ‘Gui Yin’ to a high ranking deity or ghost lord in hell commanding over 80000 of demons and ghost.

The spirit of Zhong Kui save Emperor Xuan Zong
It was during the reign of Emperor Xuan Zong of Tang China (712 to 756) that Zhong Kui was popularized. The Emperor Xuan Zong was gravely ill. He had a dream in which he saw two ghosts. The smaller ghost was creating havoc in the imperial court. The bigger ghost, wearing the costume of an official, captured the smaller ghost and swallows it. The bigger ghost then introduced himself as Zhong Kui. When Emperor Zhong woke up, he felt revitalized and his illness soon vanished. He instructed to hang paintings of Zhong Kui based on the images of his dreams in the Imperial Palace. The first painting of its kind was by Wu Daozi an artist serving under Emperor Xuan Zong. This painting is believed to be a relic that can drive away any kind of evils unnatural energy.

Zhong Kui today
Zhong Kui’s painting would be hanged on New Year’s Eve and Dragon Boat Festival. It is a fine practice and etiquette to give Zhong Kui’s painting as a present during these dates. This practice is especially common to the Chinese that are highly exposed to the Philosophical and Features schools of Taoism. Some Chinese will idolize Zhong Kui for the blessings of academic success.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Into the Mind of the First Male Pregnancy Candidate

Mr Lee Ming Wei - the first pregnant man on earth bought to reality by scientific means?

Picture is (C) copyright to MalePregnancy.com

As an artist who has had solo exhibitions at The Whitney Museum of American Art and The Cleveland Museum of Art, Lee Mingwei explores the evanescent and diurnal cycles of living. His work is based on such basic human activities as cooking, letterwriting, and now child-bearing.

A few weeks ago, writer Janice Versalius of PaperVeins magazine had a long and intimate conversation with Mr. Lee in his Manhattan apartment. An excerpt of the interview appears below. Additional interviews with Mr. Lee will also be included in the upcoming film documentary.

Mr. Lee, as we just discussed, male pregnancy may prove to be an extremely dangerous medical procedure at this point – particularly when your doctors perform your Cesarian operation. Why have you chosen to do this?

Mr. Lee
A lot of people have cast this endeavor as something terribly monstrous – a startling example of how science and medicine have simply gone too far. From my perspective, however, I am simply bringing a child into this world. There is nothing more natural and beautiful on this earth than that. This is something that I've always wanted to do.

But surely you understand why some people find the idea of a pregnant man disturbing?

Mr. Lee
Well, I understand how it may be a shocking concept at first. Biologically, women have always given birth to children, and men have not. Despite the dramatic results of the sexual revolution in the latter half of this century, there are still very distinct and concrete social roles determined by this... until now... undeniable biological fact. Now, it seems, we have several important questions to consider. Why shouldn't men carry children and care for a fetus the same way a women does? Why shouldn't a man bear a burden that women have always carried? On the other hand, why shouldn't a man be able to experience the same joy and excitement that a pregnant woman feels nurturing a child within her own body? Now I think men, as well as women, have more choices, more possibilities, more roles they can assume in their lives.

I can tell you that my father for one would have donated all his internal organs before even entertaining the idea of getting pregnant.

Mr. Lee
Yes, it's interesting that many men feel very threatened by this idea. Men getting pregnant used to be a big joke – a point of ridicule. Someone was telling me about this popular American film where Arnold Schwarzenegger's character became pregnant. The humor was based on the sheer absurdity of such a distinct feminine condition being imposed on someone who represented the ultimate paradigm of Western masculinity. It seems like something rooted in a preoccupation with very traditional gender role assumptions. There was also an episode of The Cosby Show, apparently, where the male characters dreamed they were all pregnant. Now that pregnant men are a reality, no one is laughing anymore!

I was thinking about how a lot of sitcoms, particularly in the 70's and 80's, were always filled with men dressing up women to get laughs. But when men in real life actually wanted to dress up as women, they were usually harassed or beaten up.

Mr. Lee
That's a good analogy. Drag was once considered something provocative, bizarre, and unnatural. Now we even have the mayor of New York dressing up as a woman on live television. Did you hear about that?

I remember seeing it last year on Saturday Night Live. I thought I was hallucinating.

Mr. Lee
But, he still did it for laughs. I think many drag queens who were drawn to the subversion of drag – the shock value of it – are somewhat disappointed at how mainstream it has become. And at the same time, I see many transvestites who are still marginalized by both gay and straight people. If you're a man who actually wants to become a woman, without the intent of performing or putting on a show, then you're still considered weird.

How would you respond to people who would consider you a pregnant transvestite and not a pregnant man?

Mr. Lee
Well, it's not really accurate. I'm still male afterall – biologically and anatomically. It's interesting that some people believe the definition of being a man is so precarious! And unlike the men who feel this strong desire to physically become women, I've never wished for that ... and I haven't done that. I have, however, always wanted to have a much stronger empathy with women. I love my mother and sister very much, and I'm very happy to share in something they have both experienced. Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It's something that all human beings – both men and women – should experience before they die. This process has been a spiritual rebirth for me.

I was just reading about one of your art projects – A Hundred Days With Lily. You have also described it as spiritually renewing experience.

Mr. Lee
Yes. I carried a handful of white lilies for three months with me wherever I went. It was in honor of my grandmother who had passed away, to pay respect to her in some small way.

I read that this was something rooted in Ch'an Buddhism. Is that correct?

Mr. Lee
The idea is rooted in Ch'an Buddhism. I had spent many years growing up in a Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. We learned to appreciate the simple, transient, and everyday moments in life.

Well, I must say, a pregnant man isn't something you see everyday.

Mr. Lee
Actually, I see this pregnancy as being very much in keeping with Buddhist philosophical thought. There is a strong connection I feel between myself, the child within my body, and the world around us both. And I think there is a greater awareness and empathy I now share with my mother and sister as a result of my pregnancy. Most of all, there is a level of insight and understanding about being alive – of sharing your life – in ways that I've never realized before.

I've talked with other pregnant people who have also described this sensation. I felt it strongly myself when I had my own daughter a few years ago... One last question, Mr. Lee. Do you have a name for your baby yet?

Mr. Lee
I think I'll only know the name when the child is born. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

In Reality
The male pregnancy site, Mr Lee and the plot was a hoax created by artist/filmmaker Virgil Wong, who described it as an "art installation." Wong's work, especially his art projects on the internet, often explores themes arising from contemporary medicine. The site received extensive media attention in 2000. Wong has claimed that it fooled thousands of people, and that he was contacted by numerous men seeking to become the next pregnant man.
Source: Hoax Musuem

Scientific Evidence of Reincarnation

IS rebirth possible? Are there any scientific bases for believing in rebirth? Since time immemorial, man has been struggling to find a solution to this mystery but conclusive evidence has thus far eluded him.

Now, in probably the first-ever case of its kind, a Patiala-based forensic science expert has sought to scientifically prove the phenomenon. Putting forward for debate his research in a case involving the rebirth of a child who lived in Chakkchela village of Jalandhar district in his past life and now lives in Alluna Miana village of Ludhiana district, Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan claims to prove on the basis of the comparison between the handwriting of the child in his previous and present births, the theory that rebirth is possible. His findings have been hailed at the recent National Conference of Forensic Scientists at Bundelkhand University, Jhansi.

Picture is (C) copyright to krishna.org

A couple of months ago, a six-year-old boy Taranjit Singh of Alluna Miana village near Payal in Ludhiana claimed to remember his previous life. In fact, according to his economically weak parents, the boy had been claiming this since he was two years old and used to attempt to run away from home. The boy said he was born in Chakkchela village in Jalandhar district in his past birth and his real name was Satnam Singh and his father’s name was Jeet Singh. He said he was a student of Class IX in a school in Nihalwal village at the time of his death. On September 10, 1992, he was returning home on a bicycle from his school along with his friend Sukhwinder Singh when a scooter-rider named Joga Singh of Mirajwala village, Shahkot tehsil, hit him. He received serious injuries on his head and died the following day.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chinese God of Fortune (Special Posting)

Posted by: Zen Romeo

Cai Shen or Bi Gan, his mortal name is literally translated as the God of Prosperity. Cai Shen is one of the most popular pantheons among the Chinese community. His popularity is due to his primary duty as an accountant guarding all the treasuries on heaven. He is also able to bestow fortune to suitable candidates on earth. Though Cai Shen is mainly perceived as a Taoist deity, Pure Land Buddhism also recognized him as a god.

Historically, Bi Gan was the uncle and a minister of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty. He was also a very honest and capable business man. Often Bi Gan would offer his helps to other merchants by funding their business with no obligations. The poorer folks also benefited from Bi Gan’s generosity as he would donate his wealth and fortune to them. Thus he grew tremendous amount of popularity among the people. The popularity that Bi Gan received from the people soon draws the jealousy of King Zhou and his family. Daji, King Zhou’s most favored concubine one day killed Bi Gan by digging out his heart. After his death, business man started to hang the portrait of Bi Gan to honor him. Those who had hung the portrait of Bi Gan also swore to the heaven that they held upmost honesty in doing business. The death of Bi Gan soon marks the end of Shang Dynasty.

According to legend, Bi Gan did not die. He was offered a magical panacea by a hermit Zhang Ziya that prolonged his life. Bi Gan escaped to the woods with his wife, children and fortune. Often he would appear from the woods and continue to distribute his wealth to the people. The magical panacea had prolonged his life unnaturally until he had finally attained enlightenment on top of a mountain. Legend also state that he co assists with Taoist master Zhang Dao Ling in search of secrets of life prolonging panacea.

Cai Shen is depicted riding a black tiger holding a metallic rod as his weapon. The usual portrait of Cai Shen is a man dressed like a civil official who wears a minister's gauze cap and embroidered robe, with a Ru Yi (an S-shaped ornamental object, usu. made of jade, formerly a symbol of good luck) in his hand and gold or silver ingots under his feet. His portrait is usually hung during Chinese New Year. Business man, investors, traders and gambler would often pray and seek advise from the Cai Shen and mistaken him as the God of Luck.

150 ft Fossil of an Unknown Creature Uncovered by Tsunami in India

Backdate: Oct 05

Reporter from India claims that the remains of a 150' ancient, giant creature washed ashore on the coast of India. Footage looks pretty good, but who knows if it's fact of fiction.

An detailed breakdown analysis of the video offered by Unexplained.net
"The 65 second video clip opens with a young Indian woman holding a microphone and walking on an open sandy beach speaking apparent Indian with a voice-over narrator translating everything spoken to English. The reporter?s name is displayed along with an official looking logo as the reporter walks on to the beach telling of the areas recovery from the 2004 tsunami in the Tamil Hadu region of Indian. So far so good, except that we are 18 seconds (over 25%) into the entire clip and have not yet seen any glimpse of a giant sea creature.

At this point, the video shows a crude map of the southern tip of India with two cities marked by colored dots. Here is where the problems begin. The two cities are named Chenai and Mahabalipuram. First, Chenai is misspelled but is in the correct position to be the city of Chennai. Forgiving a professional news service this oversight, we then notice that Mahabalipuram, a 7th century port city of South India, is known today as Mamallapuram. I scoured the internet looking for any map that used the ancient city name and could find none except as a reference on tourism brochures. This seems like too big of an error to be an oversight.

At 22 seconds the clip switches to a rock formation with waves splashing and 1.5 seconds later switches to the reporter extending the microphone to a lady on the beach who proceeds to tell of hearing legends of giant creatures as a child. A point to make here is that the rock has hieroglyphs or other etchings that appear as the picture contrast balances just before the video switches away from this scene to a helicopter in the air. Now at 36 seconds (55%) through the clip, we still haven?t seen the remains of anything except the bird droppings on the beach."

Click here to read full report

Ancient tribe becomes extinct as last member dies

By Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN

New Delhi, India (CNN) -- The last member of an ancient tribe that has inhabited an Indian island chain for around 65,000 years has died, a group that campaigns for the protection of indigenous peoples has said.

Boa Sr, who was around 85 years of age, died last week in the Andaman islands, about 750 miles off India's eastern coast, Survival International said in a statement.

The London-based group, which works to protect indigenous peoples, said she was the last member of one of ten distinct Great Andamanese tribes, the Bo.

"The Bo are thought to have lived in the Andaman islands for as long as 65,000 years, making them the descendants of one of the oldest human cultures on earth," it noted.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Muslim Clerics want ban on Black Magic

Source: Malaysia Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17 2010 — Muslim scholars want laws to ban witchcraft to help stem a tide of robberies, a national newspaper reported today.
Witchcraft is forbidden in Islam, but there are currently no civil, or Islamic sharia laws, that clearly prohibit it.

Reports of the use of so-called black magic are widespread in this majority Muslim country, with robbers said to use spells to ensure a successful heist.

"Criminals were said to have tapped a victim's back or blow cigarette smoke on a victim's face to cast spells, making them unaware they are being robbed," respected Muslim scholar Haron Din was quoted in the New Straits Times as saying at a seminar on "Love Magic and Diagnosis Methodology."

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Toyol (Child Spirit) Scam in Malaysia leaves woman RM 70K Poorer

Author: M.Kumar
Soure: Star Online
Backdate: Dec 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: A 77-year-old woman has become the latest victim of confidence-tricksters who prey on superstitious elderly women.

They got her to believe that a toyol (imp) was after her jewellery and told her to collect all her valuables and hide them. She did, only to find it all gone.

The woman, who lives in Bukit Bandaraya here, lost RM700,000 in valuables to the gang on Nov 28.

On that day, she received a telephone call from an unknown female caller informing her that a repairman would be coming around to check on her cooker’s gas valves.

Soon after the call, a man arrived identifying himself as the repairman. As he fiddled with the gas stove, the victim received another call.

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Majestic Allghoi Khorkhoi of the Gobi Desert

By Chris Capps

The Allghoi Khorkhoi, as it is called, must be the most elusive living creature in the whole of the Gobi desert. And despite this, it is still a brightly lit and aggressive creature for those who have the unfortunate fate of encountering it first hand. Those who recognize the disturbing description may know it better as the "Mongolian Death Worm."

Picture is (C) copyright to Unexplainable.net

Roy Chapman Andrews, who is credited as being the inspiration for the character Indiana Jones in the film series of the same name, was the first to record the creature in a book entitled "On the Trail of Ancient Man." In the book Chapman described the creature as the Gobi people had described it, though he was a skeptic at heart and didn't believe there was anything more to the legend than mere stories. Still, those who described it to him, he says, did so down to the most minute of details.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nigthmares of Genie - True Ghost Story Malaysia

Author: Peter Khoo

IT ALL happened in October. The jin was all over our rented house in Kajang. We packed our clothes and moved to a nearby hotel and, the next day, found a nice apartment to stay in. Then we returned to the other house to carry back our things to the apartment. We sensed the jin to be all over the house including on the cupboards and clothes we were removing. It was scary! When we flapped over a mattress, we saw a black stuff on its logo. The logo slowly grew to look like an old Chinese costume – exactly like a costume my daughter wore at a fancy dress contest.

We felt like the whole house was on fire! We managed to just get an old cupboard and some old clothing out and left everything else, including my daughter’s school bag, books and uniform. It was a total loss.

Blinded by spirits

We slept in our new apartment on the bare floor, without blankets or pillows. Things got worse. Spirits bit my daughter and she became blind! I consulted some friends and found a kind ‘spiritual Master’ in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, who helped my daughter to see again. I wanted the Master to reverse back the ‘charm’ to the person who started it but he said it would not do any good as there would only be an endless chain of spells.

He, however, told us that the person responsible was one of my sisters-in-law. He asked if we had some pictures of her and when we took her photos to him, the Master identified her to be the culprit. We also showed him a photo of my daughter in the Chinese costume at the contest, taken by the sister-in-law. We then returned to the apartment to rest. Then, all of a sudden, my daughter let out a loud scream, crying that she could not see anything and that someone was hitting her. We rushed back to see the Master and, again...

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Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Ways to See Ghost - Chinese Style

Author: Crooket Ways

1. A pregnant woman survived and live when she tried to commit suicide will be granted the ability to see ghost. This is due to the belief that spirits will wait by the side of pregnant women to take over the body of the just-born child. With the attempt of suicide, the woman is trying to kill a life that has not even existed thus forcing her against the forces of nature. She will then gifted the power of sight and most likely will be haunted by the spirit who was going to be her child.

2. Dog are best known to be very sensitive to ghost, have you wondered why dog always bark at some angle without any apparent reason? Dipping the tears of a dog onto your eye and you will find out why. Some mention that the same will work when cemetery mud is applied.

3. The Chinese folks will scream on top of their voice if you open an umbrella indoor. This act is the most unwelcome and will lure ghost to drop by to say hello. So get yourself an umbrella and open it as many times as you wish indoor your house.

4. Wear a hat and make sure it covers both of your eyebrows and find a reported haunted place. Scroll around the premise while turning to look behind you every 3 or 5 sec. Brace yourself every time when you turn back…

5. Combing your hair in the mirror at midnight is said to give you sight due to your vanity. Mirrors reflect humans and ghosts thus vanity is often not tolerated by ghosts.

6. Go to the graveyard at dusk and look in between your legs. This is said to be disrespect for the dead thus granting you the sight to see the dead - most likely haunting though! So be warned.

7. In the eastern cultures, the burning of joysticks in graveyards is a sign of respect. To see ghosts, one must take a burning joystick from a graveyard, throw it on the floor, take its ashes and rub it on themselves. This is the ultimate sign of disrespect for the dead as the joystick burning is a sign of respect and prosperity for the dead by those who care for them. By doing so, you will be granted the power of sight. However, be warned, it might not be a pretty sight at all considering what you have done.

8. Use an Ouiji board. This is a kind of board used to communicate with the dead. Although this method has proven to be very accurate, you have to be careful in that by using the Ouiji board, you may be disturbing a violent ghost who will refuse to let you leave the board game. Never leave the board game without the ghosts’ permission as several incidents whereby people have been put in danger due to not following this order has occurred in the past. So be very careful when playing with friends.

9. Tie a red thread onto your toe and pin the other end onto a bud of a banana tree; this will cause the spirit inside the tree to suffer. The ghost of the banana tree will show itself and request for you to release the tread.

10. Perform an operation and exchange cornea with a dead person, you will be granted the ability to see ghost.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Native of Formosa

by Alex Boese

Picture is (C) copyright to Muesum of Hoaxes

Those who travelled on European roads at the start of the eighteenth century must have met many unusual characters, but one character they might have met would have proven more unusual than the rest. He was a young man who claimed to be from the faraway land of Formosa (now known as Taiwan).

There were just a few problems with the young man's claim of Formosan nationality. First, his skin was white, and his hair was blond. Second, he spoke fluent Latin (which wouldn't be a problem in and of itself), but he did so with a hint of a Dutch accent.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Indian man's internal organs all back-to-front

By Dean Nelson

Doctors believe that the 64-year-old could be the only man in the world whose internal organs are in the mirror opposite position of where they should be.

Ashok Shivnani was about to have surgery to remove a tumour on his kidney in Mumbai when doctors realised most of his chest and abdominal organs and many blood vessels were on the opposite side of his body.

The condition is known as "situs inversus".

In Mr Shivnani's case, they discovered the aorta and inferior vena cava, which pump clean blood in and impure blood from the heart were reversed. He also has two livers.

"While operating we were supposed to know the exact location of everything that we are going to touch. But in this case we were not sure which veins were entering where," Dr Prakash Sanzgiri told the Times of India.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

7 Haunted Hotels in Asia


Buma Inn (China)
The Chinese really take seriously these things paranormal. Anyone would be, if the event will include scary paranormal creatures of the night, the Berserker. Buma Inn in Beijing will be pursued by a ghost angry and seeks revenge. Apparently he was poisoned as a guest at the inn several years ago by the chef. Guilt hit, the hotel is a head and then killed himself after the crime. The terror is not over yet. Until now, the restless spirit of murdered Review pursues the hotel in search of the chef, who poisoned.

The Savoy Hotel (India)
Located in one of the capital of India, Mussoorie, The Savoy Hotel, the inspiration of Agatha Christie's novel was the Mysterious Affair at Styles. The hotel offers not only a luxury but a constant supply of pure terror. His former owner, Lady Orme, who died allegedly from poisoning, is said to be the haunting opulent hotel. Scary creature of the night was to see to draw aimlessly the halls of his former hotel.

Tambun Inn (Malaysia)
Tambun Inn is one of the favorite hotels in Ipoh, Malaysia. Apparently the tourists are not the only errant fools to the hotel. Scary creatures of the night allegedly wander the hotel as well. Many accounts of events have been documented ghosts. Some of these accounts have mentioned the light in and out; the sounds, whispers and screams heard disturbing the inn. There was also a report of a ghost of an elderly woman was discovered near the pension.

Yu Shan Fan Dian (China)
Built in the city of Chengde, China, which is the north of Beijing. It is a 220-room hotel besides the Yangtze River which is popular with summer vacationers. The ghost of the Dowager Empress Cixi was reportedly sighted by guests, still tending her former gardens. Sightings occurred both inside the hotel and on one of the balconies.

Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu (Indonesia)
Room 308 in Samudra Beach Hotel was my main reason to go to Pelabuhanratu. I had read that Nyai Loro Kidul, the Goddess of the South Seas, has room 308 permanently kept empty for her.Legend has it that Nyai Loro Kidul lures fishermen to her love nest at the bottom of the ocean. She whisks away anyone who ventures into the sea, anyone wearing green. Swimmers are warned not to wear green and not to swim in the ocean and if drowning occurs they are attributed to this malevolent Goddess.

Diplomat Hotel (Philippines)
The Diplomat Hotel on Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippines is famous for being haunted by headless apparitions amongst other things. There were some visitors of the hotel claiming to saw headless figures carrying a platter with their severed damaged head on it, walking along the corridors wailing for justices. The abandoned hotel was the heaven for the paranormal and ghost hunters.

Hyatt Hotel (Taiwan)
A visitor woke up one night and saw/felt someone shaking her leg. It is said that the site of the hotel was the scene of a mass grave of over 4000 people killed by the Japanese. The lobby of the hotel features a huge inscription to ward off ghosts.

'Ghost' Dollars offered for Pol Pot's Shoes

Author: Khmerization ខែ្មរូបនីយកម្ម

"Thursday, 21 May 2009
'Ghost' dollars offered for Pol Pot's shoes: report

Maoist Khmer Rouge movement leader Pol Pot in Anlong Veng in the mid 1990s.

PHNOM PENH (AFP) — A Cambodian photographer's attempt to sell the sandals of late Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot has yielded only one bid -- 790,000 fake dollars offered in protest at the sale, a report said.
Nhem En, who photographed inmates at the regime's main torture centre and also snapped pictures at official regime ceremonies, announced last month he was selling the footwear along with two cameras."

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Crop Circles Appear at Tomb of Chinese Empress

by China.org.cn

Chinese archaeologists have found a group of vast rings at the site of the 1,300-year-old tomb of Wu Zetian, China's only empress, but are unable to explain their existence.

At least 10 rings appeared on aerial photographs taken by experts from the Xi'an Preservation and Restoration Center of Cultural Relics and Qianling Museum in a survey of Qianling.

Most of the rings are between 30 to 40 meters in diameter and are situated in an area four kilometers long from east to west and two kilometers from south to north, said Qin Jianming, a researcher with the center.

The most eye-catching was the largest ring, with a diameter of 110 meters, he said.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haunted Hong Kong

by Tiffany Lam

High Street haunted house

The Sai Ying Pun Community Complex looks like the archetypal haunted house: eerie yellow lights shine on massive stone arches, casting long shadows on dark, empty verandahs. It has a history to match.

Once upon a gruesome time, the complex was a place where heads rolled and the demented screamed to their deaths. Fondly, yet fearfully, known as the High Street Haunted House, it was built in 1892 as quarters for European nurses.

According to urban myth, the building was seized by WWII Japanese troops and use as an execution hall. It was converted into a mental asylum after the war, abandoned in 1961 and since has been badly scarred by two fires.

Over the years, there have been repeated sightings of a devilish figure in traditional Chinese costume bursting into flames on the second floor of this haunted place. Headless poltergeists have also reportedly been seen running down the corridors in the dead of the night.

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Startling strawberry crab discovered off Taiwan

by DailyMail

Picture is (C) copyright to DailyMail

A marine biologist has discovered a startling new crab species that resembles a large strawberry.

The unusual crustacean was found off the coast of southern Taiwan. It has a dramatic bright red shell covered with small white bumps.

Professor Ho Ping-ho from the National Taiwan Ocean University said the crab resembles a species called Neoliomera Pubescens, that lives in the areas around Hawaii, Polynesia and Mauritius.

However it has a clam-shaped shell about 1 inch wide, which makes it distinct.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Earth's twin planet will be found by the end of the year

by Graham Smith

The first Earth-like planet outside the solar system will have been discovered by the end of the year, one of the world's leading astronomers said yesterday.

Professor Michel Mayor, the scientist in charge of the team who detected the first extrasolar planet in 1995, claimed that the chance of finding a planet that is habitable for humans is now imminent.

The astronomer, of Geneva University, said that recent technological progress that allows the observation of planets outside the solar system now makes the prospect of locating a planet of a similar make-up to Earth extremely likely.

Professor Mayor said: 'The search for twins of Earth is motivated by the ultimate prospect of finding sites with favourable conditions for the development of life.

'We’ve entered a new phase in this search.'

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Mysterious object spotted hovering over Singapore

From Martin Fong

In Feb 2010, a mysterious blue coloured objects with flashing lights was spotted over the north eastern part of Singapore.

We do not have a clue as to what it is.

The object spotted in the sky.

Picture is (C) copyright to Martin Fong

A close up of the UFO.

Picture is (C) copyright to Martin Fong


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UFOs in ancient China

by Joan Seth

There have been accounts of UFO sightings all over the world, since ancient times. Ancient cave paintings have depicted what seems to be figures with "dome shaped" heads. Renaissance paintings have shown objects in the skies suspiciously similar to Flying Saucers.

In ancient China, there have been stories and writings of sightings of UFOs. Here we shall look at some of them:

1) Dong Tien Ji (Peeping On The Sky)

Dong Tien Ji was a book originating from the Tang Dynasty.

The story goes: In the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a celestial ship, over fifty feet long, was found and placed in the Ling De Hall. The ship gave out a metallic sound when struck, and was of very hard material which was rustproof. Li Deyu, the Tang Prime Minister, cut over a foot of a slender stick of the ship and carved it into a figure of a Taoist priest. The Taoist figurine flew away and then returned. In the years of Emperor Daoming, the figurine disappeared and the ship flew away.

2) Strange Happenings (a chapter in Meng Qi Bi Tan)

Meng Qi Bi Tan was a book of essays compiled by Shen Kua of the Song Dynasty.

In the chapter, Strange Happenings, it described in the years of Emperor Jiayou (1056-1064), a UFO as bright as a pearl often make its appearance over the city of Yangzhou of Jiangsu province. At first the object was seen on a lake in Tienzhang county in eastern Anhui and later on the Pishe lake of Gaoyou county in Jiangsu. Subsequently it was often seen by local inhabitants near Xingkai lake.

One night, a man living by the lakeside found a shining pearl while studying outdoors. The object opened it's door and a flood of intense light like sunbeams darted out. The outer shell opened appearing as large as a bed with a big pearl the size of a fist. The intense silver white light, shot from the interior, was too strong for human eyes to behold; it cast shadows of every tree within a radius of ten miles. The spectacle was like the rising sun, lighting up the sky and woods in red. Then all of a sudden, the object took off at a tremendous speed and descended upon the lake like the sun setting.

3) Red Flames in the Sky

In 1890, Wu You Ru, an artist living in the Qing Dynasty, witnessed, with hundreds of passers-bys, a fireball radiating red light in all directions in the sky. He then painted the scene, naming it Red Flames in the Sky. In the painting, he described an egg shaped fireball with red light. It floated in the sky, moving eastward. It lingered for a period of a meals time, fading into the distance little by little.

Picture is (C) copyright to Wu You Ru

Poem about China UFO

by Liu Shahe

Liu Shahe was a writer in China who was inspired to write the following poem after he encountered a supposed UFO in 1979. He published his account in the Science Literature of Sichuan.

This has been translated from the original poem written in Chinese.

Suddenly it appears,
Mysteriously it vanishes,
Flooding the sky with curiousity.
Lights of green,
Lights of orange,
Dazzle mans eye.

Flying disc?
People beyond the Earth?
These are incredible.
"Civilization is ours only," says he
Out of conservatism and prejudice.

What the naked eye has seen,
What danced on radar screen,
Was branded sheer illusion.
Whereas stale dogmas
Are chanted as gospel.

A visitor from another planet
On board a flying disc
Knocks at our door;
But we, frogs in the well,
Skulking in the bottom,
Dare not venture to answer.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The God's Particle

by Joan Seth

Picture is (C) copyright to CERN

The Large Hardon Collider (LHC for short) particle accelerator was officially started running in November 2009, after it was shutdown in September 2008. The LHC lies in a tunnel 27 kilometres in circumference, as much as 175 metres beneath the French and Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. Currently it has been shut down again till February 2010, while slight improvements are made.

The particle accelerator fires beams of protons and lead nuclei, smashing them together at energies of up to 2.36 TeV (Terra Electron Volts). Through this, scientists hope to unravel some of the issues still plugging modern physics.

One of the questions they hope to answer is: Does the Higgs Particle exist?

I won't go into the essential Physics Standard Model Theories (might bore everyone to death), but bascially, there are four fundamental Forces of nature. Gravity, which are carried by particles named Gravitons, Electromagnetic Force, which is carried by Photons and the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces, carried by Gluons and Vector Bosons respectively.

Other particles - the Leptons, which consists of Electrons and Neutrinos and the Quarks, are the basis of all matter. That is to say, the smallest building blocks of all matter are Leptons and Quarks.

This is essentially a simple breakdown of the Standard Model. It is somewhat like a list of elementary particles where all known and speculated particles and their antiparticles are listed.

However, there is still one missing particle in the Standard Model Theory - The Higgs Boson. Basically, it is described as the particle that gives all the above mentioned particles mass. It has not yet been observed through experiments yet, unfortunately. Yet it is predicted to exist. Without proof of its existence, all our current theories of modern Physics could fail.

It's importance in physics has been defined by the fact some scientists have called it the 'God's Particle'.

The LHC aims to provide experimental evidence of the Higgs particle. But thus far, it has not been successful, although scientists are still hopeful it will be discovered in the near future. But in the process, many people are worried it might spell the End of the World.

Even if the energies produced in the LHC are considerably low, some scientists do believe that in the existence of extra spatial dimensions, in which it would be possible to create micro black holes at the LHC.

The effects of a micro black hole could be catastrophic - I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a black hole is, and what are its theorized effects. A micro black hole passing through the Earth could theoretically absorb it whole.

Strangelets are strange matter. Hypothetically they are a form of quark matter. If they actually exist, and if they were produced at the LHC, they could conceivably initiate a runaway fusion process in which all the nuclei in the planet would be converted to strange matter, similar to a strange star.

This would render all matter in the world into another form of matter. Thus, there will be no more matter. The Earth would be reduced to a lump of strange matter. Strange? But theoretically it could still happen.

Magnetic Monopoles are also weird particles. Ordinary magnets all have 2 poles - A North and a South. However, Monopoles only have a single pole. If they really exist, they could destroy nucleons and they can quickly traverse the earth and escape into space. Alternatively, if they are really proven to exist by the LHC, then it would be a major scientific breakthrough for mankind.

Another possibility is that the LHC could create sufficiently high energy density as to penetrate the barrier and stimulate the decay of the false vacuum to the lower energy vacuum.

In short, it could create a False Vacuum. If a bubble of lower energy vacuum were nucleated, it would approach at nearly the speed of light and destroy the Earth instantaneously, without any forewarning.

Finally, some people have hypothesized that the experiments conducted in the LHC could rip the fabric of space and time, and that a rift in our dimension could occur. A gateway into another dimension could be then created. This scenario has been popularized in games such as Doom and Half Life.

So could all these really happen? Some people really think so, even going to the effect of starting protests against the LHC. The top brains in charge reassure us, saying its not going to happen; they have done an investigation and the results are inconclusive.

But when demons start appearing out of micro black holes one day, you know who to blame.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day: Pagan or Christian Holiday?

By Austin Cline

Isn’t Valentine’s Day a Christian day, named after a Christian saint? When we consider the matter more closely, we don’t find a strong relationship between Christian saints and romance. There is a lot of debate and disagreement among scholars about the origins of Valentine’s Day. We’ll never be able to disentangle all of the cultural and religious threads in order to reconstruct a complete and coherent story, but the pagan connections to the date are much stronger than the Christian ones.

The Romans celebrated a holiday on February 14th to honor Juno Fructifier, Queen of the Roman gods and goddesses as well as goddess of marriage. In one ritual, women would submit their names to a common box and men would each draw one out. These two would be a couple for the duration of the festival (and at times for the entire following year). Both rituals were designed to promote not only fertility, but also life generally.

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The Mystical "Nian" Beast of Chinese New Year

Chinese people held the first New Year Festival more than 3,000 years ago. Farmers gave thanks for the harvest and prayed. They asked the gods for good crops in the coming year.

But there is a story behind all the celebration, below is the legend of how the Chinese New Year celebration began.

Picture is (C) copyright to Guildwars Guru

According to legend, there was a man-eating wild monster "Nian" with an extremely large mouth, capable of swallowing several people in a single bite. This beast appeared in a country village, towards the end of winter when there was nothing to eat it would visit the villages and attack and eat whatever it could. The villagers would live in terror over the winter.

The next year it returned and the same thing happened. The monster seemed too strong to be defeated. So all the villagers would take their old and young deep into the mountains to hide from Nian.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Deity 'picked her' to be medium

by Rachel Chan

Now a convert, the alumnus of a convent secondary school had dismissed this as a farce.

ONE moment, she was chatting with friends while she was on a swing; the next, she awoke, bewildered, to a crowd gathered for a seance in a temple nearby.

Friends told Miss Delia Sng, then 19, that she had been in a trance for 30 minutes, talking and acting like the deity Marshal Hong Fu, whom the Chwee Hean Keng temple in Zion Road venerated.

Regular temple-goers said that the Shang dynasty war hero picked her to replace the temple's former medium, who had died three months earlier.

At first, the alumnus of a convent secondary school dismissed this as a farce.

But, eight years on, the Taoist convert is the 102-year-old temple's resident medium, or dang kee, channelling the deity weekly to resolve disputes and heal ailments.

It is a far cry from her days as a rebellious teenager.

When Miss Sng had her first encounter with the deity, she resisted being "recruited" because she was sceptical.

But, six months later, she ran into trouble with the law for getting into fights, and struck a deal with the deity: she would turn over a new leaf and become his medium, in return for coming under his aegis.

Miss Sng, now 27, looks nothing like a medium, with cropped bleached hair and colourful tattoos. When she's not at the temple, she helps her mother at a food stall selling fish-head soup.

But those she has helped are so grateful that they treat her like a deity. Once, a diabetes patient fell to the ground, clasped her feet and said that he had seen her in his dreams, with light radiating from her head.

She said: "Knowing that I have a special ability to help people gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The mythical kingdom of Prester John

by Matt Rosenberg

Picture is (C) copyright to Coleccion de los trages

In the twelfth century, a mysterious letter began to circulate around Europe. It told of a magical kingdom in the East that was in danger of being overrun by infidels and barbarians. This letter was supposedly written by a king known as Prester John.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the legend of Prester John sparked geographic exploration across Asia and Africa. The letter first surfaced in Europe as early as the 1160s, claiming to be from Prester (a corrupted form of the word Presbyter or Priest) John. There were over one-hundred different versions of the letter published over the following few centuries. Most often, the letter was addressed to Emanuel I, the Byzantine Emperor of Rome, though other editions were also often addressed to the Pope or the King of France.

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Oregon Chang Festive Seasonal Greetings CNY & Valentine 2010

Wishing All Viewers, Reader and Supporters a Very Happy Chinese New Year And Blessed Valentine Day 2010!

Here is our little Greetings to All of you

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Festival (Xin "NIAN")

The Spring Festival is the grandest festival for the Chinese. The Spring Festival is also called "Nian", but who knows the term, Nian, was once the name of a furious monster that lived on human beings in the ancient time. How the Festival has some relationship with the monster lies in a story about the origin and development of the Spring Festival.

Picture is (C) copyright to ChinaTour4u

The legend says, long ago, there was a monster called Nian. It was born to be very ugly and ferocious, which looked like either dragons or unicorns. On the first and the 15th of each lunar month, the monster would come down from the mountains to hunt people. So people were very much afraid of it and locked their doors early before sunset on the days of its coming.

There lived an old wise man in a village. He thought it was the panic in people that made the monster so bold and furious. Thus the old man asked people to organize together and to conquer the monster by means of beating drums and gongs, burning bamboo, and lighting fireworks in purpose of making large noises to threaten the hateful monster. When he told people about the idea, everybody agreed on it.

At a moonless and freezing cold night, the monster, Nian, appeared again. The moment it opened its mouth at people, burst out the frightening noises and fire made by people, and wherever the monster went, it was forced to back off by the terrible noises. The monster couldn't stop running until he fell down with exhaustion. Then people jumped up and killed the evil monster. Savage as the monster was, he lost in the end under the efforts from the cooperation of people.

Since then, people have kept the tradition by beating drums and gongs, and lighting fireworks at the coldest day in winter to drive the imagined monsters away and to celebrate the victory over it. Today, Nian refers to the New Year's day or the Spring Festival. People often say Guo Nian, which means 'live the festival.' Furthermore, Nian also means the year. For an example, the Chinese often greet each other by saying Xin Nian Hao, which means Happy New Year! Xin means new and Hao means good.

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Methods to become the Chinese Ghost in Red

The below content is for general knowledge and reading pleasure only. At all, cost most discouraged and highly inadvisable to try it out or of any other sorts, related. Do not test it out or try it. Life is too precious to end it.

If you had read the earlier link which is about Chinese Ghost in Red, here is some typical perfect way and scenario to become a "ghost in RED" according to the traditional guidelines but in a modern way now.

Step 1 Dye your hair to be RED.

Step 2 Very Heavy Make Out in RED (Lipstick, eyelash etc.).

Step 3 Color your finger nails and toe nails to be RED.

Step 4 RED jewelaries and accessories.

Step 5 RED Bra and Panties.

Step 6 RED Stockings and Long Red Gloves.

Step 7 RED Clothes (Chinese Cheongsam is Ideal).

Step 8 RED high heel Shoes.

Step 9 In a Room with Flooring, Walls, Ceiling, Doors and Window all RED.

Step 10 In a Room with lights of RED.

Step 11 Wear RED contact Lens or spectacles.

Step 12 The death time should be ideally somewhere around or in between from 12midnight - 3am.

Step 13 Die a gruesome death with blood splattered all over the place when corpse is found.

A very powerful and Ferocious Ghost in RED, full of Anger and Hate that is out for revenge, seeking for blood debts by taking away lives is here now.

Picture is (C) copyright to Gong Hai Fat Choi Wordpress


The Fearsome Chinese Ghost in Red

The ancient Chinese had always liked the color of "Red" very much as it a representation of good luck. However at the same time, it also represents : Anger, Hate, Revenge and Blood!

Typically by traditions, Chinese are always very frightened and would tremble when it comes to a ghost in red especially further more during the night. Sometimes, Chinese taxi drivers get very confused when they see a female in Red flagging for a ride. They are confused as they do not know if what they saw is a human or is it a ghost.

Among the so many types of ghosts, the ghost in red is the most powerful and ferocious ghost among the Chinese community. They are among one of those very difficult to handle / exorcist type of ghosts.

As compare to other types of Chinese ghosts, there are still a higher chance of escape and survival or to even exorcist the ghost as compared to a ghost in red. Should one encounter a ghost in red, the chances of surviving is simply too slim. It is as good as impossible to be alive.

Even should the ghost in red you encounter is not taking any revenge on you, and that it is just asking for some favor or request from you, you still need to worry and think very hard.

The reason to it is simple. If you lied, this ghost in red will return to haunt you. If you promise this ghost anything and failed to deliver, the ghost will also come back to punish you. You will have to be very careful with your words to this ghost.

A Ghost in red is among one of the most powerful and ferocious type of ghosts ! They are full of anger and hate ! They seek revenge ! They are out for the blood/life of their targeted victim ! They will not be appeased or even rest in peace till vengeance has already been fully, satisfactory taken !

How to become this "Ghost in Red" ?
During the olden days, it is in the common case that these ghosts are the victims who has been raped or who has too much anger, hate and vengeance with a person but was unable to seek as a human. It can also be those nobles and Royals from a kingdom that has been destroyed by the enemies and these people want revenge on their enemies as a form of ghost.

In the past, the deceased will find the most remote location at the darkest hour, dressed in red clothes (AS RED AS POSSIBLE) and then finally commit suicide in a most horrible and gruesome death to their best means.

After they had died, they will be automatically be transformed into this super powerful and ferocious ghost in red!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The mystery of the Marsiling Tunnel

by Northern Leader

University of Wollongong historian John Kwok said he never wants to enter the mysterious ‘Marsiling Dungeons’ again.

The unexplained tunnel network was found in a forest in Singapore by the leader of Singapore Paranormal Investigators Dr Kenny Fong in 2006, sparking media attention and wide ranging speculation.

Some said the ‘dungeons’ were a place of occult worship, or part of a secret British undersea tunnel network, or even the site of Japanese WWII General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s legendary hidden gold.

There was also talk that the tunnels might be connected to a nearby mental asylum.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 1 -- The Spiritual Entity Comes In Contact With The Natural Strength Of Humanity

By: Nutter with Pastor Paralysis

Asia Paranormal is honored to have the participation of a Pastor of a Baptist Church from Portland in the state of Oregon, USA. He would like to be known as 'Sleep Paralysis'.

Mr. Sleep Paralysis has experienced over a thousand five hundred episodes of Sleep Paralysis, or so he claims, and in this Part 1 Interview with him, the revered Clergyman answers our readers' questions and shares with us his personal experiences.

AP: What constitutes and causes sleep paralysis?

I believe that any person who truly experiences Sleep Paralysis has been exposed to the spirit world. We are a people who exist in a natural world, and yet all around us there is an unseen world. This world is known as the "Spirit World". It consists of spiritual beings that are aware of our natural existence.

I also believe that beings of the "Spirit World" have an ability to communicate with us through Sleep Paralysis. I DO NOT believe that Sleep Paralysis occurs as a result of R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement during Sleep) but through our sensory perception which is given to us by GOD. Sensory Perception is the faculty of self awareness represented by hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Most of the fifteen hundred plus Sleep Paralysis episodes that I have personally encountered were brought to my awareness through sight and sound. I have never encountered Sleep Paralysis through dreams, stress, weakness, and illnesses or as a result of some spiritual warfare.

I have a wonderful life. I am happily married with eight beautiful children. I am an Independent Baptist Pastor who has been in full time ministry for over eighteen years. Prior to my call to ministry I was in Public Relations as a Marketing Manager and a Senior Area Manager for a fast food chain. I also worked as a Top Clearance Security Officer for Military Avionics and Space.

I am currently fifty years of age and serving as a Senior Pastor in a Baptist church. I also received my education from St. Petersburg College and Bible Baptist College. Therefore, upon establishing some of my personal background and livelihood experiences I would like to offer to you what I believe are causes of Sleep Paralysis.

1. Sleep Paralysis occurs when you are encountered by an entity from the "Spirit World". Why You?

Because you are a channel through which the entity can communicate.

They come to your realm of living enquiring you to come to their realm of life.

I will explain more through my encounters why I believe this to be true.

Many, if not all who experience Sleep Paralysis episodes are too fearful to go through a total encounter of Sleep Paralysis. The entity's presence is so fearful and the accompaniment of loss abilities of movement and speech is a fearful and frightening thing.

For those who truly experience Sleep Paralysis, they realize this isn't the natural realm in which we live and function in. It is our realm being influenced by an other realm, or what I would like to term as 'The Natural World vs. the Spirit World'.

Sleep Paralysis occurs when you are woken by the presence of an Entity entering into your presence. I believe paralysis begins upon the presence of the Entity (or) Entities.

The awareness of paralysis is always recognized through your Sensory Perceptions. The Entity always makes itself known by one (or) more of these senses.

Therefore, upon realizing that the Entity is before you, you are already beginning paralysis. I believe that paralysis is the result of two different beings from two different dimensions coming together - The Natural World/ Human race and the Spirit World/ Entity. When you hear or see the Entity, the paralysis has begun.

2. How do you know?
Because at that point you are unable to move or call / cry out. Then when the Entity approaches you or lays on your body you are in total paralysis. The Spiritual Entity comes in contact with the natural strength of Humanity.

I find that paralysis has a purpose, but many of life's purposes are never brought to a conclusion because people are crippled by "FEAR". They never understand why Sleep Paralysis comes to them. Most encounters of Sleep Paralysis usually result in an extraordinary warfare to regain their ability to move and speak. And yet like so many who undergo the trials of life, those who experience sleep paralysis never seem to understand or gain the knowledge or answers to the questions we search for in this life.

-END OF AP's Part One Interview-

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The mystery of Yonaguni Island

by New Scientist

Picture is (C) copyright to New Scientist

The tiny Japanese island of Yonaguni, near Taiwan, has become famous for the huge submerged rock structures found near its shores - the ancient city of a lost civilisation, some claim.

Imposing sets of steps and terraces rise up through the clear water from around 25 metres depth. The structures, with their flat surfaces and near right angles, certainly look deliberately carved (pictured left). Masaaki Kimura, a geologist at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, claims he has identified a huge pyramid, along with castles, monuments and a big stadium, all connected by roads. He says he has also found walls and water channels, as well as quarry marks, stone tools and a stone tablet carved with ancient lettering.

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Demon: Chiang-shih

by unexplained

The chiang-shih is the Chinese version of the vampire. In Chinese belief, each person has two souls, a superior or rational soul and an inferior irrational soul. The superior soul could leave a sleeping body and appear as the body's double as it roamed about.

It could also possess and speak through the body of another. However, if something would happen to the disembodied soul during its journey, its body would suffer. The inferior soul, on the other hand, was called p'ai or p'o and was that which inhabited the body of a fetus during pregnancy and often lingered in the bodies of the dead. It was thought to preserve the corpse. If the p'ai was strong enough, it could preserve and inhabit a corpse for a length of time, using the body to serve its needs. The body animated by the p'ai was called a chiang-shih.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Psychic Phenomena Terminology

by Joan Seth

What constitutes a Psychic ? Can anyone claim to be one? Or can anyone be infused with so called Psychic abilities from a "Master"?

To be a termed Psychic , one would need to have exhibited Psychic abilities. These abilities include abilities to perceive information hidden from the normal senses or using your mind to influence the state of the physical world around you.

Here, we will examine closely what are the various types of Psychic abilities.

1) Telekinesis (or Psychokinesis)

The ability to move objects with your mind. Throughout the ages, self professed mediums or psychics have claimed to be telekinetic and have held demonstrations to move objects with their mind. Many such claims, under close examination and scrutiny, have revealed to be hoaxes. However, the famous psychic Uri Geller, was able to bend spoons just by focusing on them.

2) Telepathy

The ability to transfer thoughts to another person's mind from your mind. This may also be termed as Mind Reading. However, many magicians or fortune tellers who claim to read your mind are using Cold Reading techniques, that involve making high probability guesses about the subject. However, till date, no real experimental proof has been obtained of a person possessing such abilities.

3) Remote Viewing

Using your mind to gather information about a distant subject. People who exhibit such techniques claim to be able to see things in their mind, from a distance. Several police cases have indeed been solved by these so called Psychics. However, experts believe that the success rate is down to a combination of the following factors: clever deduction and pure luck.

4) Mediumship

A common practice found in many religions, this is the claimed ability to contact the spirits of the dead. Subsequently, communication, automatic writing and bodily possession are claimed to be able to be performed by the medium. Unfortunately, many sceptics doubt the reality of these abilities and most mediums are exposed to be frauds.

5) Precognition

To be able to see an event or acquire information from an event that will happen in the future. This ability is mostly exhibited while dreaming. People believe that they are either seeing signs of what will happen in the future, or actually seeing events that will happen in the future.

6) Psychometry (Token Object Reading)

The ability to obtain information about an individual through making physical contact with an object that belongs to that individual. People with such abilities are able to tell the history, background and other information about an object just by touching it.

7) Astral Projection (Out of Body Experience)

This is the ability to separate one's spirit or soul from one's body, and travel outside of the physical body, into the non-physical realm or astral plane. According to sceptics, the subjective nature of the experience permits explanations that do not rely on the existence of an "astral" body and plane. Critics also say that there is little evidence to support the idea that people can actually "leave the body".

The most enduring paranormal pictures of all time (Part 2)

By Joan Seth

Part 2 of some of the most enduring paranormal pictures of all time.

1) Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a series of gigantic geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in Peru. This picture depicts an eagle. Till date, no satisfactory explanation can be given as to how were they created and their purpose. Were they created as part of ceremonial rituals? Or are they, as some have suggested, runways for ancient astronauts?

2) Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography was discovered by Seymon Kirlian in 1939. By activating an electrical field to an object on a photographic plate, images such as this hand can be produced. Kirlian himself claimed that this technique revealed the existence of an aura for the object, but sceptics say its just contamination of the photographic plates, and this effect is only a normal scientific phenomena.

3) The Surgeon's Photograph

This picture supposedly showing the head and neck of the Loch Ness Monster was taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson in 1934. However, it was revealed as a hoax in 1994. Wilson had used a toy figure to take the photograph. Nonetheless, many experts, including those who revealed the hoax, still hold firm to the belief that there is an animal down there in waters of Loch Ness.

4) Spontaneous Human Combustion of Mary Reeser

Mary Reeser was a suspected victim of Spontaneous Human Combustion in 1951. When police arrived, they found the ashes of the remains of her body. Only part of her left foot and her backbone remained. Plastic household objects at a distance from the seat of the fire were softened and had lost their shapes. However, the rest of the house remain largely untouched.

5) Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel was a German woman who supposedly was possessed by demons and underwent an exorcism. When she was 21, she started hallucinating and exhibiting weird behaviour. Her parents gave up on medical treatment and turned to exorcism. The priests who performed the exorcism was subsequently charged with negligent manslaughter. She eventually died of starvation and dehydration in 1976. The movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose was based on her story.

6) Stigmata

Stigmata are bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. This picture depicts Myrna Nazzour receiving the wounds of Christ in 1990. Experts have suggested stigmata are of hysterical origin or linked to dissociative identity disorders. Sufferers exhibit dissociative mental states and self-mutilation, in the context of a religious belief.

7) King Tuktankhamun's Mask

This picture shows King Tuktankhamun's Mask. After his tomb was discovered in 1922, a spate of deaths has been linked to the Pharaoh. Experts believe that the deaths have been caused by an unknown fungus in the tomb, and pointed out that only 8 people involved have died in the years since the discovery. However, many people still believe that the Pharaoh placed the curse there to dissuade grave robbers.

8) Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction

This is a picture of a supposed star map that Betty Hill saw while she was aboard a UFO. It shows that the aliens' supposedly came from the Zeta Reticuli star system. They were allegedly abducted in 1961, and lost a few hours of time. Through hypnosis, they recalled being brought aboard a UFO and subject to tests and experiments by the aliens.

9) The Abominable Snowman

The Yeti is a mysterious humanoid crytid said to dwell in the Himalayas mountains. It is also considered as a parallel of the Bigfoot legend of North America. In this picture, a supposed Yeti footprint is found, with a pickaxe placed next to it for comparison of size.

10) Zener Cards

Psychologist Karl Zener designed the Zener cards in the early 1930s. They were used for conducting Extra Sensory Perception tests. The experimenter picks up a card and the subject attempts to determine which card was picked through ESP. Test results have varied, no conclusive evidence of psychic abilities have been proven so far.


Three cheetahs spare tiny antelope's life

by MailOnline

Hello little antelope, would you like to play with us?

Coming from three deadly cheetahs, it's the kind of invitation that's best refused - but amazingly, this impala escaped unscathed from its encounter.

Luckily for the youngster, it seems these three male cheetahs simply weren't hungry.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Water Crystal Mirroring of Soul

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Dr. Masaru Emoto claims that the formation of molecules in water will varies depending on the emotions and intentions of human beings. Even words, pictures and music will affect the molecules.

This is an example;
When you write the word "love" and tape it on the glass of water, the water molecules will form a beatiful and symmetric ice crystal.

However if you touch a glass of water with a lot of hatred in your heart, the ice crystals look ugly and non-symmetric.

Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates his experiment and research in this video. Different screen shot were captured by channeling different emotion directly onto water and the result was amazing.

Below is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Pure Inspiration magazine with Dr. Emoto, published in September 2006.

Pl: One of your remarkable discoveries is that water responds to words, whether they are spoken, written, or even thought, as in prayer. Kind, uplifting words tend to produce beautifully shaped water crystals, while angry discordant expressions have produced warped crystals. Does this mean that the water is a living presence with awareness and feelings?

Dr. Emoto: To that kind of a question I usually answer that water is existing just as a mirror to the human mind. For example, if a person is not esthetically beautiful but is truly a beautiful person, when his or her face is shown to the water the water will respond to it and respond to it beautifully. However, if a very unpleasant person shows his or her face to the water, the water will respond accordingly.

In the Bible it says that at the beginning was the Word, and I think words, whether spoken or written, are vibrations. So, going back to this saying in the Bible, we can replace, “In the beginning was the Word” with “In the beginning there was vibration.” The Creator made water to carry or to convey there vibrations.
In my long career of researching water, I have concluded that we need some sort of existence like God or the Creator or we won’t be able to answer many of our questions.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's current homepage and information about his work at HadoLife

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Monkey Baby Sitter taking care of a Baby in India

News backdate: 29 Oct 2007
Presenting a unique bond of love between simians and human beings, a monkey in Orissa’s Dhenkanal area has adorned a baby-sitter’s role by taking care of an infant human baby when its mother is busy doing household chores.

Every morning, the monkey arrives at the 21-day-old baby’s house and spends rest of the day taking care of the baby boy. At times, the monkey goes asleep with the infant in the house.

“Initially, I was scared by this unusual affection shown by the monkey towards my baby. But today, the monkey takes care of him the whole day when I am busy with my household work. Sitting next to my baby son, the monkey looks after him as a mother and never harms,” said Kamalini Khuntia, the mother.

The Monkey carefully adore the 21 day old child

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Dark Knight Curse

by Todd Fyre

Picture is (C) copyright to Warner Bros Pictures

Is the terrifying spectre of a horrible curse haunting the stars of the new Batman movie?!!

Probably not. More than likely, they're just going through a patch of bad luck. Then again... maybe there is.

Rumors of a strange curse began rumbling around Hollywood when actor Heath Ledger, who plays the wacky supervillain The Joker in the current movie The Dark Knight, died of an apparent drug overdose. (The latest on which is that there will be no criminal inquiry, so Mary-Kate Olsen won't have to testify after all.) Ledger, who died at the age of 28, had a more-or-less promising career in film ahead of him.

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Chinese Monkey God - Sun Wu Kong

From: Chia Shi Jen

Sun Wu Kong or the Monkey God is the most popular deity of the Chinese. He accompanies Xuan Zang as a disciple to retrieve the Buddhist sutras to China from India. Sun Wu Kong has the all the abilities that most demons have. He is a skillful fighter able to lift his 8 tones Jingu Bang (Golden Clasped Staff) with ease. Sun can also shape shift into 72 different creatures including human. Each of his hair could transform into a clone of the monkey himself and he has more hairs then any human does.

Birth and Early Life
Sun Wu Kong was born in primal chaos from a stone on Hua Guo Shan (Mountain of Fruits and Flowers) as a monkey. Later he joins a bunch of monkeys and became their leaders. He was enjoying his life as the Mei Hou Wang (The Handsome Monkey King) letting each day to pass blissfully. One day, Sun witness the passing away of an elderly monkey, this had prompted him to seek the answer to immortality. Sun Wu Kong leaves his kingdom and travels into the land of the humans. The monkey finally found a Taoist priest who accepted him as a disciple. Sun Wu Kong soon became the most favored disciplines in the temple. This was when he acquires most of his magical abilities. However, he was expelled from the temple one day as he mocks at other disciples. The monkey returned to Hua Kuo Shan and became one of the most powerful demons in the world. Sun Wu Kong soon turns his attention toward the heaven wanting to rank among the high ranking deities. In his pursue to attain immortality and a gaining a high post in the heaven; he has caused many damaged to the other realms of the world.

The Monkey create Havoc in the Ocean
The Jingu Bang was most guarded treasure underwater and is believed to stabilize the currents and tides of the ocean. Sun heard rumors about the Ruyi Jingu Bang and he travelled into the oceans in search of the relic. Ao Guang (Dragon King of the Eastern Sea) and the other dragon kings engaged in a fierce battle with Sun to defend the relic but the monkey destroyed the palace of the dragons and removes the Jingu Bang from them. Sun returned to Hua Guo Shan with his new found weapon.Monkey God Creating Havoc in

HeavenThe Monkey create Havoc in Hell
The day has come where Yan Luo Wang (King of Hade) summoned his officers to collect the soul of Sun Wu Kong. Yan Luo Wang knew that the monkey was bold and powerful so he instructed his officers to trick him into hell. The officers bought Sun Wu Kong to the imperial court of hade for his trials. The monkey was charged with many crimes and was sentenced to punishment accordingly. Sun Wu Kong was confused and did not want to accept the punishment; he started to destroy the interiors of the court. Yan Luo Wang witnesses the might and capability of the monkey, and tried to seek out peace with Sun by reasoning. Yan Luo Wang show the records to the monkey based on the book of death with Sun Wu Kong’s name marked as deceased. Yan Luo Wang insisted that it will be unfair to others and Sun have to accept the punishment. Sun Wu Kong snatched the book from Yan Luo Wang and tore the page away. He also scribbles and overwrites the content, destroying half section of the book. Sun Wu Kong wreckage the court and return to Hua Guo Shan. Thanks to Sun Wu Kong, there was no death in earth for a few years as the officials in hade were busy sorting out the mess.The Monkey create Havoc in Heaven

The Monkey create Havoc in Heaven
Ao Guang and Yan Luo Wang write emails to Yu Wang (The Jade Emperor) in heaven to complaint about Sun Wu Kong. Yu Wang summoned Sun Wu Kong to the heaven for another trial. Sun Wu Kong requested for a high ranking position in the heaven as the Great Sage. Yu Wang realizes Sun’s ability thus granted the monkey a title as the Pi Ma Wen (Stable Guard) to look after the welfare of the horses. The monkey was very pleased to earn a position in heaven. He proudly performed his duties until he found out that Bi Ma Wen was a position of the lowest rank. He was excluded from all celestial meetings and all the other gods were laughing at him. The enraged monkey creates havoc in heaven, stealing and eating the peaches of immortality and the immortality pills prepared by Lao Zi. Sun returned to Hua Guo Shan again.

Yu Wang sent his armies in pursued of this monkey but was dispelled by Sun Wu Kong, the hair clones and his horde of monkeys’ armies. Sun Wu Kong defeated and drives away many heavenly generals including the famous Er Lang Shen, Ne Zha and The Four Heavenly Kings. Sun Wu Kong was finally subdued and brought back to heaven by the higher primordial deities, Lao Zi and Guan Yin. The Jade Emperor sentenced the monkey to be executed but the magical power of Sun was too strong. Failing to execute Sun Wu Kong, Yu Wang locked Sun in a burning cauldron with the severe samadhi fires guarded by Lao Zi. The fire was not strong enough to cremate Sun Wu Kong, and after 49 days, the cauldron exploded. The samadhi fire makes Sun Wu Kong even stronger with a new ability Huo Yan Jin Jing (Fire Eye Red Red) to recognize evil in any form. Sun jumped out of the cauldron and disrupted the heaven again.Yu Wang and his official were exhausted dealing with the monkey. Finally Yu Wang seeks the aids of Buddha. The Buddha made a bet with Sun Wu Kong that Sun could not escape from the palm of his hand. Sun Wu Kong knew that he could travel for 50 kilometers in a single leap so he smugly agreed. He jumped onto the palm of Buddha and attempted to escape. After every leap, all Sun can see was the five fingers of Buddha. Sun started to urinate at Buddha’s finger to mark his trail. Sun Wu Kong repetitive attempted failed to escape the palm of Buddha. The palm of Buddha transformed into a mountain, pressing down Sun Wu Kong to the earth. The mountain was sealed with a talisman and became the prison of Sun Wu Kong for the next 500 years.The Release and Promotion of the Monkey

Bodhisattva Guan Yin arranged for the release of Sun Wu Kong on the conditions, that Sun Wu Kong will be the body guard for Xuan Zang during his journey from China to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures. The other condition is that Sun has to study and practice the teachings of Buddhism under Xuan Zang. Guan yin also gave Sun Wu Kong a headband that is un-removable after wearing it. If Wu Kong is mischievous, Xuan Zang can chant a mantra, and the headband of Wu Kong will shrink, causing tremendous pain to the bearer. The headband can only be loosened by Xuan Zang. The duo set off for journey and was later joined by Zhu Ba Jie (Pigsy Zhu), Sha Wu Jin (Sandy Sha) and Yu Long (Horsy Dragon Yu). The journey faced a lot of obstacles as Xuan Zang was a Tripitaka, and eating the meat of a Tripitaka could gain immortality. This lured many demonic hordes to attacked Xuan Zang and his party. Xuan Zang and his party had succeeded in bringing back the scriptures from India. All the members of Xuan Zang’s party were promoted and offered a job in heaven. The headband on Sun Wu Kong’s head was removed and he was promoted to the Great Sage (In Charge of all Earthly Affairs).
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