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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Omnivore Boy who Eat Anything

This is really a Strange phenomenon. Eri, 7-year-old boy, from Sambiroto Hamlet, Jugo village, Mojo district, Kediri East Java Indonesia can be called a omnivores boy, because this kid hooked to eat and drink everything he saw.

Eri is listed as the fourth son of the couple Nuhari (44) and Warsiah (42) are known to have a rarity since the last two years. Since childhood Eri known to have a peculiarities, such as he is really happy when sprinkled by powder and eucalyptus oil.

“Before, he only happy when sprinkled with powder, but now he can even eat it,” said Warsiah. In addition to powder, eri also likes to eat soap, toothpaste, charcoal, incense, raw meat, red onion and white onion, drank the eucalyptus oil and used oil. This condition forced Warsiah to quit working, because she have to spend some extra time to keep her child.

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Giant Chinese 'Michelin baby' startles doctors: reports

BEIJING, Tuesday 24 August 2010 (AFP) - Doctors in central China are puzzling over a 10-month-old baby boy who weighs 20 kilos (44 lbs) -- about as much as a normal child of six years -- but is otherwise healthy, state media reported.

The infant, whose name was not given, was brought to a children's hospital in the Hunan provincial capital of Changsha earlier this month with a fever, the China News Service said.

Doctors were startled at the child's enormous size, which his parents attributed to him spending his days either breast-feeding or sleeping.

A photo posted on Hunan news website rednet.cn showed an obese child sitting in a crib and playing with a toy as he smiled happily at the camera.

The website described him as a "Michelin baby", after the familiar mascot of the Michelin tire company.

It said the child's cheeks resembled "two plump cuts of meat, like a mouth filled with two small balloons," while his arms and legs resembled "stacked hula hoops of fat".

Doctors told the China News Service they could find no medical reason for his extreme size.

But they said the child embodies the country's growing obesity problem, and warned parents to guard against excessive weight gain by their children, lest it lead to health problems.

Chinese waistlines are expanding rapidly as the nation develops, a problem blamed on richer diets and the increasingly sedentary lifestyles that come with growing affluence.

There are more than 60 million obese people in China, and another 200 million who are overweight, according to a Chinese health ministry statement last year that cited a 2004 nationwide survey.

Children are at special risk, according to previous reports that blame an education system in which students must spend long hours studying for high-stakes school exams, discouraging outdoor play.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Paranormal Activity of Singapore's very Own ! ( Changi is Haunted)

In January of 2010, a group of local filmmakers began exploring the famously haunted Old Changi Hospital in Singapore with terrifying and tragic results. This movie pieces together the original Haunted Changi film crew’s footage to tell the full story of what happened.

I know this sounds a lot like The Blair Witch Project, but movies set in creepy old buildings – The Shining, Session 9, House On Haunted Hill – always pique my interest and I loved the authentic nature of the project.

The reverse-chronological-order blog, which includes production photos and visitor comments, is fascinating and details the making of the crew’s “documentary” on the supposedly haunted Old Changi Hospital and how that small project morphed into Haunted Changi, the motion picture. http://hauntedchangi.blogspot.com/

The Hospital: What also adds to the authentic charm of Haunted Changi is the background on Changi Hospital – a real place known as Old Changi Hospital or OCH to Singaporeans.

After some research, I discovered the following facts:

OCH was originally built as a British military barracks in the 1930s and is actually considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world.

The Japanese military, who gained control of the island in a 1942 WWII battle known as “The Battle of Singapore,” used OCH as their headquarters from 1942-1945 and there were many rumors of secret tunnels, torture chambers and executions of POWs conducted on the grounds.

In the 1950s, the former military flashpoint was turned into a public hospital and officially named Changi Hospital.

The Singapore government shut down operations at Old Changi Hospital in 1997 and it has since been abandoned.

Framed by jungle overgrowth, the creepy old building, while ominous in the daytime, is flat-out terrifying at night. And Haunted Changi is at its best and scariest when the crew is wandering the halls of the cavernous rundown hospital – it’s hard to imagine Hollywood creating a better haunted house set than OCH.

Haunted Changi is a movie that takes its time to build momentum, but like Paranormal Activity, we are never bored. And the film’s disarming first act beautifully set ups the tension-filled second act, which features some unforgettable frightening moments.

[Click here to read full article]

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keelung Taiwan's Ghost Month ( Chinese 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival)

In Taiwan, this 7th month of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival is known as Ghost Month

At Taiwan’s northern harbor of Keelung, paper-made boats known as water lanterns were burned to celebrate the hungry ghost festival.

According to Chinese tradition, during ghost month, the door of the underworld opens and gives ghosts the chance to wander under the sun again once each year.

Worshippers brought offerings to the shore on Monday evening for those who perished at sea.

Fifteen families in Keelung presented water lanterns shaped like paper houseboats in a parade on the streets, before igniting and releasing them into the water.

Two-legged lamb saved from the chop

A farmer in China has spared the life of a two-legged lamb after being inspired by its struggle to survive.

Picture is (C) copyright to Rex Features

Farmer Cui Jinxiu, from Laizhou in the Shandong province, said the lamb was one of two born last month.

"The first one was a very healthy and normal one," she said. "However, the second one surprised me.

"With a further look I was surprised to find that the lamb only has two legs." Farmer Cui Jinxiu, from Laizhou in the Shandong province, said the lamb was one of two born last month.

"The first one was a very healthy and normal one," she said. "However, the second one surprised me.

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Cultures of Raising Ghost in Asia Countries

There are many countries in Asia with the culture of raising ghost child.
When you walk around in the street in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries, you will notice that many shop owners leave sweets and milk outside the shop.

There are many countries in Asia with the culture of raising ghost child.

When you walk around in the street in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and other Asian countries, you will notice that many shop owners leave sweets and milk outside the shop.

The sweets and milk are not for the cats and dogs. These are food for the ghost child.

Many parents understand the culture of raising ghost child. They caution their kids from taking the sweets and drinking the milk. They know that the angry ghost child will haunt their kids. Some kids suffer from persistent high fever as a result of eating the sweets.

No medication are strong enough to reduce the fever. Parents often have to bring the sick children to the temple or church for divine intervention.

There are rumors that the management of casinos in Asia keep many ghost children to protect the casinos. Many punters believe in these stories.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Incredible Photos and Video of UFO that Closed Chinese Airport

“On July 7, something unusual happened near the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China. An oddly shaped bright light appeared, forcing the airport to close down and delay 18 flights,” reports Mike Krumboltz. “Authorities are continuing to look into the incident, but no public conclusions have yet been made.”

An unidentified flying object (UFO) disrupted air traffic over Zhejiang’s provincial capital Hangzhou late on Wednesday, the municipal government said on Thursday.

[Click here to read full article]

Signs of Life in India Ghost Town

by Chris Capps

A ghost town in India known as Rajasthan was once the site of several ghost stories, a few abandoned buildings, and a howling wind that would flow through the dusty streets on eerie nights chilling to the bone anyone who ventured through there.

But lately tourism has been picking up for the haunted hotspot surrounded by legends of eerie happenings and mysterious sightings. As the tourism industry breathes new life into this monument of a bygone era, some wonder if the new traffic will bring with it new legends to surround the town.

[Click here to read full article]

Yue Laan Festival of Hong Kong ( Chinese 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival)

The following photos are some of the various picture of this Chinese Month of the Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong Kong by random.

This lunar calendar 7th month is known as YUE LAAN Festival in Hong Kong.

This a Picture of people in Hong Kong Burnning Money to the GOOD BROTHERS ( ghosts)  in the streets and pavements.

Such sight is actually very common in Hong Kong and mind you, this person is not alone and definately not the only one doing this, you can be assured of this

Think again , if you think the early person is lonely , now look at this one. does it seems very exggeratting to you?

Well, this is a curreny of the CHINESE HELL ! this one of the HELL NOTES. this is the type of money they are using, below. What you think?

This just another pic of people doing their offering in the open streets of Hong Kong

Besides all those, This pic that you are seeing here is also common. Priests are being hired to do chants and prayers. Such sightings a very common in Hong Kong during this Yue Laan Festival ( Chinese 7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival).

This is a Pic of Performers doing some stage performances during this ghost month

Another Common sighting of Hong Kong

ALL of the pics here are copyrights to
1) flickr.com/photos/hkdigit/209044227/
2) photographers direct
3) thingsasian.com
4) bigwhiteguy.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rabid Dog Uprising Kills 78

A mysterious return of the rabies virus, once thought to be mostly controlled by modern medicine through vaccinations and similar precautions has been making a major comeback in Bali, a major tourist center still trying to recover its tourism industry after suicide bombers killed many citizens and visitors in 2002 and 2005. But these attacks have claimed 78 human lives since first appearing two years ago.

Rabies is largely a health concern that can be, for the most part, dealt with through vaccinations. But a combination of poor planning mixed with a mysteriously high incidence of hostility and violence among the animals has brought about travel precautions for the island, as they prepare for the upcoming summer tourist season.

To compare the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico there are approximately 68 deaths from rabies annually, though this is a much larger area by comparison to Bali. The result is that for every approximate 52,000 square miles of space in the United States there is one death from rabies per year while by contrast there is one death annually for Bali for every 135 miles.

[Click here to read full article]

Monkey Girl and The Curse of Thick Black Body Hair

A five-year-old cruelly nicknamed Monkey Girl wants to become a scientist to find out why she is covered in thick black hair.

Cian Cian lives with her grandparents who regularly shave her face and body to remove her unwanted hair.

Picture is (C) copyright to Orange News

Doctors at Tongliang People's Hospital, where Cian Cian was recently treated after suffering an epileptic fit, are mystified by her condition.

[Click here to read full article]

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bomoh whips duo to rid them of evil spirits

A MOTHER and daughter, who suffered from migraine, went to a female bomoh who caned them in a bizarre treatment to rid them of evil spirits.

The bomoh began the treatment by asking the 19-year-old to lie down while she whipped her with a cane until she screamed in pain.

When the mother attempted to stop the beatings, the bomoh started to hit her instead and threatened to kill her for disrupting the treatment, Harian Metro reported.

Eventually, the teenager had to be taken to a hospital where the doctor advised them to lodge a police report.

Police detained the bomoh who is in her 50s.

The daily quoted a police source as saying that the bomoh had to be left alone in a lock-up because she went amok and rambled away, frightening the other detainees.

Several police personnel also complained that they encountered ghosts ever since the bomoh was detained on Aug 2.


Review of Hungry Ghost Festival in Supertitious Singapore

The otherworldly ambience at the recent show in a car park was appropriate -- it's now the middle of the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore, a rich, cosmopolitan city with a deeply entrenched Chinese heritage.

Amid skyscrapers and high tech trappings of modernity, superstition persists and comes to the fore in the seventh lunar month, when the gates of the underworld are believed to be open and spirits roam the mortal realm.

Investment decisions grind to a crawl, particulary in the property market, and elaborate altars stacked with food offerings for the spirits are found across the island of five million people.

Fake paper money and effigies representing material wealth such as bungalows and luxury cars are also burnt throughout the month in the belief that they will provide succour for wandering spirits.

"Most Chinese buyers don't like to make purchases or move into homes during the hungry ghost month," said Chua Yang Liang, property consultancy Jones Lang Lasalle's head of research for Southeast Asia and Singapore.

"It's no good for the family or person to make such life-changing decisions during the hungry ghost month."

Taoist high priest Chung Kwang Tong said he asks followers to do more good deeds for the living and the dead during the period.

"Helping extends to even the spiritual world, to give offerings to them and also to try to help them in whatever form we can like performing rituals."

Singaporeans' fear of the dead has also given rise to more unorthodox habits.

Some avoid swimming for fear of being dragged underwater by unseen forces, while others refrain from staying out too late at night to avoid close encounters of the ghostly kind.

In order to entertain the spirits, temples, market stallholders and residents' associations sponsor boisterous roadside shows called getais.

[Click here to read full article]]

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Chinese Month of the Hungry Ghost Festival ( 7th Month) part 2

The Hungry Ghost Festival is a traditional festival that is taken quite seriously by Chinese all over the world particularly in Asia. Just like the many myths and superstitions surrounding Halloween, the Hungry Ghost Festival has its fair share of ceremonial rituals. But unlike Halloween, the festival lasts for the entire 7th month of the lunar calendar (30 days).

During this time (typically somewhere between August and September), it is believed that the Gates of Hell are open, freeing ghosts and spirits to roam our world, away from their sufferings in the underworld where they had been banished to. It is believed that these spirits will be hungry for comfort and food, while some may seek out revenge or settlement for unfinished business.

As such, Chinese people usually line up a whole month of activities ranging from offerings of food to entertainment to appease these hungry ghosts. Here are some of the things you might want to look out for on your next trip to Asia

[Click here to read full article]

[The Chinese Month of the Hungry Ghost Festival ( 7th Month) Part 1]

Pedestrian killed by woman falling from Hong Kong high-rise block

Hong Kong - A pedestrian was killed when a woman falling from the 27th floor of a Hong Kong high-rise block landed on top of her, police said Wednesday.

Cleaner Chan Kwai-mui, 51, was walking home from work when she was hit by the heavily-built 74-year-old woman, identified only by her surname Lam, who apparently slipped and fell while fetching clothes from a drying rack outside her flat.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DO & Don't During The Chinese Ghost Month (extreme version)

The below list are the Do & Don't of the Chinese Ghost month ! Some of which are already very extreme. Just Perhaps only, some of them are being practiced by certain people but to follow or not follow is really up to you.

Generally, the Don't are more than the DO(s). Not to worry it is just one month of their annual public holiday which is only 30 days out of 365days & it will be all over. Just remember one thing ! They are already around us, whether you believe it or not, like it or not!

Not all of them I know the reasons to it and some of them are pretty straight forward which I personally don't see a need to explain why. To the best of my knowledge are the reasons of some, in the following

1)  NO Party Time !

During this month, It is really a NO NO for Parties, Celebrations, Opening ceremonies, Weddings and Chalets. These spirits are bound to join in the fun with the humans at the sight of such since it is their public holiday and they really very much want to enjoy themselves to their fullest during this month.

2) Work Place, Owners of Property and houses

During this month seriously speaking,

  • No Buying and Selling of houses & properties

  • No Moving in or out of houses & properties

  • No Renovations

  • No first day of business

  • Highly unadvisable to work OT ( Overtime)
3)   NO Sex & Romance !

These are very much Prohibited during this month. Such activities will lure them to join you, watch you or better still, satisfy you. Don't you forget, they were human once as well. They too have needs and desires, whatsoever as well......

  • No Watching of Pornography & porn activities

  • No Sex / Love Making session

  • No Visiting of Red Light Districts

  • No Masturbating

  • No Dating & Romance activities

4)   NO Happy Hour

During this month , it is not good to stay up late! Go home early, sleep early and not late, and definitely no late night activities which is inclusive of disco, clubbing, pubs, KTV etc...... Most probably very self explanatory on all these points.

5)   Bad month for adventures and Fun

Do not do the following during this month

  • Extreme Sports and activities

  • Adventures and explorations

  • Camping , Hiking , Trekking, Rock Climbing etc...

  • Water sports and related activities

  • entering of the jungles and forests

  • entering of isolated and dark places

  • entering of remote and deserted places

  • visiting of haunted places
Some of the points does not need any explanations at all. Accidents are prone to happen and death may result. Some of the places in the above points are prone to where ghosts will be lurking around and you are endangering yourself when you go to such places.

Doing of extreme sports and activities , adventures and explorations have higher chances of serious injuries and death. Water ghosts will be looking replacements so as to redeem themselves a chance to be reincarnated. Water sports and activities will provide such chance for them.

6)  Try not to if you but can't then cannot be help also

During this month, the following are not very nice to have such events, encounters and experiences.

It is best not to have but if it really cannot be helped, then there is nothing that can be done.

  •  Avoid Hospital & clinic if possible

  • Bad time to give birth to babies but it is something cannot be helped

  • Try not to have injuries during this month

  • Try not to fall sick and and stay in the pink of health

  • Try not to attend funerals if you can

7)  Toilet and Bathroom

There are several different types of ghosts. Among the various types, there are also lecherous, perverted, cheeky, peeping, & flirtatious ones too! One of the favorite places of such, will be the toilet and bathrooms. It applies for the 2 genders. If lucky, they will just only watch. But if some may not be as lucky and have experiences being disturbed by them when in such places.

Hence, keep the lights switched on when you in such places and try not take too long doing your urinating, shitting or bathing as there are bigger risks of experiences and encounters with them if you have the lights off or if you take long during in such places.

8)  Beware !

Very seriously speaking, Watch your tongue in your daily life during month cause you will not never know if you have offended them unknowingly with your words. Exercise good and strong self discipline and behaviors. Monitor your own actions and conducts properly! Ill conducts, behaviors etc..... might lead to the spirits teaching you how to behave !

Be very careful with your thoughts, daily as it has been often said that ghosts can read your mind. Do stay in groups when you are outside and try not to be alone by your own, yourself. It can be very dangerous. At the same time, never ever address them as ghost as they very seriously dislike being called by that word! Instead call them as GOOD BROTHERS ! They like to be addressed by this term. Finally, Avoid saying the word ghost and do not use this word frequently, it might really led them coming to you.

9) Never ! Don't ! NO !

It is really best not watch horror movies or shows as well as reading or telling of ghost and haunted stories. They might be attracted to have some fun with you. Do not frighten or scare humans and animals/insects as it will be a matter of time the real “thing” will come to scare and frighten out of fun!

Don't do the obvious like playing plate spirit or pen spirit etc.. and DO not visit graveyards and cemetery unless really necessary! I should believe that no elaborations is necessary for this 2 points. Next, DO NOT EVER reply if you were hear a very familiar voice which sounds like someone that you know of, calling when you unsure if there is really someone calling you.

Don't Pee or shit in dark places such as bushes or trees without saying excuse me and sorry to these GOOD Brothers ! ( it is in particularly for soldiers as many soldier have encounters when they fail to do so and resulted in deep shit !)

Finally , NEVER EVER sit on the first row of seats of the Getais ! Those are not meant for human to sit ! You are definitely inviting trouble for yourself if you ever do !

10 ) Offerings and Prayers

There are a few this to observe when doing your offering and prayers.
  1. Offerings or prayers should be done outside your house or work place and NEVER EVER inside. It should also be facing outside as well.
  2. Offerings on the Altar must NEVER EVER be taken for own consumptions
  3. DO not bring back any items whatsoever used for praying or offerings
  4. Any status of worship from unknown places/origins must be left alone and not be taken away
  5. NEVER BRING back dolls/figurines/toy or unknown origins ! The more life like it is, the more likely and easier it is to be processed by unwanted spirits.
  6. DO NOT step or kick on the offerings or make stupid comments when praying
  7. DO NOT step or purposely kick on those burnt leftovers
  8. If your child has ESP or 3rd eye, do not bring him/her down when you are doing the prayers and offering to the GOOD BROTHERS
  9. Offering of food wise, use whole portion of the animal and do not have the internal organs, skin or scales etc.. removed !
  10. Offering of fruits wise, do not use bitter gourd ! Do not use combo at same time eg. Banana , pear and pineapple !
  11. DON”T bring back stray umbrellas from outside
  12. DO NOT LOOK BACK if you are doing your prayers and offerings downstairs. Leave quickly when done.
  13. If you smell of unusual fragrance flower smell such as Frangipani / Plumeria , leave the area ASAP !
11)   Avoid !

Next, there can be many times in which animals and insects can just suddenly and mysteriously appear unexpectedly and unknowingly ! Avoid disturbing or killing them! Leave them alone! They will disappear and leave on their own. They could have been someone related to you in some way under a transformation of insects and animals. Even if they are not some one somehow or what related to you they might be the transformation of the other GOOD BROTHERS or that the GOOD BROTHERS has processed these creatures. Killing , harming or disturbing them has severe consequences.

Also, where your dress code is of concern, wear a mix of colours ! Avoid being completely and plainly in 1 type of colour from head toe in your clothes , accessories etc... of the following colours

  • BLACK ( it attracts them and you have higher chance of being processed)
  • White ( you can be easily mistaken for a ghost)
  • Grey ( a very funeral colour)
  • Sliver ( GETAI colour they might think you are their performer)
  • Green ( A colour associated with Chinese hell)
  • RED ! ( high chance of injury or death ! Ghosts seeking vengeance but are weak will make you their victim to make themselves powerful so as to seek revenge on someone they are seeking revenge on)

12)    DO !

Finally, it is on the DO(s) points. The following are some of them.

  • Do consider vegetarian diet during this month if you would like to. It will do no harm anyways.
  • To your own means, abilities and capacity, DO more charity ! THE GOOD BROTHERS like charitable people and will bless you more
  • In your own home, DO more prayers to your own ancestors. Let them feel that they are being remembered and loved
  • Once a while during this month, DO visit the temples
  • DO Pray & give more offerings to these good brothers more often if you have the means to do so.
The Sources to this list are simple too many and mixed but one of them is from the following link which, perhaps  you may like read up
[Click here to read up]

9 Humanoid Figures of the Paranormal

by Joan Seth

There has been a lot of paranormal figures described throughout the world - ranging from Cryptids to Spirits and to Strange Men. In this article, we take a look at some paranormal entities which can be described as humanoid.

1. Little People

I was hard pressed to find a collective term for this one - Little Peoplehere would refer to Gnomes, Fairies, Goblins, Brownies, Leprechauns, Pixies or Dwarves. They are traditionally considered to be small and elusive. Tales of these creatures have existed long before time, mainly in folklore and mythology.

Cottingley Fairy Photo

However, certain people have reported sightings or encounters with such creatures. The general belief is that these creatures generally avoid human contact, and are usually non hostile. Some, like Goblins or Gnomes might conduct mischievous antics upon the houseowners if they are not treated in kind, while Leprechauns generally can bring good luck and fortune.

However, most people dismiss such sightings of Little People as just folklore and mythology.

A Leprechaun. Movie still from the movie, Leprechaun. Copyright Trimark Pictures.

[More Info]

2. Dog Headed Men

There is a condition called Cynocephaly is a widely attested legendary phenomenon existing in many different forms and contexts. This refers to the condition of having a head of a dog.

Weird as it may sound, such representations of Dog Headed Men were common in ancient Greek and Egyptian myths. Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, had a Jackal head. In the Chinese record History of the Liang Dynasty (Liang Shu), the Buddhist missionary Hui-Sheng describes an island of dog-headed men to the east of Fusang, a nation he visited variously identified as Japan or the Americas.

In modern history, there have been many sightings of creatures which behaved like a man, yet had the head of a dog. The Dogman of Michigan is one classic example. Check out the link below for more details.

Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead

[More Info]

3. Lizard Men

Reptilian Humanoids have been represented in much of ancient mythology. These include Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec creator God, White Snake, a figure from Chinese folklore and the Gorgons in Greek mythology, the most famous of which was Medusa.

However, in modern times, such representations are still common.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp dwells in South Carolina and is said to be a man with lizard scales and claws. The Cherufe from Chile, is described as a humanoid dragon or lizard.

Also, there have been claims, especially by David Icke, that many prominent world figures are actually reptilian aliens in disguise. He proposes that most of the world leaders are related to them, and they seek world domination. However incredulous he might sound, he actually has many supporters.

Reptilian Humanoid Alien

[David Icke]

[Lizard Man of Ore Swamp]

4. Goat Men

Pan, in Greek Mythology, was a half human and half goat. He was the god of shepherds and flocks. Collectively, such creatures are called Satyrs and historically found in Greek or Roman mythology.

In recent history however, there has been reports of a Goat Humanoid spotted in Maryland, USA. It has been described as a half goat, half man creature and attacking people and property.

Urban legends often put secret genetics programs forward as a possible source of the Goatman. Experiments by the federal government and the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland have both been suggested as possible Goatman origins. There is no evidence to support either, sadly.

Traditional rendering of a Satyr

[Goat Man's Bridge]

5. Doppelgangers

A Doppelganger is a tangible double of a person. It usually represents evil and is the fore-bringer of doom and death. They mostly come before a person in a certain unusual situation, appearing like a ghost and usually disappearing after a while. The person will then likely suffer great misfortune or even death.

Many famous people have reported seeing their doppelganger. A doppelganger of Vice Admiral George Tryon appeared in front of guests in a dinner party hosted by his wife in his house in 1893. Bizarrely, the Admiral died almost exactly at the same moment in a naval accident at sea. Abraham Lincoln also reported seeing his doppelganger when he was elected president.

Syndrome of subjective doubles is a psychological condition in which the patient believes that there are many doubles of himself in the world. Many scientists believe that sightings of doppelgangers are only psychological delusions.

[More Info]

6. Spring Heeled Jack

In the early 19th century, reports were coming all over from England of a man, dressed in tight clothes and boots, and able to jump great heights and distances. Some other reports state that he had clawed hands, red eyes and able to breathe fire. He would go around terrorizing people and generally leaving them alone after that. There has been only one case where he attacked a woman physically, leaving claw marks on her face and neck.

So what or who exactly was Spring Heeled Jack? Speculation is abound, some people theorized that Spring Heeled Jack was a monster or a extraterrestrial or even the devil himself. Others believe that all the sightings were exaggerated and everything was a case of mass hysteria. Or even the whole thing was just a hoax.

Another interesting theory states that Spring Heeled Jack was a real person, but insane. Thus he dressed up in weird attire and went around playing pranks on people. This creature has similar premise to that of a bogeyman in modern times.

Spring Heeled Jack

[More Info]

7. Black Stick Men

A truly bizarre entity, Black Stick Men has existed in paranormal lore only in recent times. According to witness descriptions these entities are completely 2 dimensional and dark black all over. They have no recognizable features, But some people get the "Feeling" that they are male, their arms are long and limp and apparently they excel in speed, easily outrunning a car.

It is also said that they only seem to pose a threat or are hostile towards people, if you stare or make it outright that you notice them. When a person comes too close or the creature goes as far as to touch or attack them, it will on occasion give off a powerful and disabling electric charge.

Try as I might, I was unable to find any physical proof of the existence of such creatures on the internet. Hopefully one day, someone will film or take a picture of such encounters.

[A account of a sighting of "flat" people in black]

[More Info]

8. Shadow People

Shadow People are supernatural shadow-like figures of both modern folklore and paranormal popular culture that believers describe as dark humanoid forms or evasive specters that are seen mostly in peripheral vision.

Commonly, many people report seeing them only for a split second, and usually out of the corner of their sight. They are not hostile, and are typically described as black humanoid silhouettes with no particular or visible humanoid features, other than body shape. Basically they look and behave like a shadow, but with a life of its own.

Scientific explanations include hallucinations, psychological conditions or Pareidolia - seeing significant image in random or vague imagery.

[Pictures of a alleged Shadow Man]

[Pictures of another alleged Shadow Man]

[Video of a alleged Shadow Man]

9. Black Eyed Kids

This is a very recent phenomena, with sightings only appearing throughout the internet a few years ago. People have reportedly said to encounter kids (or teenagers) who usually appear in front of them out of nowhere. Some of them ask for food or water, while others claim they are lost and ask to be brought home.

Thus, they generally appear to people at their doorsteps or just when the person is about to enter his or her car. Then, they will just repeat their requests and stand and wait for the person.

However, the most terrifying common aspect of these kids are that of their eyes. The eyes are usually described as pitch black, with no irises. Another common aspect is that they will wait to be brought in or invited into your house, similar to legends of vampires unable to enter a house unless invited.

Black Eyed Kids also give off a forebrooding atmosphere which usually leaves the person feeling dreadful after that encounter. All of the people who encountered them feel dark and gloomy and hasten to leave the encounter immediately. Witnesses report that they feel fortunate not to have agreed to the Black Eyed Kids' demands. Who knows what will have happened if they agreed?

Still from the movie Ju On, Copyright of Toei Limited

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A case of Cotard delusion: Train trauma: Kid believes he's dead

KOLKATA: Nearly a fortnight has passed since the Jnaneswari Express disaster and family members of many victims seem to have reconciled to their loss. The trauma for many who survived and witnessed the gruesome scenes of the aftermath, may just be beginning though.

Consider the case of seven-year-old Pinaki (name changed of request) who was travelling with his parents in the ill-fated train. The child survived unhurt but both parents were injured. After returning from hospital to their south Kolkata residence, the parents noticed a marked change in Pinaki.

"My son believes that he died in the accident. When we ask him to eat or sleep, he refuses to do so. He tells us that he has turned into a soul and requires no food or sleep. We think that this change came over him after he witnessed so much death and suffering."

"We are now waiting for his summer vacations to be over so that he can return to school and meet his friends. Maybe, he will get over the trauma," Pinaki's father said at the office set up by South Eastern Railway (SER) to deal with those seeking compensation.

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The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

The Valentich disappearance describes an event on 21 October 1978 when 20-year-old Frederick Valentich disappeared in unknown circumstances while piloting a Cessna 182L light aircraft over Bass Strait to King Island, Australia.

During a 127 mile training flight, Valentich advised Melbourne air traffic control he was being accompanied by an aircraft about 1,000 feet (300 m) above him. He described unusual actions and features of the aircraft, reported that his engine had begun running roughly, and finally reported before disappearing from radar that "That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it's not an aircraft".

No trace of Valentich or his aircraft was ever found, and a Department of Transport investigation concluded that the reason for the disappearance could not be determined.

Valentich could be the first human to have been "killed" by aliens.


Monday, August 23, 2010

20 year old girl suspected of being possessed brought to sleep in coffin

A 20 year old girl, suspected of being possessed by spirits was brought to Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and laid down in a coffin by her parents.

For the past few months, the girl exhibited great changes in temperament until her own family members did not recognize her. Under the advice of friends, her family brought her to a temple to seek help.

Picture is (C) copyright to SPH

At 8 pm last night (21st Aug), the girl was brought to Choa Chu Kang Cemetery No. 38 and placed in a coffin. Mediums began chanting for her in front of about 60 people. A "funeral" was held for the girl, in the hope of removing the spirit possessing her.

This was witnessed and reported by a local reporter for OMY news. The "funeral" was held according to standard practices right down to the rituals and offerings. After 3 hours, the girl was declared "cleansed" and was allowed to be "reborn". All the offerings and props used in the "funeral" were then burned and destroyed.

The girl was said to be "alright" after the "funeral". She had suddenly gone temperamental over the past few months; she did not know who she was or what she was doing. Desperate, her parents decided to hold the "funeral" to exorcise the spirits binding her.

The source of the text in this posting was translated from the original article in Chinese; copyright of Singapore Press Holdings.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Smoke without fire in Choa Chu Kang

Motorists negotiating their way through the unusually thick fog on the Kranji Expressway at 12.24am yesterday. The mysterious fog that shrouded parts of Choa Chu Kang lasted from late on Thursday night till early the next morning.

Picture is (C) copyright to Singapore Press Holdings

A mysterious cloud of smoke which descended on Choa Chu Kang on Thursday night has confounded officials. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received a call from a member of the public at 11.20pm about smoke coming from an old folks' home at 9, Choa Chu Kang Avenue.

A Red Rhino and two fire bikes were sent there, but it turned out to be a false alarm. SCDF officers checked three more locations - Block 440, Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, Warren Golf Club and the Sungei Tengah area but could not find the source of the odourless smoke.

An SCDF spokesman said fire has been ruled out as the cause.

Straits Times journalist Teh Joo Lin, who lives in the area, said he was driving along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 at about 11.30pm when he saw 'a thick fog'.

'It was so bad that even with the car's headlights on, you had to look out, as visibility was only several metres at that point.

'Though it lifted later, it was weird because even the decks of the multi-storey carparks had this mysterious fog.'

Mr Teh said the air smelled of ash.

The National Environment Agency is investigating the incident.

Text is reproduced from The Straits Times, copyright of Singapore Press Holdings

Moon is shrinking?

Imagery from a NASA spacecraft has revealed that the Moon has shrunk significantly in recent times: indeed, instruments placed by the Apollo astronauts are thought to have recorded the rumbling, crunching sounds of lunar shrinkage carrying on in just the last few decades.

The key to the business is a particular type of moon cliff known among boulder-boffins as a "lobate scarp". Pictures from NASA's selenomapping satellite, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) now in orbit around the Moon, have been trawled through and large numbers of the key scarps identified.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Chinese Sasquatch suspected...

BEIJING, July 19 (Xinhuanet) -- Bears or Bigfoot? That's what villagers in Shennongjia, Hubei Province are wonder-ing ever since one man named Ding Fei, 33, found mysterious thick curly hairs with transparent roots on July 9 at a location called Swallow Hole on a local mountain.

After Ding reported his discovery to the neighborhood committee, some professional researchers found additional hairs and a 30-centimeter-long footprint at the same place on July 11.

According to their research, the hair isn't human or livestock, but the possibility of bears could not be ruled out.

[Source: Global Times]

Chinese Nessy Suspected...

BEIJING, July 13 (Xinhuanet) -- A mysterious black shadow twice the length of a small boat made itself visible from under the surface of Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on July 2.

Taken by Beijing resident Zhu Xiaoquan while climbing a nearby mountain, the dark mass was spotted at 3:19 pm, where Zhu used a video camera to record it move through the lake until till it disappeared around 3:30 pm.

[Source: people.com.cn]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 10 instances of animals which exhibited paranormal phenomena

by Joan Seth

Fresh on the trail of Paul the psychic octopus predicting World Cup results, we at Asia Paranormal have compiled a list of paranormal phenomena that are attributed to animals. Some of these animals have become celebrities in their own right. Can this effectively prove that animals have paranormal abilities? Or are these just clever hoaxes?

1. Lady Wonder

Lady Wonder in the stables

Lady Wonder was a horse who was famed for making psychic predictions, ranging from helping police to locate missing persons to results of boxing matches. She even helped to discover oil deposits in the ground.

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2. Sandy the winged cat

Picture of a winged cat

Just as the title says, cats have been found to have 'wings' growing out of their backs. Medical experts have speculated that these 'wings' are either: 1) matted fur growing out of the back, 2) skin disorders or 3) extra limbs which are mutations.

In 1950, a tortoiseshell cat called Sandy with "sizable" wings was exhibited at a carnival in Sutton, Nottinghamshire. Sandy had not previously grown wings, so this seems a case of matted fur.

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3. Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who was famous in the 19th century for allegedly guarding the grave of his owner for 14 years. His owner, John Gray had passed away after owning Bobby for 2 years. It was said that Bobby spent the rest of his life at his master's grave, till he died. The local people erected a status of Greyfriars Bobby as a tribute to his unnerving loyalty to its master.

Statue of Greyfairs Bobby

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4. Clever Hans

Clever Hans was a horse that was claimed to have been able to perform arithmetic and other intellectual tasks. Hans was said to have been taught to add, subtract, multiply, divide, work with fractions, tell time, keep track of the calendar, differentiate musical tones, and read, spell, and understand German.

In 1907, psychologist Oskar Pfungst demonstrated that the horse was not actually performing these mental tasks, but was watching the reaction of his human observers. Pfungst discovered that the horse was responding directly to involuntary cues in the body language of the human trainer, who had the faculties to solve each problem. The trainer was entirely unaware that he was providing such cues.

Clever Hans

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5. Mike the Headless Chicken

Mike the Headless Chicken

Although there has only been ever one documented case of a decapitated animal who managed to stay alive, I feel that this is so much of an oddity that it must be included in this list.

Mike was a chicken who managed to live for 18 months in 1945, after his head was cut off. He was supposed to have been cooked for supper. He managed to exhibit usual chicken behavior such as preening itself and crowing. His owner fed him through a eyedropper. Mike choked to death in 1947.

Post mortem, it was determined that the axe had missed the carotid artery and a clot had prevented Mike from bleeding to death.

[Video of Mike the Headless Chicken]

6. Tiggy the talking cat

There have been cases of animals, especially dogs and cats, mimicking human speech. (Parrots are not counted!) How could such animals have managed to form human speech? Human vocal cords are different from animals, that is why we manage to talk; parrots have similar vocal cords.

Skeptics consider the results to be a form of mimicry and the observer-expectancy effect, not true communication. Nevertheless, check out the video of the famous Tiggy the talking cat below and many others available on the internet and form your own conclusions.

[Video of Tiggy the talking cat]

7. Animal predictors

It has been postulated that the reported animal behavior before an earthquake is simply their response to an increase in low-frequency electromagnetic signals. The University of Colorado has demonstrated that electromagnetic activity can be generated by the fracturing of crystalline rock.

Such activity occurs in fault lines before earthquakes. According to one study, electromagnetic sensors yield statistically valid results in predicting earthquakes

There have been so many instances of animals such as birds, cats, dogs, toads, horses, pigs able to sense a impending earthquake, that I have not narrowed it down to one single animal.

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8. Bobbie the wonder dog

Many cases have showed dogs and cats travelling great distances to find their lost owners. Bobbie, a Collie was one of them.

Bobbie the Wonder Dog

In 1923, Bobbie was separated from his owners and lost in Indiana. His owners failed to find him and returned home to Oregon. Six months later, Bobbie appeared on their doorstep, mangy and scrawny with feet worn to the bone; he showed all the signs of having walked the entire way back alone.

During his ordeal he crossed 2,800 miles of plain, desert and mountains in the dead of winter to return home.

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9. Ol' Rip the Horned Toad

Ol' Rip the Horned Toad

Ol' Rip was a horned lizard (or commonly known as a horned toad) whose supposed 31-year hibernation as an entombed animal is believed by some and doubted by others. His name is a reference to the fictional character Rip Van Winkle.

In 1897, a horned lizard was placed in a cornerstone of the Eastland County Courthouse in Eastland, Texas along with other time capsule memorabilia. When the courthouse was torn down 31 years later, the cornerstone was opened on February 18, 1928, a live horned lizard was produced, allegedly from within the time capsule.

This is just one example of animals entombed in rocks or trees and surviving without any viable source of food, water and air for long periods of time.

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10. Koko the gorilla

Koko was a gorilla who, was able to understand more than 1,000 signs based on American Sign Language and understand approximately 2,000 words of spoken English.

Dr. Hashalaba believes that Koko's use of signs and her actions, which are consistent with her use of signs, indicate she has mastered the use of sign language. Other researchers argue that she does not understand the meaning behind what she is doing and learns to complete the signs simply because the researchers reward her for doing so.

This is just one case of animals developing almost human-like intelligence. Can we safely say that humans are the only intelligent species on this planet?

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The only survival Guanyin statue in a burned down temple

KULIM, KEDAH: Local residents were shocked when they found a Guanyin statue actually survived amidst the other destroyed statues on the altar at a burned down ancient temple.

The roof and altar of the century-old temple were burned down at about 4am on Thursday 15 July 2010.

According to management committee chairman of the temple Guo Jianyao, some believers and committee members left about 3am and they received the news about the fire at 5am. Therefore, they believed that the fire occurred at approximately 4am.

Guo said that the fire had destroyed the century-old signboard hung above the front door before it spread across the roof and burned down the statues on the altar, cabinets and other parts of the temple, causing a loss of at least RM20,000.

He said that the Guanyin statue remained intact after the fire as if it had been covered by something during the fire. It even shined and glowed amidst the other destroyed statues and the wall behind it was not blackened by the smoke, just like the light of God that was usually seen in Chinese calligraphy.

Many residents flocked to the temple after the news about the survival Guanyin statue was spread.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Other festivals around the world that respect the dead

By Joan Seth

As you might have noticed, this current month is the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. Asia Paranormal is doing a series of postings about this peculiar event. In this article, we take a look at some other similar festivals to commemorate the dead which are celebrated around the world.

1. Bon Festival (Japan)

The Bon Festival or Obon Festival is celebrated in Japan usually in July or August each year. The reason for this discrepancy is that different regions of Japan base their calenders on different sources.

Celebrating the Bon Festival

During this festival, people usually return to their ancestral family houses and visit their ancestor's grave, similar to what Chinese people do during Qing Ming Festival. It has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, known as Bon-Odori.

Each region has a local dance, as well as different music. The music can be songs specifically pertinent to the spiritual message of Obon, or local min'yo folk songs. Consequently, the Bon dance will look and sound different from region to region.

Bon-Odori dance

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2. Day of the Dead (Mexico)

Mexicans all over the world, particulary in United States and Canada celebrate the Day of the Dead on Nov 2 every year. This festival gathers all family and friends to pray for and remember family, relatives and friends who have passed away.

A Day of the Dead carnival in Mexico

Traditions include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts. The origins for these traditions can be traced back to the indigenous cultures. Rituals celebrating the deaths of ancestors have been observed by these civilizations perhaps for as long as 2,500–3,000 years.

However, in modern times, the Day of the Dead is sometimes thought of as a similar festival to Halloween; however, there is actually nothing in common.

La Catrina is the skeleton of a high society woman and one of the most popular figures of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

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3. All Souls' Day (Worldwide)

All Souls Day is commemorated by Catholics all around the world. The Western celebration of All Souls' Day is on 2 November and follows All Saints' Day, which commemorates the departed who have attained the beatific vision. Different people around the world celebrate this day in various methods.

The French people customarily decorate the graves of their dead on the jour des morts, while German people stream to the graveyards once a year with offerings of flowers. Czech people visit and tidy graves of relatives.

In Brittany, people flock to the cemeteries at nightfall to kneel, bareheaded, at the graves of their loved ones, and to anoint the hollow of the tombstone with holy water or to pour libations of milk on it. At bedtime, the supper is left on the table for the souls. In Bolivia, many people believe that the dead eat the food that is left out for them.

Food offered for the spirits of the dead; very similar to Chinese traditions

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4. Eid il-Burbara (Arab states)

Eid il-Burbara or Saint Barabara's Day, is a holiday very similar to Halloween annually celebrated on December 4 among Arab Christians in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. It is celebrated in honor of the Christian Saint and Martyr Saint Barbara. The general belief among Lebanese Christians, is that Saint Barbara disguised herself in many different characters to elude the Romans who were persecuting her.

The traditional food made on this feast is Burbara, a bowl of boiled barley, pomegranate seeds, raisins, anise and sugar offered to masquerading children. In Lebanon, Lebanese Christians cook a dought that is filled with walnuts or cheese. A heavy traffic occurs in bakeries because of people buying the traditional food for this holiday. Moreover, children go trick or treating while singing a special song for Eid il-Burbara.

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5. Hop-tu-Naa (Isle of Man)

Hop-tu-Naa is a Celtic festival celebrated in the Isle of Man on 31 October. Predating Halloween, it is the celebration of the original New Year's Eve.

For modern Hop-tu-Naa children dress up and go from house to house with the hope of being given sweets or money, as elsewhere. However the children carry carved turnip lanterns rather than pumpkins and sing Hop-tu-naa songs.

In older times children would have also brought the stumps of turnips with them and batter the doors of those who refused to give them any money.

Children celebrating Hop-tu-Naa

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6. Korochun (Eastern Europe)

Korochun is a Slavic holiday, considered the day the Black God and other spirits associated with decay and darkness are most potent. It was celebrated by pagan Slavs on December 21 the longest night of the year and the night of the winter solstice.

Modern scholars tend to associate this holiday with the ancestor worship. On this day Western Slavs lit fires at cemeteries to keep their loved ones warm, and organized feasts to honour the dead and keep them fed. They also lit wooden logs at local crossroads.

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7. P’chum Ben (Cambodia)

P’chum Ben, or more commonly known as Pchum Ben, is a Cambodian religious festival, culminating in celebrations on the 15th day of the tenth month in the Khmer Calendar. In 2008, the national holiday fell on the 28th - 30th of September in the Gregorian calendar.

The day is a time when many Cambodians pay their respects to deceased relatives. People cook meals for monks, bring offerings to the temple and throw rice near the temple early in the morning, believing that the ghosts of their ancestors will receive it. The festival is celebrated mostly among Cambodian Buddhists. Although its a Buddhist holiday in Cambodia, its not celebrated in other Theravada Buddhist countries like Thailand, Laos, Burma, and Sri Lanka.

Cambodians praying

Meals prepared for the festival

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8. Qarqe'an (Kuwait)

Qarqe'an is a event celebrated annually in Kuwait and other Arab countries during the month of Ramadan. This tradition has been practiced for hundreds of years: children knock on the doors of homes in their neighborhood wearing traditional clothes and carrying a basket to receive sweets and nuts.

Although sharing superficial similarities to modern day practices of Halloween, which is practiced in some western societies, Qarqe'an omits the horror theme and has no associated origin with Halloween.

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9. Alla Helgons Dag (Sweden)

In Sweden, the people celebrate something similar to Halloween, but it is named as Alla Helgons Dag. It was imported sometime during the 1990s, and is widely celebrated among children and youths between October 31 and November 6 every year.

Kids go around the neighborhood collecting sweets from neighbors and dress up in costumes too, similar to Halloween celebrations in the western world.

Alla Helgons Dag

[More Info]

Now there you go, essentially all these festivals are similar to each other one way or another - it gives people time and occasion to commemorate, respect and remember their loved ones who had passed on.

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13-year-old struck by lightning on Friday 13th at 13.13

Friday the 13th is often thought of as an unlucky day - and it lived up to its reputation for one youngster.

At precisely 13:13, a boy aged 13 was seen by the St John Ambulance team at Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival in Suffolk after he was struck by lightning, a spokesman said. The boy suffered a minor burn and was taken to James Paget Hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hungry Ghost Festival in Penang (Malaysia)

I have been reading articles and also hearing my friends talking about Malaysia’s tallest 大士爷 (Leader of All The Hungry Ghost). It is located at Bukit Mertajam market area. I have always wanted to pay a visit but had no chance until last Saturday. I was lost in getting to the exact place until I called a friend for guidance. It tooks me additional 1/2 hour to get to the place. Anyway, I am so glad when I managed to arrive to the destination.

The tallest hungry ghost leader is located next to a very old Chinese temple. In front of the temple there are Chinese opera stages setup for this festival.

This is the front entrance of the old-aged temple. However, the temple is so well-maintained where the colour of the dragon carvings still looks new on the pillar.

The stalls which sell various offerings look exactly like the one at Goddess of Mercy temple in Penang Island.

The wooden puppet looks like a kid where there are some cash notes in his pocket. I think by praying to this kid, he will bring prosperity to you.

Just beside the temple, we can see the Malaysia tallest 大士爷 (Leader of All The Hungry Ghost). Even it was afternoon time at 3pm there were still so many believers praying to the god.

The offerings presented by the believers.

This is only the beginning, there are more to come later at night.

This is the tallest 大士爷 (Leader of All The Hungry Ghost) in Malaysia. The purpose of building this hungry ghost leader is to take care and monitor of all the hungry ghosts there so that they will not bother with the people when they did their offering. This hungry ghost leader is made of paper and will be burnt off at the end of the 7th month.

The paper offerings and hell notes that will be burnt together with the hungry ghost leader.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Introduction to Chinese Ghost Marriages

A Chinese spirit marriage is a complex part of traditional culture

A Chinese ghost marriage (also called a "spirit marriage") is a fascinating tradition in which the husband, the wife, or both are no longer living.

Why are there Ghost Marriages for Women?
The question of why Chinese ghost marriages exist is a complex one with many reasons. One reason for the existence of Chinese ghost marriages exist is to fulfill a previously agreed to marriage contract. If a bride’s fiancé dies before the marriage, the option exists to carry out a ghost marriage in place of a real one. In this situation, the bride has all the normal obligations of marriage: she moves into her husband’s home, participates in a funeral ritual and mourning period for her deceased husband, and vows to remain loyal to him (that is to say, celibate).

Why are there Ghost Marriages for Men?
Men that die before they are married are often given ghost marriages as well, either to living or deceased brides. This is to allow the man to have a socially accepted heir and legitimately carry on his family name. A male offspring of a male family member is often adopted as the deceased man’s son, thus ensuring the family line continues.

Ghost Marriages for Two Dead Spouses
In many ghost marriages, both of the spouses are already deceased and the marriage ceremony is carried out in absence of their physical selves. In some cases, family members claim to be alerted to the desires of deceased unmarried relatives, either through a spirit medium or some other supernatural means. According to this tradition, lonely, unmarried spirits make their marriage intentions known and ask their living relatives to carry out their wishes.

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Hungry Ghost Festival Taboos ( Fengshui Alerts)

Picture is (C) copyright to fengshuibestbuy.com

Hotel Taboos:
For those who are travelling, they may want to be cautious when staying in hotels. The hotel is considered as a "yin place" and is normally a favorite settlement for ghosts. The following are some tips that one can follow when staying in hotels to prevent ghostly encounters:

1. Provide a respectful knock on the bedroom door before you enter for the first time.
2. Avoid entering the room right away. Whisper to yourself that you are renting the room to stay temporarily, as a form of asking permission. Let any spirit leave the bedroom first before you enter.
3. Place your pair of shoes or sandals facing the door. The shoes must be away from the bed. One side of the shoe points to the door and the other side point inwards.
4. Display a glass of salt water next to your bed. Salt is an excellent antidote for dirty energy.
5. You are encouraged to flush the toilet bowl first before using it.
6. You are also encouraged to avoid wearing black or striking red colored clothings.
7. Normally there is a bible or quran in the drawers. Please avoid touching or moving them from their original positions.
8. Always keep the toilet's door closed with lights turned off when you go to sleep.
9. Try to avoid facing the mirror when you sleep. If the mirror is designed in this manner, try to cover it with a towel.
10. Avoid placing any shoe next to the bed when sleeping.
11. Watch out the mouth from mentioning anything about ghost. Ghost story telling must be avoided by all means.
12. Display a 7 Star Sword made from Peach wood. It must be made from "genuine peach wood" to be effective in chasing away ghosts and protecting one with a good night's sleep

Protection Required:
1. During the Ghost Festival, feng shui practitioners will display the Chung Kwei, the ghost catcher whose specialty is to devour the ghosts that he catches, in many areas of their homes. And at least one of the images must face the maindoor. This act serves to scare away any roving spirits from intruding the particular household. As such the whole family will be able to avoid ghost spells. For those who are travelling afar, going for late nights or regularly visit yin places, then the Chung Kwei amulet is an excellent protection.
2. It is also known that Fu Dogs are potent feng shui animals that when displayed at the maindoors or in its vicinity facing out would scare away bad wandering spirits and ghosts.
3. Wear protective amulets to prevent bad luck, ghost possessions and accidents due to ghost disturbances. One such powerful type of amulet that is currently very popular is the Mythical Bird Dzi. The mythical bird is associated to the Garuda, considered as an evil subduing bird in Tibetan Buddhism.
4. Taoist practitioners can choose to wear the powerful Kwan Kung for protection. No evil dares to fool around when the Kwan Kung is there.
5.For those who prefer crystals and natural stones, there are two types of stones that we will recommend that has strong energy to ward off evil spirits and scare them away: a. Tektite Meteorite that falls from outer space and possess strong and pure energy. b. Rainbow obsidian with the "third eye" which enables you to strengthen your resistance against evil energy. These stones normally go out of stock during this period every year. These are recommended especially for those who frequently travel outdoor and for kids, because they are whom more easily being targeted or harmed by suicide ghosts who are looking for chances to reincarnate.
6. Hang the 8 Auspicious Objects at chi entry points of your house such as windows to deflect away any evil energy. Also hang one of it in your car to prevent accidents. For taoist feng shui practitioners, you may opt for the Elliptical Coin and hang on the door knobs of all entries you want to protect. Some would even go for higher form of protection with the bagua hung above their maindoor.
7. Carry along, hang in the car or in the house the powerful Peach Wood 7-Stars Sword. It is the most indispensible tool for Taoist Exorcism from ancient times till today.
8. Families should burn at least a bunch of incense sticks in an empty can (cleanly washed from used food can) on the 14th day of 7th lunar month. This should be done after 7pm and the burning of the incense sticks are to be done outdoor, close to the main entrance.
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Ghost Marriage on the Chinese 7th Month !

On 23.8.2008 there was also another story about a Penang Chinese family who held a ghost marriage for a daughter who died of kidney failure 31 yrs ago. Apparently this "woman", Xie Mingying, had informed her family through a medium that she had found a suitable partner in the Peta (ghost) realm, and wished to get married. At first they were not very sure, but when they asked another unrelated fortune teller some time later, Xie possessed the man and repeated her wish to them.

Only then they were convinced. Incidentally, the prospective husband, Xu Yuquan also informed his human relatives through the same medium of his desire to marry Xie. And so both families met up and a traditional Chinese marriage ceremony was arranged at the temple for the ghostly couple, with all the pomp and celebration of an actual human marriage.

Paper effigies of the bride and bridegroom, held by their respective relatives, were used to represent them in the ceremony. All sorts of paper betrothal gifts including a new house were also presented to the bridegroom's family, to be burned for their use in the Peta realm. A wedding feast was also arranged for all the relatives present to witness the ceremony. Stories like these might sound amazing to foreigners, but they are not uncommon among the Chinese populace in this region. I myself had heard similar stories from people that I know. They tell us that death is not the end and ghosts desire love and happiness in the same way that human beings do.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things to Take note during Hungry Ghost Festival

Do and Dont's during Hungry Ghost Festival

During this festival, the Chinese offer prayers to the deceased relatives by burning paper money, joss sticks and etc. We get to see Getai a stage performance for the spirits and also the people. I gona share some DOs and DONT's during this festival. It's up to individuals to believe it or not.

  • Avoid swimming during the 7th month. It is believed that those previously drowned evil ghost might cause you to drown in the swimming pool. Such ghost need to find victims in order for them to be go for rebirth.

  • Children and young adults are also advised to return home early and not to wander around alone at night. This belief is due to the reason that the wandering ghosts can possess children easily.

  • Avoid getting married, going overseas trip or even moving of house in this month because this month is considered as inauspicious.

  • Avoid going for jungle trekking and going on camping trips as chances of injuries, possession and death are high.

  • Drive very carefully during this month to avoid accidents, as there may be many wandering spirits who died of accidents previously that are searching for next victims so that they could be reincarnated.

  • Always address the hungry ghost as "Good Brothers". Never address them as ghosts.

  • If you watching the Getai shows, do not sit at the 1st few row as they are meant for the hungry ghosts

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