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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spooky Singapore West Region → Heavy Vehicle Carpark ( Jalan Bahar / Jurong West st 75)

by Oregon Chang

Spooky Sg series is back again with more things. Asiaparanormal is still covering the west region at the moment and we have this moved on towards the HEAVY VEHICLE CARPARKS that ain't that clean after all based on stories and feedbacks that we had received from the public.

We will first begin with The Jalan Bahar Heavy Vehicle Park! The actual name of this place is in fact as it's name had stated as: Jalan Bahar Heavy Vehicle Park! However, typically and commonly this place is instead known to most people by another name which is Jurong West St 75!

Jurong West St 75 pic 7

Jurong West St 75 pic 2

So what would be the spooky thing behind this Heavy Vehicle Carpark?
Well, there is a local story of that place known to quite a number of whom that resides in that nearby area.

It has been said that one should never ever be walking in that area during late hours as there is an extremely high chance of accidents of mishaps that would happen.

So, what is this mishap or accident that they are refering to?

Well, concerning Jurong West St 75, Asiaparanormal also previously had an article posted about it before. To Refresh your memory , this would be the link to Jurong West Street 75

Basically, reports, rumors and stories has always been said of people especially and particularly specifically females in most of the cases of being posessed by spirits.

If you were to be walking very near that area or even worst still, walking inside the place, there is an extremely high chance that you will hear an absolutely familiar voice calling you from behind.

This voice is of someone that you confirm know of! You are definitely able to recognize this voice the moment you hear it. It can for an example be your friend, lover, family members or relatives, etc......

This voice would then be calling you the usual way that particular person would call as, exactly the same, nothing different.

There are even cases of people talking with someone on their mobile and after they had ended the call, the voice of that exact same person whom you had just spoke to over in the phone and in which you had ended the conversation with, would suddenly be calling you from behind.

Well, whichever the story of how the encounter is like, do be very careful when you are near this area in the night, sometimes it can be even in the late evening too!

If you are not sharp enough and really respond to this voice , well you are really finished ! You are finished the moment you respond to this very family voice that is calling you from behind.

The thing that would be happening would be that once you turn your head behind , look back and respond to this voice, immediately before you even realized it, you are already being processed by some unknown evil spirit.

In the end, family members, close and love ones of this victim in all of the known stories would engaged some exorcism services from some master to have this very evil spirit exorcist!

Based on what we the team of Asiaparanormal had able to find out, there is something really very evil going on in that place , they are waiting for the chance to posessed some innocent humans. These spirits are out to posessed humans and they do not want to be denied of this chance.

These spirits upon posessing the victim refuse to leave the body and the all exorcism masters based on the known stories had an extremely hard time to had the spirit expelled out from the victim. Based on what is being told these spirits are not at all ordinary! Instead these spirits are pretty powerful!

But the lucky thing is that at least there has not been any known stories in which the exorcism master has failed to exorcist these powerful evil spirits. Or perhaps it could also be that the failed ones were not known?

According to the locals who had stayed there long enough or who really know the place well, there is a reason for why there is a temple build near by that area.

Jurong West St 75 pic 17

It is because the spirits of this place is simply too evil and powerful, hence measures is needed to have this matter dealt with! That place first of all cannot be vacant ! If it is vacant the spirits will be even more powerful than ever. There must be something to have that place being occupied! There got to be some activities! That place cannot be isolated and deserted and left to be alone by itself.

Therefore, the place was first converted into car park for Heavy vehicles. Next, Spirits are “Yin” energy and element and that Humans are of the “Yang” energy and element. Hence that place need to be populated with houses. The stronger the “Yang” the weaker the “Yin” will be!

Jurong West St 75 pic 16

Jurong West St 75 pic 15

Jurong West St 75 pic 14

Thirdly, something religiously has to be build as near to that area as possible so as to suppressed the evil and powerful spirits of that area. Hence, if you are really so unlucky to encounter anything in that area, at all possible cost , as fast as your legs can carry you, with everything that you have got, you should really run towards the temple and take cover or seek refuge over there.

To further enforce and enhance the suppressing elements of that area, a government building is also build in that area. This so called government building purposely being built for the sake of futher enforcements and enhancement is the Singtel building!

It is not the case that governmental structures or buildings or residence will not be haunted at all! But however that is some kind of invisible force to contain evil spirits of the surrounding areas. As after all they are royal! They are the ruler or the so called masters of the nation. There is a certain limit to how much the evil spirit can be with the royal aura around.

Examples can be like a Government Police Station, Judicial Court etc.... all of these are some example of Royal Auras.

Jurong West St 75 pic 4

Theses above 4 listed out points are based on some very ancient Chinese religious concept concerning spiritism and at the same time Chinese Fengshui Theory as well too!

Although this mysteriously very powerful and evil spirit is still not 100% fully diminished , but at least with all those elements around they had already been weaken and cannot be further powerful than how much they already are currently.

So, dear readers whether you believe it or not, please kindly do be very careful when you walk past that area and be even more careful with what you are saying when you are walking past that area cos you will never know what can happen which can be due something wrong that you had said.

REMEMBER!!!! There is something mysterious, very evil and powerful going on in that area. So BEWEARE!!!

Although almost no one knows the story behind to that mysteriously very evil and powerful spirits and why that exist in that area , but precautions can be at certain times be better that cure.

Although we are not encouraging superstitions or anything related, and it has never been Asiaparanormal's intentions to encourage or discourage anysort as we are just sourcing articles and leaving we would want to leave the conclusion for the readers to form on their own, but however just sometimes, it does not harm to believe than to instead disbelieve and further more challenge!

Hope that you enjoy reading this post and stay tuned for more of Spooky Singapore series from Asiaparanormal.

Have a nice Day!


  1. EEEEEK !!!!

    I pass by the area often and i am new to this area. i move in not long

    Now i am really Scared !
    Sob Sob anyone to comfort me?

  2. LOL ultimate ridiculous hahaha i lived there for almost 20years and did not encounter this nonsense before why oh why

  3. No wonder the whole stretch of road at the HDB flats side are planted with 柳叶 trees.


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