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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady Gaga Horn Growth Fuels Alien Debate

Of all the musical artists out there, few are of greater interest as topics of conversation in conspiracy circles as Lady Gaga. She has been declared an alien, a demon, the chosen face of the Illuminati, a dimension hopping tourist, an artist, and a scare monger - not necessarily in that order. But when she comes forward telling of bony protrusions pushing out from her head and reveals them during a photo shoot, it only stokes the flames of speculation that there may be more to this pop star than meets the eye.

The horns, according to Gaga, protrude from her skin when she feels a sudden bout of inspiration. The photos, which appeared both on her most recent Album's cover, Born This Way and in a photo shoot appearing in fashion resource, Harper's Bazaar. But the photos appear to show a type of horn protruding from the inside of her head. While Gaga denies having any surgery to create the unusual horns, she does state that they are temporary - appearing only when she is under the influence of what she calls "inspiration." This inspiration, as she has said in the past often comes from another source.

Already Gaga gained the attention of the UFO community after her most recent video alluded to a mythology to humanity that included an alien presence and even a race living within the human race. Symbolism has been present in her work for quite some time, though it often remains ambiguous and leaves many theorists disagreeing over just what they mean.

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