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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DO & Don't During The Chinese Ghost Month (extreme version)

The below list are the Do & Don't of the Chinese Ghost month ! Some of which are already very extreme. Just Perhaps only, some of them are being practiced by certain people but to follow or not follow is really up to you.

Generally, the Don't are more than the DO(s). Not to worry it is just one month of their annual public holiday which is only 30 days out of 365days & it will be all over. Just remember one thing ! They are already around us, whether you believe it or not, like it or not!

Not all of them I know the reasons to it and some of them are pretty straight forward which I personally don't see a need to explain why. To the best of my knowledge are the reasons of some, in the following

1)  NO Party Time !

During this month, It is really a NO NO for Parties, Celebrations, Opening ceremonies, Weddings and Chalets. These spirits are bound to join in the fun with the humans at the sight of such since it is their public holiday and they really very much want to enjoy themselves to their fullest during this month.

2) Work Place, Owners of Property and houses

During this month seriously speaking,

  • No Buying and Selling of houses & properties

  • No Moving in or out of houses & properties

  • No Renovations

  • No first day of business

  • Highly unadvisable to work OT ( Overtime)
3)   NO Sex & Romance !

These are very much Prohibited during this month. Such activities will lure them to join you, watch you or better still, satisfy you. Don't you forget, they were human once as well. They too have needs and desires, whatsoever as well......

  • No Watching of Pornography & porn activities

  • No Sex / Love Making session

  • No Visiting of Red Light Districts

  • No Masturbating

  • No Dating & Romance activities

4)   NO Happy Hour

During this month , it is not good to stay up late! Go home early, sleep early and not late, and definitely no late night activities which is inclusive of disco, clubbing, pubs, KTV etc...... Most probably very self explanatory on all these points.

5)   Bad month for adventures and Fun

Do not do the following during this month

  • Extreme Sports and activities

  • Adventures and explorations

  • Camping , Hiking , Trekking, Rock Climbing etc...

  • Water sports and related activities

  • entering of the jungles and forests

  • entering of isolated and dark places

  • entering of remote and deserted places

  • visiting of haunted places
Some of the points does not need any explanations at all. Accidents are prone to happen and death may result. Some of the places in the above points are prone to where ghosts will be lurking around and you are endangering yourself when you go to such places.

Doing of extreme sports and activities , adventures and explorations have higher chances of serious injuries and death. Water ghosts will be looking replacements so as to redeem themselves a chance to be reincarnated. Water sports and activities will provide such chance for them.

6)  Try not to if you but can't then cannot be help also

During this month, the following are not very nice to have such events, encounters and experiences.

It is best not to have but if it really cannot be helped, then there is nothing that can be done.

  •  Avoid Hospital & clinic if possible

  • Bad time to give birth to babies but it is something cannot be helped

  • Try not to have injuries during this month

  • Try not to fall sick and and stay in the pink of health

  • Try not to attend funerals if you can

7)  Toilet and Bathroom

There are several different types of ghosts. Among the various types, there are also lecherous, perverted, cheeky, peeping, & flirtatious ones too! One of the favorite places of such, will be the toilet and bathrooms. It applies for the 2 genders. If lucky, they will just only watch. But if some may not be as lucky and have experiences being disturbed by them when in such places.

Hence, keep the lights switched on when you in such places and try not take too long doing your urinating, shitting or bathing as there are bigger risks of experiences and encounters with them if you have the lights off or if you take long during in such places.

8)  Beware !

Very seriously speaking, Watch your tongue in your daily life during month cause you will not never know if you have offended them unknowingly with your words. Exercise good and strong self discipline and behaviors. Monitor your own actions and conducts properly! Ill conducts, behaviors etc..... might lead to the spirits teaching you how to behave !

Be very careful with your thoughts, daily as it has been often said that ghosts can read your mind. Do stay in groups when you are outside and try not to be alone by your own, yourself. It can be very dangerous. At the same time, never ever address them as ghost as they very seriously dislike being called by that word! Instead call them as GOOD BROTHERS ! They like to be addressed by this term. Finally, Avoid saying the word ghost and do not use this word frequently, it might really led them coming to you.

9) Never ! Don't ! NO !

It is really best not watch horror movies or shows as well as reading or telling of ghost and haunted stories. They might be attracted to have some fun with you. Do not frighten or scare humans and animals/insects as it will be a matter of time the real “thing” will come to scare and frighten out of fun!

Don't do the obvious like playing plate spirit or pen spirit etc.. and DO not visit graveyards and cemetery unless really necessary! I should believe that no elaborations is necessary for this 2 points. Next, DO NOT EVER reply if you were hear a very familiar voice which sounds like someone that you know of, calling when you unsure if there is really someone calling you.

Don't Pee or shit in dark places such as bushes or trees without saying excuse me and sorry to these GOOD Brothers ! ( it is in particularly for soldiers as many soldier have encounters when they fail to do so and resulted in deep shit !)

Finally , NEVER EVER sit on the first row of seats of the Getais ! Those are not meant for human to sit ! You are definitely inviting trouble for yourself if you ever do !

10 ) Offerings and Prayers

There are a few this to observe when doing your offering and prayers.
  1. Offerings or prayers should be done outside your house or work place and NEVER EVER inside. It should also be facing outside as well.
  2. Offerings on the Altar must NEVER EVER be taken for own consumptions
  3. DO not bring back any items whatsoever used for praying or offerings
  4. Any status of worship from unknown places/origins must be left alone and not be taken away
  5. NEVER BRING back dolls/figurines/toy or unknown origins ! The more life like it is, the more likely and easier it is to be processed by unwanted spirits.
  6. DO NOT step or kick on the offerings or make stupid comments when praying
  7. DO NOT step or purposely kick on those burnt leftovers
  8. If your child has ESP or 3rd eye, do not bring him/her down when you are doing the prayers and offering to the GOOD BROTHERS
  9. Offering of food wise, use whole portion of the animal and do not have the internal organs, skin or scales etc.. removed !
  10. Offering of fruits wise, do not use bitter gourd ! Do not use combo at same time eg. Banana , pear and pineapple !
  11. DON”T bring back stray umbrellas from outside
  12. DO NOT LOOK BACK if you are doing your prayers and offerings downstairs. Leave quickly when done.
  13. If you smell of unusual fragrance flower smell such as Frangipani / Plumeria , leave the area ASAP !
11)   Avoid !

Next, there can be many times in which animals and insects can just suddenly and mysteriously appear unexpectedly and unknowingly ! Avoid disturbing or killing them! Leave them alone! They will disappear and leave on their own. They could have been someone related to you in some way under a transformation of insects and animals. Even if they are not some one somehow or what related to you they might be the transformation of the other GOOD BROTHERS or that the GOOD BROTHERS has processed these creatures. Killing , harming or disturbing them has severe consequences.

Also, where your dress code is of concern, wear a mix of colours ! Avoid being completely and plainly in 1 type of colour from head toe in your clothes , accessories etc... of the following colours

  • BLACK ( it attracts them and you have higher chance of being processed)
  • White ( you can be easily mistaken for a ghost)
  • Grey ( a very funeral colour)
  • Sliver ( GETAI colour they might think you are their performer)
  • Green ( A colour associated with Chinese hell)
  • RED ! ( high chance of injury or death ! Ghosts seeking vengeance but are weak will make you their victim to make themselves powerful so as to seek revenge on someone they are seeking revenge on)

12)    DO !

Finally, it is on the DO(s) points. The following are some of them.

  • Do consider vegetarian diet during this month if you would like to. It will do no harm anyways.
  • To your own means, abilities and capacity, DO more charity ! THE GOOD BROTHERS like charitable people and will bless you more
  • In your own home, DO more prayers to your own ancestors. Let them feel that they are being remembered and loved
  • Once a while during this month, DO visit the temples
  • DO Pray & give more offerings to these good brothers more often if you have the means to do so.
The Sources to this list are simple too many and mixed but one of them is from the following link which, perhaps  you may like read up
[Click here to read up]


  1. Oh MY ! SOunds like Everything also cannot ! BEST JUST STAY at home lah ! what a scary month leh

  2. it seems like you can't do anything at all

  3. Lame month, i just don do anything, rubbish

  4. Nah...you got to feed your stomach lah...not feed the ghost at home dang~


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