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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Universe's Most Troubling Paradoxes

The universe seems like a chaotic place. Rules seem to guide a flow of random chances with even known universal laws occasionally overruling and rejecting one another. And on top of all of that the human race has put before itself the task of understanding everything. But somewhere along its journey it's come up with some extremely chilling theories about life the universe and everything.

Of course one of the first problems that arises when examining the universe is the Fermi Paradox. Contrary to the label often placed on the Paradox, there are no final conclusions to be drawn from it - only more questions. It was originally a response to the "silentium universi" or silence of the universe.

When Frank Drake of the University of California, Santa Cruz observed the potential for life existing elsewhere in the universe as very likely through a series of mathematical equations. The Fermi Paradox begged the question, "Why doesn't SETI observe more apparently artificial radio signals?" The conclusions are far from complete to say the least, but are nonetheless often erroneously used as evidence to suggest there is no life elsewhere in the universe.

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