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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sleep Paralysis – A Paranormal Phenomenon?

Sleep paralysis is something that SHOULD effect MOST of the people that are reading this thread right now! Whether it's occurred yet or whether they have in fact realized it or not, That being so I find it particularly 'interesting ' that for most of us our knowledge of this topic seems to be not ‘up to scratch’ as it is with many of the other topics on ATS and not just the ones in this individual forum.

Maybe it's an importance issue or because people just don't care, Who knows but when I look around at some of the threads here I see sooo many question marks surrounding Sleep Paralysis by a lot of the members, New and old, some asking what is it? How does it/can it happen? Am I Ill because this weird, strange and 'completely unexplainable paranormal phenomenon' that is happening to me? etc. etc. Some other members even go down the route of explaining in great detail a strange phenomenon (one that most often than not fits perfectly into the criteria of what sleep paralysis is) that had happened to them which they have 'absolutely no rational way of explaining'

So In turn they then believe that what they had just experienced can only be explained (as a rational explanation isn’t within reach) explained via a more otherworldly conclusion to the matter (AKA alien Abduction) or just simply what they had experienced was of a paranormal nature. (Demonic Possession for common example)

Ok, So Immediately ATS, reasoning for this thread becomes clear as all of a sudden my the main purpose for making this thread made which to clarify is primarily because I want to inform and may I add that I'm planning on not JUST informing you about what I believe to be true about a fascinating subject like sleep paralysis but I’m also like everyone else with every other topic no matter how much we know about it I am as well as you! Nothing but a mere learner! of it.
So once again that being so I sincerely hope that the same method shall apply in this thread as it does with every other thread I and others shall decide to make on ATS forums.......

Because we’re all learners here and we’re all trying to pass on what we already know to our fellow members at the same time, Creating a thread with false information no matter how miniscule or unimportant should mean, I would hope, that someone would be so kind enough to correct me in a respectable and intelligent manner (that’s means not calling me a troll if I make a unfortunate mistake )

No one is right all the time and feedback on what I write, Positive or negative will always be appreciated.

....You may find it odd That I'm mentioning something like that right now of all places but I feel I HAVE to mention that especially in this early stage of this particular thread because I think about sleep paralysis alot, I try and study it when I can and also of course learn about it in the process, not forgetting it’s a phenomenon that occurs to me on a regular basis and I feel it's important to know about it and to understand why it may happen, how it could happen and most importantly of all what it is!

Thank You.......

I hope You enjoy reading this thread!

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing a valuable article,,i have some desu tips to avoid paralysis,
    # Eat healthy. Avoid going to bed hungry. Avoid caffeine 5 hours before sleep.
    # Remember that, although it can feel dangerous, it isn't.
    # Most episodes can be stopped by coughing the word 'cough' repeatedly. Although you may still go into another episode if you try to immediately go back to sleep. Coughing is both a voluntary and involuntary response, which such responses break the sleeping state.


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