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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Woman terrified by 'standing' khimar

PORT DICKSON, NEGERI SEMBILAN: When she was getting prepared for prayer, her khimar (long, cape-like veil that hangs down to just above the waist), which was initially lying flat on the ground, suddenly rose and "stood" still.

The khimar had been "standing" for two days until a mufti lifted it.

A religious affairs department official lifts the khimar and finds nothing inside.
Picture is (C) copyright to Sin Chew Daily

The strange incident took place in a house in Port Dickson here at 4.50pm Tuesday (11 May).

It was observed that the "standing" khimar was about a foot high with a rounded top that looked like a child covered with khimar.

A mufti visited the house Thursday (13 May) and tried to find out about the situation. Those who were there were astonished when he lifted the khimar and revealed nothing inside.

Single mother Azizah Khairy (name transliterated), 60, is staying with her 25-year-old son, who is a promoter.

When it happened, she was preparing for prayer in the living room with her khimar lying flat on the ground. When she was about to reach for the khimar, it suddenly rose and "stood" still.

The woman, who is suffering from heart disease, was stunned. She immediately notified her son and daughter, who is working for the city council.

After the news of the incident was spread, curious public started to flock to the house the next day.

Police officers were sent to guard the house while officers from the Negeri Sembilan Religious Affairs Department (JHEAINS) were also sent to find out about the situation.

At about 12pm Thursday, a mufti explained the situation to the woman before lifting the khimar in front of a few religious officials and reporters. Nothing was found inside the khimar.

He then put the khimar back on the ground and it lied there still without "standing up" again.

According to a religious affairs department officer, from the Islamic point of view, the "standing" khimar was the power of Allah and it was not a so-called ghost incident.



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