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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Aftermath of a Paranormal Encounter

After a brush with the paranormal your mind is likely swimming with questions and a sense of awe and mystery. As humans living in the 21st century we are used to having answers to the questions that plague us most - especially when they deal with our own experiences. But while we may not be able to find everything we're looking for relating to our experience, we can look objectively at how others have reacted in the past and at the checklist that eventually emerges.

The aftermath of a paranormal event always has several questions. Of course foremost in importance, and all too often overlooked is our first point of interest on the checklist and the first thing you should always ask yourself after such an event occurs. "What am I going to do next?" While it may seem basic, this is a question that many witnesses fail to ask themselves in time and miss out on an informed decision after they're blinded by the mystery they just witnessed.

If you are dealing with the first few minutes after a paranormal experience, you may wish to return to the location where the incident happened. Depending on the nature of your individual experience this may be safe to do and even beneficial. But more often than not, most do not wish to return to the unknown and often terrifying.

The next point on the checklist is to ask yourself how you will proceed from this point. After seeing something like Bigfoot, a UFO, or a ghost, it's important to take stock of your personal situation and the incident itself. Assess carefully whether you will share it with others and how you will go about doing it.

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