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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hundreds faint in factory mystery

We've all been tired enough to pass out unexpectedly after a long day, but a series of incidents quickly unfolding in Kampong Chnnang in Cambodia has more than a few people scratching their heads. And it's not the first time either. The mass fainting was originally attributed to the nutritional status of workers, but after a thorough investigation found this may not be the case, investigators are looking more into the sudden and peculiar 'wave-like' fainting that runs through the factory at intervals.

In a single day almost 200 people fainted and it wasn't the first time. What could be causing this sudden strange condition to happen to so many people - many of which are not interacting with one another?

It all began at 8:30 when workers at the H&M knitware factory in Kampong Chnnang began falling over around dangerous machinery and losing consciousness. Fearing something deadly could be making the rounds, the International Labor Organization quickly began investigating to try to find the cause.

Previously a report had come from the garment workers suggesting they could not feed themselves adequately on the $0.30 they had been making. Whether the fainting is related to nutrition or not is something that is still being investigated. According to Cambodian officials there was no "plausible" cause for the faintings. And in addition to that, there are disparate reports on the number of people actually affected.

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