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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can Animals Sense The Spirit World

by Susan Thom

Are we human the only ones with blinders on, so we can’t see the aura of light surrounding spiritual beings? I had heard stories of animals seemingly knowing something else was in the room. My kids were about three, six, and eight when their paternal father became ill.

I was alone in the house with them, and the two older ones were in my son’s room playing, and my youngest was asleep in his room. I took the opportunity of being alone in my own room to call a friend. As we were talking, my kids came flying in, jumping on the bed, skin pale, breath panting, as they described a weird feeling in my son’s room, and our dog Sasha, barking incessantly at the wall between the two of my son’s rooms. She had scared them, and they had run down the hall and jumped into bed with me. I looked at the time, for some reason, and it was ten thirty. It was a Saturday night, and they were allowed to stay up until they got tired, usually around eleven thirty.

I tried to take them back to my son’s room, and show them there was nothing to be afraid of. They would not leave my room. I went myself, and searched for something to blame our dog’s behavior on. Sasha had continued barking at the wall, and I thought maybe there was a mouse or a squirrel stuck inside. Or maybe there was something on tv that was hurting her ears, or causing her in some way, to bark. No, the tv was off, and the kids had been playing monopoly. Everything was status quo except the dogs incessant barking, hair standing straight on end, and face pointed directly at the wall. My youngest had stayed sleeping through all the noise.

I decided there wasn’t much of an alternative, my two oldest would be sleeping in my king sized bed that night. They jumped in, got themselves comfortable, and we were about to watch a movie, when the phone rang. I remember it being eleven o’clock, and my mother in law was speaking to me. She explained that she and her sister had been with my father in law at the hospital all day, and decided to go to the cafeteria for some coffee. While they were gone, my father in law passed away.

Even though he had been quite sick, and my mother in law had been taking care of him for many years, she was obviously upset. They had been together for thirty five to forty years. She went on to say that around ten fifteen, they left his room, and when they returned, they were told he had passed at ten thirty!

Now it was turn for my hair to stand on end. If my father in law had passed, and wanted to say good-bye as he floated towards his eternity, he might have stopped by my older son’s room, into my younger one’s to say good bye to him as well. The dog had long since stopped barking. I got off the phone and told my kids what had happened. They had also heard about animals seeing spirits. They immediately put in together in their innocent brains. "Mommy, maybe that was grandpa coming to say good-bye." I was thinking the same thing. They jumped up out of my bed, and said they wanted to go finish their game. They were no longer afraid. They could deal with the barking being aimed at grandpa’s spirit. Our dog Sasha is twelve years old now, and never before, nor after, has she barked incessantly at a wall.

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1 comment:

  1. ohh nice story i was reading it at night so it kinda scared me i coundnt SLEEP AT NIGHT


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