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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spooky West: Mysterious Jurong Well

by Master Oregon Chang and team members

Quote from Master Oregon Chang: I recall when I was young my father used to tell me stories of his youth. One story about the old village where my father stayed was quite interesting. Thus, I decided to find out more about it.

This so called village has been abandoned for many years and now lies in ruins. There were rumours that there was an old well somewhere in this village and it was haunted by a female ghost. This was interesting enough to warrant Team Asia Paranormal to make a trip to investigate.

Part 1: Day time recee

Upon further clarification with Master Oregon's father, we found out that the location of the village was somewhere in Jurong West. The map below shows the location of the village as indicated by the red circle.

The star and the red circle shows the "entrance area".

Once we had determined the location, Team Asia Paranormal set out to do a daytime recee of the place. Our first impressions upon reaching the place was that there was a main road which seems to be abandoned but definitely was used by cars once upon a time.

Next we also observed that there were no houses or buildings whatsoever, instead there were huge forested areas.

This is the so called "entrance" of the village area. Note the roads are still in working condition.

More pics of the "entrance area"

Overall it feels quite peaceful and quiet in this area. The only sign of human activity was the rubbish left behind by foreign workers who perhaps hang out this area? Nevertheless, Team Asia Paranormal decided to cut through one of the broken fenced area to continue exploring the main road.

The broken "fenced" area. The team bypassed it and went further down the road.

A collapsed lamp post acting as a "barrier" to the place?

A weird circular shape on the ground. Something big and circular must have been placed here once.

Team Asia Paranormal then continued further in this main road. On both sides of the road were forested areas. No signs of any village or even a well can be seen. It certainly felt like those days back when we were serving National Service and doing outfield combat training.

Trees, trees and more trees.

Onward, Team Asia Paranormal continued. After walking for a few minutes, we encountered a fallen tree blocking the path. We could have passed through the trees and continued on, but the weather was getting gloomy and thus Team Asia Paranormal decided to terminate the investigation and return another day.

The collapsed trees blocking the path

In conclusion, Team Asia Paranormal did not managed to find any traces of a abandoned old village nor any haunted wells. The only signs of human activity were rubbish left behind.

It can be said that the main road and the street lamps do indicate that there could be a village located here once. However, if there was any haunted well or village, we would have to do a little more exploring to discover them.

Part 2: Night time exploration

Quote from Master Oregon Chang: With our team back to full strength, Team Asia Paranormal decided to continue our exploration of the abandoned village area the following night, armed with our equipment and gadgets.

Team Asia Paranormal gathered back at the entrance area and after getting our bearings, we resumed the exploration. However, one of our members suddenly discovered something bizzare! During our day trip, we had noticed large concrete blocks scattered around the "entrance area". However, this time, there was something else on one of these blocks.

The chinese characters for "Rape"

Who would have written these characters on these blocks? And whatever was their purpose for? And more importantly, how did the team not noticed this during the daytime? This was something very mysterious and bizzare.

Continuing on our journey, we passed the area with the collapsed trees and encountered something weird again. There was a large fallen tree directly across the road however, it was supported by a another fallen tree branch. There was nothing weird at first, later we realized that the odds of this happening by itself were quite small. The smaller branch had to break off and somehow stand up by itself and then the bigger tree trunk would fall directly onto it, creating a support.

It was as if someone was playing with tree trunks and building structures with them!

The smaller tree branch propping up and supporting a larger fallen tree trunk.

Finally, continuing on the journey, Team Asia Paranormal managed to find the well. This was after further exploration of the surrounding areas near the "broken fence" entrance area. We had somehow missed this during the daytime again!

Along the left side of the road, there was a small pathway through the forested area. Also, there was a small wooden plank placed across the drains acting as a bridge. Bashing through this pathway, we discovered the well at last.

The mysterious well at last!

The surrounding areas of this well were quite ordinary enough. There was no buildings nor any signs of human activity whatsoever (except for rubbish left behind). The well looked ordinary enough. There was a canvas netting placed over the opening and there were three huge concrete blocks placed over it.

Was it to deter someone from going in or more mysteriously, "something" from coming out?

Team Member Hypeseek decided that we should try to open the well to take a look. Using his engineering expertise, we managed to construct a makeshift lever and pulley system and finally lifted up one of the concrete blocks and removed it to the side.

Inside of the well, we can only see dirty drain water.

It was quite disappointing to say the least. There was nothing inside the well except for the dirty water. We threw a few rocks inside and roughly determined the depth of the well to be maybe 1.5 to 2 meters. Nothing out of the ordinary or creepy was found there.

Finally, Team Asia Paranormal left the well and had a quick discussion. We had achieved our purpose in finding the mysterious well. Master Oregon Chang decided that the team might as well continue on the road to explore what lies further in.

After walking on past endless forested areas along the road (it was about 1 hour later), we finally reached the exit. It was the main road leading to the expressway. No further incidents was of note, Team Asia Paranormal packed up and left in our vehicle for a quick supper and drinks.

The exit is as indicated by the blue circle

In conclusion, it can be said that there probably was some human settlement in this area once, judging by the roads, the street lamps and the well. However, the old village must have been torn down long ago and the residents relocated elsewhere.

The well must have been used to collect water for consumption and usage in the past, after the villagers were relocated, there would have been no further use for it and thus the well was covered up.

There was also no indication of anything traumatic happening here in the past to justify any rumours of hauntings in the well. Whatever there was, we stand little chance of discovering it as the whole area has been long abandoned and in ruins.

The only mysterious incidents of the note: The weird concrete block with the bizarre writing on it and the weird "structure" created by the falling tree branches and trunks.

However, it was refreshing to note that such places do exist in an urban landscape of modern Singapore and we hope that there are more places for Team Asia Paranormal to explore.

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  1. I used to stay in Blk 216, just opposite from the place yet tried to walk there.


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