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Friday, February 10, 2012

6 Rare animals that resemble mythical animals

Mythical animals only existed in folklore but do you know if there are some animals that have a big similarity with these animals? Here, we take a look at some animals from Indonesia that resemble mythological animals.

Source: Crazy World Blog

1. Birds of Paradise / Phoenix

The Phoenix was known as one of the most famous mythical birds in the world. In the Egypt mythology called phoenix as the sacred fire birds that burned itself by fire and reborn from the flames. Usually depicted with gold and red feathers, some people believe that the Phoenix is an immortal mythical birds. The Birds of Paradise which are found on Papua Indonesia have a similar shape and color with Phoenix, Birds of Paradise are known for their beautiful elongated feathers with red or yellow colors.

2. Komodo Dragons / Dragons

Komodo Dragons are similar to Dragons in medieval paintings but Komodo Dragons do not spit flames. Dragons are large, mythical beasts. They are shaped like a reptile and can spit flames through their breath.

3. Pygmy Tarsiers / Gremlins

On the island of Sulawesi, there's are Pygmy Tarsiers, one of the most endangered primates and the smallest primates in the world. This animal has large eyes and ears similar to Gremlins. Pygmy tarsiers are small and weighs only 50 grams. These animals live in trees and nocturnal. Gremlin are small green monsters. Gremlins are very annoying and consumes electrical energy.

4. Dugong / Mermaid

Mermaids were also known as famous mythical creatures that has a human head and body but has a fish tail. Meanwhile, a Dugong is a mammal that can be found in the shallow waters of Indonesia, especially the Eastern region. This Dugong does not have a human body like Mermaid. Dugong is a marine mammal that is herbivorous.

5. Rhino / Unicorn

The biggest resemblance of these two creatures was their single horn. In the 13th Century Marco Polo said in his writings that he seen a black unicorn in the Indonesian archipelago. It turns out that Marco Polo saw a rhino instead of a unicorn. In Ujung Kulon there are one-horned Rhinos as well as the Unicorn has one horn on his head. The Javan Rhino is the largest animal in Java. It can weigh up to 1.5 tons.

6. Proboscis Monkey / Tengu

Japan people who have seen this Proboscis Monkey said that this animal has a big resemblance to the Tengu, a famous Japanese mythical creature. Proboscis Monkeys are apes who have a long nose that are different from other apes in general. Because of this long nose, the Japanese call them Tengu Monkeys. The difference is the proboscis monkey didn't has a wing like the Tengu. The Tengu itself has a red face and an unusually long nose. Tengus also have a pair of wings, legs and hands and nails that are very long.


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