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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Are UFOs Chinese Dragons?

Above is a UFO video taken in Japan. It looks like perhaps a balloon is slowly falling. Yet it descends in a strange undulating serpentine manner. Instead of a UFO, could this be a video of a Chinese/Japanese dragon? In folklore the Chinese dragon flew thru the skies and was considered to rule over the weather. Perhaps unexplained lights in the sky are not extraterrestrial craft, but dragons! Watching this video, imagine it as a celestial Japanese dragon. I can understand why people living hundreds of years ago may have believed that strange lights in the sky were indeed dragons.

As for real life dragons, they once filled the earth as flying dinosaurs. Some believe these flying monsters still existed until just recently and were responsible for the American Indian legend concerning thunderbirds. Chinese dragons, thunderbird or UFOs, people saw strange flying shapes in the sky. How we interpret flying anomalies depends on the current culture.


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