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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Filipino Gnomes

Source: Phantom and Monsters Blog

After my grandpa died, I think it was about four years ago at the Philippines, my older cousin was with us out side talking and we had toy guns that shoot out little plastic rubber bullets. When we were talking about going to the megamall, my cousin looked at the bushes and he saw a little tiny foot. When he said that, we had been shooting our toy guns at the bushes. A lot of little people's heads started to come out staring at my cousin, trying to tell us to stop shooting at them. I couldn't see anything - no feet or no little heads of a gnome.

Finally, he told us to stop. After that we got really scared, so we ran inside and told our parents. One hour after that happened, we went to my grandma's house and my cousin that saw a gnome that was really sick. So a couple of days later they called a witch doctor to come and heal him. My cousin said they had pointy hats they were small and dressed in green and they had a skinny little stick that they use to play as a flute.


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