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Saturday, July 14, 2012

If psychic ability exists why can’t anyone predict winning lottery numbers?

Here is a common question. If psychic abilities such as precognition are reality why can’t anyone seem to pick winning lottery numbers? If psychic precognition is true, predicting winning lottery numbers should be commonplace. Why isn’t it happening? Skeptics roll their eyes, sigh, and say it’s because precognition doesn’t exist. That is the wrong answer.
The answer: People actually do predict winning lottery numbers.

The problem is with the question. We don’t understand precognition and other similar psychic phenomena. Precognition is not something anyone can call on at will. We assume some individuals can because of the claims of so-called psychics. Professional psychics are either scam artists, or have a natural talent but understand its limits even if they won’t admit it (bad for business).

Precognition and other psychic phenomena occur spontaneously and are generally uncontrollable. It just happens out-of-the-blue. Some people may never experience such a thing once in their entire lifetime, but for others it may happen fairly often. Precognition happens on its own terms, and why and when is a mystery.

Steve’s Story.

Of interest was a comment from the Steve, the blogger of the cool Ghostly Times. Here is what Steve wrote:

“I dreamed of the number 2895 and wondered why I would have that number pop up in a dream. 6 months later 2895 is the winning lottery numbers. I remember the dream. I start thinking about the dream and convince myself that I just had the dream and should have played the lottery. Was it a prophecy or coincidence?”

A straight pick-4 lottery number has a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning. Because a state lottery pays out only half of what the odds should provide (keeping the balance for its self) the prize is only $5,000. A very bad deal. Never the less, had Steve played both the mid-day and evening game for 6 months he would have bought 360 tickets at a cost of $360 and won 5K. A winning coincidence!

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