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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What if Time Stops Completely?

What would happen to the universe if suddenly time stopped? Would it be exactly the way things were before time started? And can an abstract concept like time actually stop? Scientists Jose Senovilla, Marc Mars, and Raul Vera working from the University of Salamanca and University of Basque Country in Spain have proposed that there may be a day in our distant future where time will stop.

Imagine a world where all objects in motion simply froze with the landscape, thought was isolated, and everything was caught in a state of absolute stasis. Generally when we think about time slowing down and stopping, it's in the context of a universe where objects still exist, much like our own planet. But in this interpretation, time itself is dependent largely on external objects and forces in order to exist. It would essentially stop without anything to move it forward. And so as energy eventually dissipates, it will no longer be able to sustain a concept like time.

The scientists are examining evidence gathered from exploded stars, which appear to move much faster out at the edge of the universe than they do at the universe's center. This isn't groundbreaking when you take into account the theoretical form of matter known as "dark matter." With a name like dark matter, it has quite a bit to live up to in sci-fi spookiness and according to proponents of the existence of dark matter, it certainly does with forms of the matter actually making the existence of the universe possible according to many contemporary interpretations.

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