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Master Orthodox Occultist Oregon Chang, The 17th generation Disciple of Seven Stars Sword Master Hebei China

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Simplified 7th Month prayer demonstration by Oregon Chang


 Dear Readers, Supposingly such demonstration is not very advisable during the point of the Chinese 7th month. But Oregon Chang of Asiaparanormal makes a special exception this time. 

 Team Asiaparanormal and Oregon Chang, himself personally have also make their sincere apologies and explanations to the " Good Brothers" that are lurking around our human world before , during and after the process. 

 Dear 7th Month "Good Brothers" If you so happen to be reading this article as well, with due respect we would like to express ourselves that this is for education purposes to our readers and nothing more than that. There is no means or intentions to challenge or offend you , if any.

If there is really any, please do forgive us

thank you for your understanding and forgiveness


During the Chinese 7th Month, Altars for the Gods are being set up and this is something that can be seen in common

Prayers and offerings to the Heavenly Gods are made but there are sometimes where which there are people who make Prayers and offerings to the Gods of the Hell instead.


When doing prayers to the "Good Brothers" of the 7th month, please do bare in mind to be careful of what you are asking.

You should not demand. The most is request.
Do not make promises anyhow.

Just to name you a few examples,You can seek and request them to bless you in areas such as :
1) Career stability but not request them to remove your enemies and things like such
2) plead for harmony, peace and protection to your family
3) bless you in your business if you are a businessman
4) well being and good health of your kins

1) Do not ask for numbers to buy lottery ( there is a serious consequences behind strings are attached)
2) Death of Others
3) Mishaps , accidents etc.... of those people you don't like
4) Misfortune of Others

The below will be some of the basic Package of what we Chinese usually burn to the "Good Brothers" of the 7th month


So what exactly does the package covers ?
Basically , this will what it will be covering

Crossing Road Money 过路钱

This is the thing , we Chinese will toss into the air. This is the money ghosts need to pay to cross over. if they never pay the crossing over money , they cannot cross.

This money is for both the 7 month good brothers as well as the attendants and guards of the underworld.
we want to make things easy for everyone and not problem and troubles for both the 7th month brothers and the underworld guards.

We call this in Chinese as GUO LU QIAN 过路钱


Followed Next will the most traditional Paper Money for the dead
this is the common paper money we always burn for the dead on funerals, death anniversary, etc.....


Followed will be the Currency of the underworld. This currency is known as the Hell Notes


Next it is the Chinese Ingots , bullion and coins


Followed will be some of the burning for the dead


Finally would be the Offerings for the dead


Now that we are done with most basic package , the next thing will be the Set up

Photobucket Photobucket
Finally it is time for the actual Prayer

do not forget to toss the 过路钱 ( Guo Lu Qian)  sky high & it be blown all over the place as shown below


Now you can do your praying


& Finally time to burn ! burn as much as possible with sincerity


Do you believe that they are all over to receive ? did you spot many ghost orbs in the photo?
are they really indeed ghost orbs or was it something faulty with the camera? you decide

for the food wise that you have offered for them. generally to speak you can really offer them anything you like.

after you are done with the prayer, you have 2 options in fact
1) leave the food and drinks behind as it is alone and walk off
2) take back your offerings and have it for yourself.

should you choose the 2nd option, there will be something that you will need to do, and that will be to toss the Chinese Moon Oracle ( 阴阳笑杯)Yin Yang Xiao Bei

Only when it appears shown in the above, one is facing down and the other is facing up it means that the "good brothers" of the 7th month have already received your offerings and given you the permission to take back the so called offerings for yourself  to eat and drink.

but if  after tossing 3 times and still does not shows that ,  but instead like the below 2 pictures , it is then a clear indication that you should not take the offering back.

However, if you do not have this Chinese Moon Oracle ( 阴阳笑杯)Yin Yang Xiao Bei
There are also substitutes and that will be the normal coins we use in our daily lives.

An example of such would be the 50 cent Singapore coin

But However, please do kindly and dearly remember that you never ever use the Singapore $1 coin for the case of Singapore Coin.

The reason to it is simply because , it has been said that each and every single Singapore $1 coins are already caste with Chinese Taoism/Buddhism magic with the ability to exorcist Ghosts.

You may read up again on this topic which Asiaparanormal has posted before

[Click here to read Singapore's Coin of protection]
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And according to the old legends, if the " Good Brothers" of the 7th month really had tasted your food and drinks, when you eat and drink the offerings, you will find them very tasteless. Believe or not , that is up to you.

Hope that everyone find this article useful and informative

May you all be well blessed in this Chinese 7th month
& Take Care of yourselves  dear readers

Best Regards,
Team Asiaparanormal


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