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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chinese Hungry Ghosts Haunts USA between August and September

To the eastern culture, the calendar calendar month of the 7th moon, which is between the 2nd hebdomad of August and first hebdomad of September, is a month of hungry shades festival. This is the calendar month where the spirit of the dead or the shades are released from the world of sleep and are allowed to wander freely on earth. A Hole medal and a straw cross over your front door might just be enough in some circles to protect Hungry Ghost from invading your home, life and mind!

The Holly Blessed medal nailed to the door might just ward off a Banshee, a Vampire or a ghoul or two. But .... can ancestor ghosts still enter? Real Hungry Ghost will enter your life and demand to be fed. Precautions need to be made in months in advance. "They only want to be respected and cause you all kinds of harm for what they believe is your own good!" says Ghost Hunter Diane Chang, of San Francisco.

" Nothing but the old ways can stop these family members from coming to haunt you . And these angry hungry souls are not appeased easy. From The News: It's Ghost Season in Japan - Who You Gonna Call? - How can one stop being haunted by ghosts? In the Christianized West, holy water and crosses may help ward off ghosts, but they won't keep their Japanese counterparts, buried under Shinto or Buddhist rites, at bay. Instead, "ofuda" strips inscribed with Buddhist sutras are believed to be effective in keeping evil spirits away. Some Shinto shrines also provide "oharai," a purification ritual that removes bad omens with wooden wands and chants. -- Japan Times By Raggse J. McConnell According to long centuries old tradition, the Hungry Ghost Month is a very evil time - which began August 1 in the western calendar of every year-

On this day the locked shut the gates of the underworld open wide and fiercely, allowing real Spooks, specters and real evil angry ghosts to enter the world of mortals. At the end of the month, tradition holds the ghosts return to the underworld and the gates are slammed shut. But many ghosts do so much damage in this short time lives are ruined forever. But wait, don't you know some Hungry ghosts can move in and never leave. Oh... No! It's the most haunted month of the year! When August 1st rolls around each year be afraid be very afraid! The ghosts that can to your home have many tricks up their shrouded sleeves.

 From pesky Womb ghosts to deadly anal spooks ( Also See: " Womb Ghosts --- A Womb With A Boo!" here) your life can be in serious trouble. And if your a paranormal investigator you might be at a higher risk because many ghosts know who you are and most likely where you live. None of this is a joke by any means. August has always been the month when it seems lifeless ghost gain more energy. Haunting that have laid dormant gain strength. And all paranormal mayhem breaks loose in the world of the living.

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