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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chinese Lanterns: Rashes of UFOs Appearing Along the India/China Border?

It’s is something we’ve been hearing about for weeks now: a number of news outlets have carried the story of what literally could be described as rashes of unidentified luminescent objects, seen hovering in the skies near the border between the Asian countries of India and China. While theories exist, news outlets (particularly in India) have seemed to indicate that the country’s military is concerned about the presence of these objects, and what their true origin may be. Others, however, have put forth the claim that these objects are simply mundane appearances of “Chinese Lanterns” (a famous, and very convenient “explanation” issued for the majority of UFO reports that emerge in recent years). But could there be something more to the stories of odd lights we’ve been hearing of in recent weeks? Are they truly the mere result of some mundane phenomenon, or might there be evidence of some technological presence present here? The reports are indeed curious, and although conventional explanations can’t be ruled out, official studies seem to remain inconclusive in determining what kind of phenomenon, specifically, may be underlying these strange appearances. The craft in question have variously been described as luminous “orbs” or “lobes,” and are objects capable of emitting a glowing light at both night and daytime. According to a report featured at the World News Tomorrow Website, which referenced material that originally appeared in India Today, military officials in the East do seem to remain stumped by the objects and their curious appearances: [Click here to read full article]


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