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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Dooms Day Dream of ShiJie

How Dooms Day will strike in my dream of 21st Dec 2012 night time
Since the 20th of December, my friends and I were on the group chat (whatsapp) , chatting and joking about December 21st, the so called Dooms day as per the Mayan calendar. we talk , chat , joke, poke fun, talk rubbish etc... on this topic all the way till december 21st evening time itself.

then during the night of december 21st itself when I was sleeping, a dream came upon me on how will dooms day strike upon us.

Just like what Nostradamus, mention about a calm morning in the prediction of PSY's Gangnam Style, similarly Dooms day in my dream also occur on a very usual calm morning just like any other normal days.

But again just when you thought that it is just any other normal usual days , you are wrong.
indeed it appear like any other usual normal day but suddenly humans began to gather around down the streets in crowds and as a matter of time it broke up into a gang fight and riots downs the streets and roads all over the place.

this lead into us humans killing one another

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Contributed by : ShiJie


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