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Monday, May 31, 2010

Philippines : Ghosts Sightings at work place

Paranormal File.... From Ralph , Philippines (8 May 10, 02:37 PM)

It was a pleasant day, last Thursday. I worked on a foaming industry of the Philippines. It was 2am and I was on duty and my co workers are asleep. I was searching for a measuring tape and asked my colleague, Wiljun if he knows where it is.

He said it was on the fiber making table and I headed straight for the place. As it was dark, I brought along a flash light. Along my way as I walking, I heard numerous sounds of children, crying. This made my hairs stand but however I wasn't terrified.

I went towards the direction where the sounds came from and near the making department, I saw 3 sitting children who were crying and they were holding hands together. However, they had no feet. I couldn't figure out if they were boy or girl as it dark.

Suddenly they screamed and the hideous scream was so sharp that I decided to run. I wanted to have a talk with them but it sorts of freaks me.

There are many paranormal events which I had experienced. I have what some called as the 3rd eye and I always tell myself that I am gifted as my conclusion. This is my favorite quote which I would always tell myself as follows : “ existence which science cannot explained is nothing to be feared of , nothing to be terrified of, nothing to horrified of . . nothing to hate of, nothing . . nothing .. nothing but . . "mercy" =(

To simplified, it means : Anything that cannot be explained by science isn't really something that you need to fear, but the most only mercy.

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