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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best of paranormal news in 2010

In this list, we take a look back at some of the most outstanding paranormal news in year 2010.

1. Eerie Outpost Unnerves US Marines With Strange Lights And Whispers In The Night

JANUARY: This news reports on the case of US soldiers who supposedly experienced ghostly encounters while on tour in Afghanistan.


2. Indian Man's Internal Organs All Back-To-Front

FEBRUARY: This man from India is reported to have his internal organs all reversed, like a mirror image.


3. Tajik Boy Captures UFO On Mobile Phone Camera

MARCH: A boy from Tajikistan manages to film a UFO on his mobile phone.


4. Mayor Sends In Troops After Alien April Fool Panic

APRIL: After a April Fool's joke published by a newspaper in Jordan, the local mayor believes it to be true and sends his troops to investigate.


5. Woman Wants Police To Detain Brother's Spirit

MAY: In this bizzare tale, a woman complains to local police that her dead brother was disturbing her, and wants them to arrest him.


6. Possessed Student Given Isolated Room During Exams

JUNE: A student said to be possessed by a deity is given an isolated room for his exams, to prevent him from "disturbing" other students.


7. Paul VS Mani's Prediction Of World Cup 2010

JULY: As World Cup fever heats up, psychic animals are pulling out all their stops to be the king of predictors.


8. Incredible Photos And Video Of UFO That Closed Chinese Airport

AUGUST: In this month, a UFO manages to shut down an entire airport in China. Evidence include photos, eyewitnesses accounts and videos.


9. God Did Not Create Universe

SEPTEMBER: In a startling revelation, Professor Stephen Hawking announces that God no longer has any place in theories on the creation of the Universe due to a series of developments in physics.


10. Korean Exorism In USA Results In Death Of Teen

OCTOBER: A extraordinary case of a Korean teenager who died due to a botched exorcism.


11. Lady Gaga's Paranormal Teamster

NOVEMBER: International superstar Lady Gaga is reportedly haunted by a spirit. Or was it due to her bizarre antics and behavior that attracted the spirits?


12. 3 Very Large Objects In Space Flying To Earth

DECEMBER: It could be a impending sign of doom or a rather misguided ramblings of a confused man. Read and decide.



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