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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of the Paranormal in Singapore 2010

Here, we take a look at the most puzzling paranormal events to happen in Singapore in 2010.

1. Man Threatens To Down Qantas Jet With Mind Power

A truly strange story where a man claims to be able to use his psychic powers to bring down a Qantas flight from Sydney to Singapore.


2. Divine Parrot In Singapore Predict Spain Will Win The World Cup 2010

Mani the parakeet makes football result predictions for World Cup 2010. He has a success rate of 83%.


3. Fear And Worry Over Teen Girls Who Go Into Trance In Class

In a case of either spirtual possession or mass hysteria, a group of teen girls


4. Singapore Bus 'Ghost' Captured On Camera

A man claims to have taken pictures of a ghost while riding in a bus.


5. Strange Noises Spook Guests At Scotts Rd Hotel

A guest at the Scotts Road Hotel reports hearing strange noises in her room, even while room is empty.


6. Getai Fans Alarmed When Host Suddenly Wails And Collapses At Hungry Ghost Show

A getai singer suddenly collapses on stage. Was it because the hungry ghost spirits were unhappy at her performance?


7. Smoke Without Fire In Choa Chu Kang

Smoke mysteriously appears without fire in Choa Chu Kang, its source is as yet unknown.


8. 20 Year Old Girl Suspected Of Being Possessed Brought To Sleep In Coffin

A truly bizarre story of a girl suspected of being possessed brought to sleep in a coffin in an exorcism attempt.


9. Mystery Red Lights Fly In Triangle Formation Over Upper Paya Lebar

A resident films a series of red lights flying in the sky in formation over Paya Lebar.


10. Large 'Fireball' Seen Falling Over Singapore Skyline

A 'fireball' was spotted falling over the Singapore sky.


11. Bear-Like Creature Spotted Along Ulu Pandan, Singapore

Although later proven to be a publicity stunt, this video of a bear-like creature caused a huge stir when first released.


12. Merlion Struck By Lightning!

The Merlion, struck by lightning, could have implications upon the nation's fortunes.


13. UFO In Singapore

A tourist took this picture of an UFO while staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel.


14. Chemical-Like Smell Engulfs Several Parts Of S'pore

A weird chemical smell engulfs Singapore, mainly in the North Eastern part.


15. Mysterious Hole In Geylang

A hole mysteriously appears in Geylang on a road.


16. Eerie Scream Heard In Factory Toilet

This man reports hearing a woman's screams while using a toilet in a factory.



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