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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oliver the Mutant Chimp

A chimpanzee named Oliver has stumped and astonished scientists for nearly twenty years. He is physiologically unusual, with a lack of hair on his chest and head, and a jawline and ears that are shaped differently from normal chimps. But more notably, Oliver very much acts human. Way too human.

Oliver was born in the Congo and sold to South African animal trainers Frank and Janet Burger in the early 1970s. From his youth he seemed not to belong with the other chimps, preferring instead to socialize with humans. He always walked upright and learned to use the toilet. His owners found that he enjoyed chores such as pushing a wheelbarrow and preparing dog food for the family dogs. Oliver was also fond of relaxing by watching television and drinking Seven-Up and whiskey. When his mind turned to sexual thoughts, Oliver was not interested in female chimps -- he went after Mrs. Burger and any other human women he saw.

Oliver's libido eventually forced the Burgers to sell him to an American trainer, and Oliver began a career of traveling as a trained chimp, demonstrating all manner of highly intelligent behavior. He came to be promoted as "The Missing Link," and there was much speculation about his genetic makeup.

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