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Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 Ancient Mysteries of Asia (Part 1)

by Joan Seth (joanseth77@gmail.com)

Our planet Earth has existed for about 4.5 billions of years, while humans have only existed for a few thousand years. But there are still a lot of things that we humans do not know about our past.

In this article, we take a look at some mysterious ancient structures and artifacts, whereupon we ask ourselves these questions: Where did ancient man obtain advanced knowledge? Where has this knowledge gone to? Did a deity or extraterrestrials give ancient man a helping hand?

1. Baalbek, Lebanon

Baalbek in Lebanon is one of the most mysterious places on earth. Ancient builders crafted the largest and heaviest stones on earth. There are blocks of about 10 metres long, 5 metres high and 3–4 metres deep. They weigh more than 450 tons each. At least 24 blocks have been discovered.

There are 3 even bigger blocks above these megaliths, weighing approximately 1000 tons each.

The mystery here is that even today, hardly any machinery exists to transport, lift and position such enormous blocks in such a restricted area. And of course, it is unimaginable that in ancient times people could have done this with manpower and ropes.

[The Mystery of Baalbek]

2. The Baghdad Battery, Iran

This object was unearthed at Khuyut in 1936. This mysterious object was estimated to date from a period between a few hundred years BC to some hundreds of years AD.

The Baghdad Battery is about 15 cm high with a lid of asphalt and an oxidised iron rod in the middle, surrounded by a 9 cm copper cylinder with a diameter of about 26 mm. When the vase is filled with an electrolyte, such as lemon juice or vinegar, it is able to deliver an electrical charge of approximately 1 volt.

It is however too small to provide any reasonable power. Dozens of these batteries would have to be connected. Furthermore, the similarity to the first batteries invented in 1867 is striking.

[The Baghdad Battery]

3. Borsippa, Iraq

In ancient times Borsippa or ‘Birs Numrud’ was the location of the Ezida temple, which was devoted to the god Marduk and in earlier times to the god Nabu.

The south westerly mound, the Birs proper, is probably the most conspicuous and striking ruin in all of Iraq. It is split down the centre and surrounded by huge masses of vitrified brick. Single enamelled bricks, most bearing an inscription of Nebuchadnezzar are also found around the site. They are twisted, curled and broken, as if damaged by great heat.

The mystery here is the intensity of the destruction since vitrified bricks can only be created by heat exceeding 1100 degrees Celsius in open air, which is impossible to achieve using standard means.

The only known vitrification in the open has resulted from nuclear explosions or impacts of comets. The latter can be ruled out in the case of Borsippa. The general belief is that lightning caused the vitrification, a theory which has proven to be impossible.

[The Mystery of Borsippa]

4. Candi Sukuh, Indonesia

The Candi Sukuh pyramid is located on the island of Java in Indonesia. It is the only pyramid on the Indonesian archipelago. Each stone in the pyramid has been tailor made. The pyramid would have been built in or around 1430 according to archaeologists.

The pyramid was mysteriously built using the same architectural techniques as per the pyramids in Mexico and Guatemala. Could these same techniques somehow managed to travel across the ocean thousands of kilometres apart and applied by people in different countries and cultures?

[Sukuh Temple is still A mystery]

5. Catal Hüyük, Turkey

Catal Hüyük existed from about 7250 BC till about 5600 BC. It is located in the central part of Turkey and was discovered by locals in 1958.

There are no streets; the houses were built one against the other. The only entrance was from above. In course of time, deteriorating houses were broken down and on top of the layer of rubble new houses were erected.

The larger rooms were plastered with white chalk and used for living; the smaller ones were stores. There were no buildings for governing or other public duties. It is a mystery why the entrances to the houses were only on the roof of the houses.

[The Religion of Catal Huyuk]

6. Chinese Pyramids, China

The existence of pyramids in China was discovered during the Second World War by an American pilot named Gaussmann.

In the area to the north of the city of Xian, there are about 25 pyramids. The biggest of these is near the famous ‘Terracotta Army’ and with a base of 350 x 370 metres is significantly larger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt. It is still smaller than the largest pyramid in the world, the Cholula pyramid in Mexico.

[China’s Great Pyramids Controversy]

7. Göbekli Tepe, Turkey

This is one of the oldest temples in the world. In the vicinity of the little town of Sanliurfa near the Syrian border, there is an archaeological excavation, Göbekli Tepe, which consists of a number of circular buildings which are made of limestone blocks that weigh several thousand kilograms each.

The structures date back to 9500 BC. Many of the stone circles have yet to be excavated, but the few that have been brought to light have diameters of up to 30 metres and the stones are decorated with reliefs of animals. There is no evidence of habitation and no consumer goods have been found which suggests that the site is an early temple.

The mystery in question is how it is possible that in a scarcely populated world, a world where mankind lived in a primitive manner, such a sophisticated building for which a high level of organisation would have been required could have been constructed.

[World’s First Known Religious Temple at Göbekli Tepe]

8. Jericho, Palestine

Jericho, located at Tell es-Sultan is believed to be the oldest city in the World. The earliest human habitation took place in about 9000 BC, though the first permanent settlers came in 8000-7000 BC. The site then consisted of a few walls and a tower, and measures about 40 hectares.

The development of cities is strongly related to the invention and development of agriculture which enabled the establishment of larger populations. However, mysteriously, the construction of Jericho predates the invention of agriculture. It is likewise a mystery why the city needed walls. Who could be an enemy in a rather empty world?

[Mystery of Ancient Jericho Monument Revealed]

9. Korean Dolmens, Korea

More than 40% of the world's dolmens are found in Korea. It is believed that they date back from the seventh century BC to around the third century BC.

There are two main types of dolmens. The table type, where a flat stone is supported by three or four standing stones. In the second type, the supportive stones are partially underground.

The great similarity to dolmens in Ireland, the United Kingdom and France suggests transatlantic contact during ancient times. Till date, their exact purpose still remains a mystery.

[History mystery: Dolmens stone formation]

10. Madain Salleh, Saudi Arabia

Madain Salleh is a city in Saudi Arabia. It is a sister city of Petra, built by the Nabateans more than 2000 years ago.

This mysterious city does not contain any houses, but it is actually made up of only temples and tombs which all have been hewn from the rocks. The site is about 13 km long.

[The Mystery of Madain Saleh]

Some pictures and text in this article are granted permission to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; and as such are reproduced in this article.


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