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Friday, October 7, 2011

Haunted offices in Singapore

Amidst all them there are others who wander caring less of whatever the season maybe. Over here we scoured high and low to share with you five freaky office incidents -- whether you believe it...or not.

1. Hitachi Tower

While working on a report that had to be submitted the very next day, two colleagues heard a knock coming from the direction of the window.

Clear skies indicated that it wasn't the rain and, at 8pm it was hard to imagine a pigeon crashing onto the window.

Assuming that it was nothing, they shrugged their shoulders and soldiered on with their work.

However, it was not too soon before the 'knocking' returned more furious than the first time.

The disturbing sound proved to be a little too spooky and the two decided that it was time to punch out and left.

It was the first and last time that such a disturbance was recorded.

2. Old School @ Mt Sophia

An office that had been vacant for eight years in Old School was to be leased by a company.

Before signing the contract, a member of the company suggested bringing a Fengshui master along on the recce trip to the boss.

The boss agreed; so, the employee, the boss, the Fengshui master and his daughter-in-law headed down to the office.

After the trip, a very solemn Fengshui master revealed to his audience that the spirits of a man, a woman, a child and an old man reside in the premises.

He suggested doing a prayer to ask for their blessing before commencing any renovation works.

Within the compound of the premises also stands an old tree that has a yellow ribbon tied around it; it is believed that many spirits reside around it.

Point to note: None of the employees in that particular office stay later than 6.20pm.

3. Shaw Centre - The Gateway

A particular floor on Shaw Centre is reported to be a gateway of sorts for lost souls, or perhaps a meeting place.

In a certain office, on a certain floor, an employee and the boss were gathered in the conference room for a meeting, when the employee spotted his colleague gesturing at them.

Assuming that it was an offer for a drink, he declined.

A few hours later the employee received a call from the colleague that had 'offered' her a drink with a spooky tale.

There had been a guest seated beside the duo in the conference throughout the meeting. The colleague had realised that their guest had no beverage served to the guest and assumed that the client would need one hence the gesticulation.

However, when the duo had left in a 'huff' to attend a meeting without the guest, the colleague realised that it was not a client!

Imagine her horror when the 'guest' turned around and smiled at her.

The 'guest' was soon spotted again standing beside the hand-dryer in the ladies' restroom by another colleague with the gift of the 'third eye'.

In the same office space there had been the sighting of a Caucasian man walking through walls!

4. HDB Office Block @ Jurong East Street 13

For five days, 'Lynn' kept spotting a man from the corner of her eye at her desk.

However, the strange visitor would vanish every time she turned and tried to make eye-contact.

The incident carried on for all five working days (Monday - Friday), the visitor was nothing more than just an irritation.

However, when she returned on Saturday to clear up some work, a colleague related to her a similar experience the night before, about a Chinese man who stood around before disappearing when someone made eye-contact.

When she asked if 'he' wore a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, they affirmed it and she told them that he had been around for a week now!

5. The Night Safari$

Not only are buildings haunted but so is Singapore's famous Night Safari.

Security guards have seen and heard clapping and cheering from the old amphitheatre that used to be behind the reception counter at about 1.30 in the morning.

Another infamous spirit lives in the tree beside the suspension bridge.

It is believed that many have seen a long-haired lady dressed in dressed white, however, those who are 'blessed/cursed' with the gift to see into the netherworld claim that she is dressed in black.

Point to note: No one has ever seen her face.

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