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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pen Fairies (笔仙) introduction


What Are Pen Fairies?

 “pen fairies” are actually a form of mediumship that’s gaining popularity among teenagers. It is believed that through the ritual, spirits/ghosts will be invited to answer questions by the players.

While “pen fairies” are widely regarded as a valid and effective ritual by most, the mention of the “pen fairies” will alarm anyone – lots of rumours describing how one got cursed or possessed after performing the mediumship. It’s agreed that if one does the ritual wrongly, the implications would be terrifying.

There are also other variants, such as “disc fairies (very similar to Oujia boards)” and “chopstick fairies” – while the ritual is performed differently, the principle remains exactly the same.


1.There should be at least 2 people involved, as it would be hard to perform the ritual alone.
2.It should be done at night, but not after 12.00am, since it’s believed that the Gate to Hell opens at the stroke of midnight, and “evil spirits” will be temporarily released.
3.A smooth pen/pencil, and a large piece of paper.
4.Faith in the existence of spirits. That means you can’t perform the ritual if you’re a naturalist/sceptic.
5.When the ritual is underway, you must concentrate solely on it.


1.Close the lights, and lit a couple of candles.
2.Cross one of your hands with one of the other player’s hand. Note that your arm must not touch the table – you need to have it in mid-air throughout the whole ritual.
3.Put a pen/pencil perpendicular to the table surface in between the 2 hands. Hold it gently.
4.Chant something like: “Come here now, pen fairy” repeatedly. It may take up to 15 minutes, but it depends.
5.Once the pen begins to move, then it is an indication that the pen fairy/spirit has arrived. In case you’re not sure whether it’s really one, you may ask: “Are you a pen fairy? If yes, tick on the paper.”
6.Start asking questions such as “Who are you [the spirit]?”, “Who was I in my previous life?”, “What is my fate?” and so on. The pen fairy will start drawing answers on the paper. However, the questions must be simple, or they won’t work.
7.Once you feel like stopping the ritual, you must ask the pen fairy to go away politely. Do this wrongly, and you’ll get cursed/possessed.

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Disclaimer : Team Asia Paranormal strongly discourage our readers to try it out! You are advised and recommended not to do it.

Team Asia Paranormal will not be responsible for any mishaps of any sort in the events of anyone trying it out on their own despite the warnings.

Try it at your own risk! Never dabble with the underworld and unknown.


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