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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Would You Believe Jesus had a Chinese Brother name Hong Xiu Quan ( 洪秀全 ) ?

The Bible 


In the bible, God send his son down to earth as a human and this child's name is known as Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus was send to sacrifice himself by using his own blood to wash away our sins. It was through Jesus that we, the foolish mortals came to learn of god and his love


In the Bible, Jesus, was the Son of God but to the Muslims in their Quran (Koran) , Jesus was only but just a mere prophet, a human only and definitely not the son of god. Conflicts But the conflicts in the statement does not ends there! This is another that much of us has left out. God has another son! One which he had send during the times of the Romans which was mentioned earlier as Lord Jesus Christ but god had made his plan to send down his second son down several years later down to China during the era of China's Qing Dynasty

 Hong Xiu Quan ( 洪秀全 )

This man was none other than Hong XiuQuan whose lifespan was from 1 January 1814 – 1 June 1864. It was god's plan , his destiny to fulfil his mission in China which was to establish a Heavenly Kingdom in China and this Kingdom did ever once established itself in China. It was known as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom which lasted between 1851–1864.

XiuQuan was born in a Hakka Family in Canton Province. Since Young he had great pressures from his family member where his studies is of concerned. He had made a total of 4 attempts in the civil service examinations and he failed all. During his 3rd attempt, he had suffered a very serious nervous breakdown. Upon his recovery, he had numerous mystical visions which he could not comprehend and set him into serious thoughts of what his dreams was about His Dreams In his dream first dream, there was an old man who complained to him about men worshipping demons rather than him. In his second dream, he saw Confucius being punished for his faithlessness, after which he repented.


In his third dream, he dreamt of angels carrying him to heaven, where he met a man in a black dragon robe with a long golden beard who gave him a sword and a magic seal, and told him to purge China of demons.

He came to know and learn about the bible and after his fourth attempt in the civil service examination, He had became a Christan. It was then that he had already by then understood and comprehend what was his dreams about. It had mean that God the Heavenly Father, whom he identified with Shangdi from Chinese tradition, wanted him to rid the world of demon worship. According to his friends and family, after this episode he had became authoritative, solemn and taller in height as compared to past

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  1. Sure, 20 million lives to be taken in the process, sounds very much the style of that particular religion and god. Violence and death, no problem.


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