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Monday, March 12, 2012

Is There Evidence of Advanced Technology in Ancient Hopi Culture?

by Micah Hanks

Years ago, I recall doing an interview with a very skeptically-minded cosmologist, who on occasion would humor journalists by fielding questions about UFOs, most–if not all of which–he believed, could be explained away through the marvelous knowledge base of the modern sciences. When asked if he believed humankind had ever had interaction with advanced extraterrestrial intelligences, he replied, “I don’t think there’s any evidence of that sort of thing in recent times, although I wouldn’t be surprised at all if hadn’t likely happened in prehistoric times.”

I found this statement rather interesting, since it seemed to allude to the very same sort of sentiment expressed within the UFO circles: that mankind may have had “help” at various times along the way in our lineage of coming to hold the position of dominance among species here on Earth. It was particularly strange to hear it coming from this individual, however, since this position is often criticized heavily by the science-minded for doubting the ingenuity and natural prowess of mankind as a species, instead favoring the position that we could not have achieved what we have on our own.

Regardless of what position on the matter one may hold, it cannot be dismissed that a multitude of ancient sacred and religious texts from around the world can be interpreted as dealing with this approach: from the Sanskrit epics of ancient India, rife with their reports of flying “vimanas” and advanced sounding weapons, to similar rich traditions found amidst cultures of ancient Mesopotamia, there are many who claim that evidence of a far greater level of advancement existed on Earth thousands of years ago… the question, of course, has to do with whether such proposed advanced technologies were our own, or if they came from someplace else.

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