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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tree Women - Naree Pon

One of the greatest mysteries in Thailand surrounds the existence of Tree Women known as Naree Pon or Makalipon. Naree Pon are like fruit Faeries, females with perfect form and great beauty but miniature in size.

Legend has it that the God Indra ( Phra Indra or Phra-In in Thailand) created a magical forest as a safe abode for Prince Vessantara and his family to live. This forest he called the Himapan Forest. Prince Vessandara was the Lord Buddha in one of his previous lives. In the Himapan Forest, Indra planted 16 magical Nareepon trees.

Lord Indra had two reasons for planting trees with fruits like gorgeous women. The first reason was to catch out the misbehaving Deities who had not been able to overcome their sexual lust. They would be tempted to make love to these tree Fairies and then would immediately fall into a coma. When they awoke they would find their magical powers had disappeared. The second reason was to protect the wife of Prince Vessandara from being pestered by these same sinful Deities.

After the Nareepon flowers blossomed, bunches of Naree Pon would be formed. In 4 days they would drop from the tree and could talk, dance and sing. In just 7 days they would die and start to shrivel until eventually becoming about the size of a person’s hand. Legend states that Nareepon trees will exist until the World no longer has a single person following the teachings of the Lord Buddha.

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1 comment:

  1. My mom believes narepoon is real...there's a lot of unexplain things in this world.


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