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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A rare abduction scenario from Israel

Source: Gil Bar, UFOs in Israel Timeline through Phantom and Monsters Blog

by Albert Rosales

Location: Al Sarafand, Israel - 1967 - night

A local resident watched a luminous egg-shaped object land nearby. As he watched he heard a telepathic message inviting him very amicably to enter. He accepted the invitation and entered the object through an opened hatch. Inside he was met by several short gray creatures with large hairless heads and huge black eyes.

He then noticed what appeared to be several ‘operating tables’, and begged the aliens not to examine him. He exited the object and walked backwards keeping his eyes on the object when suddenly a bright beam of light struck him on his stomach and sent him flying a distance of several meters. When he was able to move again the object had vanished. That same night other local residents reported seeing a bright UFO in the sky.


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