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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Asians are Alliens ?


While doing some research for a book I was thinking of writing, I came upon a bunch of web pages dedicated to exploring the connection between aliens and people of Asian descent. Not the “aliens ineligible for citizenship” kind, but literally aliens from outer space — It seems that people on the Internet believe that Asians are either aliens themselves or the love child of an intergalactic relationship.
Most of the “evidence” (I use the word evidence very loosely) for this alien/Asian connection are based on out-dated Asian stereotypes. Some of my personal favorites: We’re good at math and seem to be technologically advanced, our lack of size/hair/height, the perceived difficulty/complexity of our languages, our martial arts abilities, our almond (their word, not mine) eyes, the fact that the Bible does not mention us, and many other silly reasons that are too numerous (and idiotic) to list here. The most convincing though is the fact that “aliens” sounds similar to “Asians.” It is impossible to argue with that kind of logic..
In addition, many people who claim to have been abducted by aliens have said their abductors looked Asian. According to UFOAnlyer, 25% of the people who have been abducted have said that their abductor’s eyes were “oriental” or “mongoloid.” And in that same report, one guy even had sexual relations with two alien women. One was a blond and the other was Asian looking!

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