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Monday, September 10, 2012

Bad Fengshui or Coincidence For deaths in Bedok ? ( Compilations of Bedok related articles)

Has it been of a mere recently Coincidence or is it really some serious and terrible bad Fengshui ( Geomancy) reason that is resulting in much of the recent news of Singapore concerning Bedok ?

Even with exorcism with recent deaths on the rise did not even seem to help much.  

In the recent years, deaths had repeated itself again and again for the case of Bedok Reservoir. The numbers of dead just seem to be increasing.

after much research by much masters and various communities of different groups, the most likely possible reason seem to be FENG SHUI ( Geomancy)

Some of points in Common from the various groups and sects of the fengshui masters about Bedok reservoir was the shape of the reservoir, as that there is a human trapped in the middle trying very hard to get out. This human is faced with much threats from the surroundings and is in fear & anxiety.

as a result of such people who die there are not in some proper state of mind. They are confused, sad, disappointed etc..............

or could it just be of some mere coincidence ?

Deaths occurs everywhere, all the time. why didn't other places seem to be a hot topic for such ?  why only Bedok reservoir ? it is just a mere coincidence.

But again, the Chinese had an old saying that this word , coincidence happen only 3 times anything that is more than 3 times cannot be termed as coincidence anymore.

furthermore, law enforcers cannot afford to believe in this words called as coincidence. Same goes for many other occupations especially when there want to solves mysteries. It will be impossible to solve any mysteries and resolve any cases if these group of people believe in this word call as coincidence.

But again saying this, we still cannot deny that coincidence do exist in this world as well with no other explanations.

So how much of it is it really of a mere coincidence or is there more than to meet the eye with Feng Shui as the reason , just perhaps ?

The below would be a compilations of articles we had related to Bedok so far.

Dear Readers, Bad Feng Shui or Coincidence or others reasons, you decide for yourselves.

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