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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Breaking Thai Love Spell ( is it possible ? )

DO anyone know of any shifu/ high monk who knows how to break love spells from thailand? I need help desperately. I suspect my ex hubby is under the curse. He saw some sort of thing with his name, birthdate and lock of hair with the thai lady. Though we are not together anymore, i do not want him to suffer. Pls help, anyone. Thanks.


QUOTE (restless2 @ Aug 6 2010, 12:25 PM) *
Is there such a thing as to use black magic to capture a person's soul? Im getting alot of hallucination. Seek help from a medium already. Condition improved alot but sometimes still gt hallucination. And i also vry worried that what i mentioned is true. Ask the medium he sometimes says actually gt ppl do black magic on me sometimes say got dirty things follow me sometimes say cannot say. =( There's a time he even say that after i die i have to do alot bad thing for the caster. Die liao cant reincarnate then he ask mi chant everyday so that the spell will weaken and break eventually then my soul can reincarnate in future after i die. Same as my hallucination leh. Went to other medium all say different thing. Anyone can advise me on this whether gt such thing?

if u still not well, try tzltan@yahoo.com.sg. he might able advise u

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