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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Spells Forum Discussion ( Is it adviscable ? )

Would you ever consider using Love spells to get the love of someone ?

Why would use love spells in the very first place ?
What would you use love spells for ? a lost love ? Revenge ? others ?
Is love spell good or evil ?

There is always a price for everything.
what would be the consequences to bare , the retributions, and repercussions ?
Will it even back fire ?

Humans have emotions, feelings and thoughts.
You may get the physical body of a person, but not the heart and soul.
will you use love spells to control and to get the heart and soul of a person ?

Are you doing more harm than good if you were to use love spell ?
a relationship under love spell , is there happiness ?

Please do share your thoughts , views and opinion on this topic after reading the link

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  1. After going through Grays testimony, i was amazed and was thinking if it was true, i contacted chief Dr Love magic urgently for help on getting back by EX, Paul was the love of my life and i really loved him.So when i shared everything with Chief Dr lovemagic he said my lover will be back to me within 24hours i was like 24hours he said yes.Really the most amazing thing was that the time was not up to 24hours a man who left me for almost 4years i got a call from him...Sharing tears that he wants to see me..i said he should come over which he did.He cried and said i should forgive him.i said i have and he said he wants to prove himself that he will never leave me for another lady.so he gave me access to his account and me is beneficiary.Am so happy and grateful to Chief Dr Love magic for what he has done for me bringing back joy to my life. He just told me to tell friends and more people to contact him for any kind of solutions, Friends i can swear by anything that Chief DR Love magic is a man you can contact for help and he is trustworthy.Here his is private mail drlovemagicspellcaster@yahoo.com or cell number +2348189361454

  2. I got scammed by series of spell casters,i finally met a group of spell casters that always recommend the genuine ones,and they are also working on getting the fake casters arrested all over the world..
    write them to confirm if the spell caster you are using is real or not and ask them for advice before you uses any caster,you just send them their names and contact information,they will tell you if they are real or not.
    their email is spellcastersunited@gmail.com and you can also call their agent on +1-281-803-8468
    please be wise.

  3. Thats weird they recommended lagatakompo and that guy ran off with my 900 after he saiid he swears hed refund it if my spell didnt work i think theyre all fake and no help.


  4. I will recommend to anybody who's looking for a serious spell caster to help him or her get his or her lover back should contact robinsonbuckler@yahoo.com, he wont disappointed you if you ask him to help you. this spell caster MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. after his spell was done on my man, my man called me and said he wanted me back in his life and so many other things that I just could not even fathom. it was amazing!!!
    if you want help call Mr Robinson +19715126745

  5. When I was lonely I had a hard time. Luckily I found love thanks to love spell from this website http://magical-rituals.com


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