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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Fearsome Chinese Ghost in Red

The ancient Chinese had always liked the color of "Red" very much as it a representation of good luck. However at the same time, it also represents : Anger, Hate, Revenge and Blood!

Typically by traditions, Chinese are always very frightened and would tremble when it comes to a ghost in red especially further more during the night. Sometimes, Chinese taxi drivers get very confused when they see a female in Red flagging for a ride. They are confused as they do not know if what they saw is a human or is it a ghost.

Among the so many types of ghosts, the ghost in red is the most powerful and ferocious ghost among the Chinese community. They are among one of those very difficult to handle / exorcist type of ghosts.

As compare to other types of Chinese ghosts, there are still a higher chance of escape and survival or to even exorcist the ghost as compared to a ghost in red. Should one encounter a ghost in red, the chances of surviving is simply too slim. It is as good as impossible to be alive.

Even should the ghost in red you encounter is not taking any revenge on you, and that it is just asking for some favor or request from you, you still need to worry and think very hard.

The reason to it is simple. If you lied, this ghost in red will return to haunt you. If you promise this ghost anything and failed to deliver, the ghost will also come back to punish you. You will have to be very careful with your words to this ghost.

A Ghost in red is among one of the most powerful and ferocious type of ghosts ! They are full of anger and hate ! They seek revenge ! They are out for the blood/life of their targeted victim ! They will not be appeased or even rest in peace till vengeance has already been fully, satisfactory taken !

How to become this "Ghost in Red" ?
During the olden days, it is in the common case that these ghosts are the victims who has been raped or who has too much anger, hate and vengeance with a person but was unable to seek as a human. It can also be those nobles and Royals from a kingdom that has been destroyed by the enemies and these people want revenge on their enemies as a form of ghost.

In the past, the deceased will find the most remote location at the darkest hour, dressed in red clothes (AS RED AS POSSIBLE) and then finally commit suicide in a most horrible and gruesome death to their best means.

After they had died, they will be automatically be transformed into this super powerful and ferocious ghost in red!


  1. ooooo sounds So Scary

  2. Ahh.
    I'm seriously scared.

  3. Not to worry that much , this is only a general posting. hope that you did not read this posting during the night as it is not advicable to read such articles during the night.

  4. oh yah, one thing! base on chinese supertitions never ever wear red clothings at nights. A person will be inviting troubles for him/herself should he/she do.

    A person in red clothings at night can easily frighten a human as people may not know if it is human or ghost that they saw.

    at the same time if a person in red by any accidents died, this person will really become a ghost in red automatically as well. in fact it has also been said that a person in red at night has a higher chance of injury and death.

    finally, wearing red at night highly attracts other ghosts to process this person's body. Even if it does not attracts ghost process a human body, it also attracts ghosts cause disturbances to a person at night and some people even said that a person in red has a higher chance to see ghost at night.

    although supertitions are just supertitions, but it is still sometimes better to play it safe. as the sayings always says, it better to be safe than sorry.


  5. Hey Oregon. Just finished reading your stuff on Chinese Ghosts in red :) It clears up some misconceptions I wrote in my most recent blogpost. Go and check it out. I'd be interested to hear the thoughts of an expert. Keep up the ghostbusting. Noely

  6. They r not really scarely if u offence them .They can be nice too.2 looks they had:most frigthening horrible scarely look and most beauiful looks .. PL help them if they need ur help. YOu can break any people promise but make sure not breaking thier.

  7. They need care too,companion.. They are really pity........... I will never forget her forever.Good bye......My Red

  8. my four year old also said the little boy had dragons on his shoes and the little girl had princesses on her shoes.

  9. my four year old has been seeing ghosts and lately she said they were all dressed in red and in the room with her and her mom. there is also a shadow man she seems to be more frightened about. only recently they were described in all red. and she says its s mommy daddy and lil girl and lil boy. the kids that also had on dragon shoes and princess shoes. this is really getting out of hand so something would be helpful. anything?

  10. have you ever encountered anyone who share the similar experience as mine when I saw this weird woman dressed in red with long hair covered at the front, and she is standing at a place and position that is so peculiar that I can still remember. because you know if it happens and you're finding it peculiar, it would make you curious, and I am still wondering what that is. I just know it is not something common and normal to see, that is why I can still remember and I want ask someone who has the answer. waiting for your reply

  11. can I talk to anyone who can share similar experience with me.

  12. i encountered one. i regretted my actions ever since.

  13. Heres my story.

    But I tell you, heres some info on me.

    I care about people deeply and I am sympathetic, but what I act and treat others can be contractory that what I say when for the most part can be rude and childish. When I say these things I know I don't mean them but I get say them to see if I can get away with it and because sometimes I feel like being a brat (even though I am a kind and caring person).

    God is strong meaning to me. Understanding God's love has made me care about people and God has let me feel like he is holding me hand when I am scared at night in my bed or when I am scared when I am walking alone at night. You know that feeling. When its dark and you are walking home, its eerie, bitter cold, foggy, the horizon ahead of you is pitch black and your footstep dread walking into that darkness, you heart is being out of your chest, and you know each foot step is not bringing home faster and you feel like someone is there. Well having God in my mind during those times has helped me.

  14. First all sorry for the MANY typos.

    Heres my story. I have experienced many paranormal activity (I am not talking about orbs, I talking about the real thing) many times and though they give me a weird feeling, this experience tops the cake.

    One night, I stumbled on a Youtube Clip about how the nativity story could be based on a narration of why the star disappears for one night and is reappears and its always side by side with 3 shepherd stars and how my cultures' narration of the stars is similar to the nativity story and it could be that christianity doesnt really exist how we think it does. Anyways, being in a brats mood I was imagining a goth (a watched the Craft hours before), snorting out loud "pshhh God doesnt it exist". I knew it didn't mean it I was just being in a jerk mood. I felt guilt the moment i said it then within seconds, I sore a red furious face appearing in mirror that was a meter and a half from where I was lying in bed. I have grown up in a home with paranormal activity all my life, but I have never felt true fear it that those few seconds. There is no information in the internet. I am not even sure what it means or what I should do.

    Please don't send hateful comments, I know I shouldn't have said it. Dealing with that experience was a bad enough consequence


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