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Monday, February 22, 2010

10 Ways to See Ghost - Chinese Style

Author: Crooket Ways

1. A pregnant woman survived and live when she tried to commit suicide will be granted the ability to see ghost. This is due to the belief that spirits will wait by the side of pregnant women to take over the body of the just-born child. With the attempt of suicide, the woman is trying to kill a life that has not even existed thus forcing her against the forces of nature. She will then gifted the power of sight and most likely will be haunted by the spirit who was going to be her child.

2. Dog are best known to be very sensitive to ghost, have you wondered why dog always bark at some angle without any apparent reason? Dipping the tears of a dog onto your eye and you will find out why. Some mention that the same will work when cemetery mud is applied.

3. The Chinese folks will scream on top of their voice if you open an umbrella indoor. This act is the most unwelcome and will lure ghost to drop by to say hello. So get yourself an umbrella and open it as many times as you wish indoor your house.

4. Wear a hat and make sure it covers both of your eyebrows and find a reported haunted place. Scroll around the premise while turning to look behind you every 3 or 5 sec. Brace yourself every time when you turn back…

5. Combing your hair in the mirror at midnight is said to give you sight due to your vanity. Mirrors reflect humans and ghosts thus vanity is often not tolerated by ghosts.

6. Go to the graveyard at dusk and look in between your legs. This is said to be disrespect for the dead thus granting you the sight to see the dead - most likely haunting though! So be warned.

7. In the eastern cultures, the burning of joysticks in graveyards is a sign of respect. To see ghosts, one must take a burning joystick from a graveyard, throw it on the floor, take its ashes and rub it on themselves. This is the ultimate sign of disrespect for the dead as the joystick burning is a sign of respect and prosperity for the dead by those who care for them. By doing so, you will be granted the power of sight. However, be warned, it might not be a pretty sight at all considering what you have done.

8. Use an Ouiji board. This is a kind of board used to communicate with the dead. Although this method has proven to be very accurate, you have to be careful in that by using the Ouiji board, you may be disturbing a violent ghost who will refuse to let you leave the board game. Never leave the board game without the ghosts’ permission as several incidents whereby people have been put in danger due to not following this order has occurred in the past. So be very careful when playing with friends.

9. Tie a red thread onto your toe and pin the other end onto a bud of a banana tree; this will cause the spirit inside the tree to suffer. The ghost of the banana tree will show itself and request for you to release the tread.

10. Perform an operation and exchange cornea with a dead person, you will be granted the ability to see ghost.


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