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Monday, February 8, 2010

SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 1 -- The Spiritual Entity Comes In Contact With The Natural Strength Of Humanity

By: Nutter with Pastor Paralysis

Asia Paranormal is honored to have the participation of a Pastor of a Baptist Church from Portland in the state of Oregon, USA. He would like to be known as 'Sleep Paralysis'.

Mr. Sleep Paralysis has experienced over a thousand five hundred episodes of Sleep Paralysis, or so he claims, and in this Part 1 Interview with him, the revered Clergyman answers our readers' questions and shares with us his personal experiences.

AP: What constitutes and causes sleep paralysis?

I believe that any person who truly experiences Sleep Paralysis has been exposed to the spirit world. We are a people who exist in a natural world, and yet all around us there is an unseen world. This world is known as the "Spirit World". It consists of spiritual beings that are aware of our natural existence.

I also believe that beings of the "Spirit World" have an ability to communicate with us through Sleep Paralysis. I DO NOT believe that Sleep Paralysis occurs as a result of R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement during Sleep) but through our sensory perception which is given to us by GOD. Sensory Perception is the faculty of self awareness represented by hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Most of the fifteen hundred plus Sleep Paralysis episodes that I have personally encountered were brought to my awareness through sight and sound. I have never encountered Sleep Paralysis through dreams, stress, weakness, and illnesses or as a result of some spiritual warfare.

I have a wonderful life. I am happily married with eight beautiful children. I am an Independent Baptist Pastor who has been in full time ministry for over eighteen years. Prior to my call to ministry I was in Public Relations as a Marketing Manager and a Senior Area Manager for a fast food chain. I also worked as a Top Clearance Security Officer for Military Avionics and Space.

I am currently fifty years of age and serving as a Senior Pastor in a Baptist church. I also received my education from St. Petersburg College and Bible Baptist College. Therefore, upon establishing some of my personal background and livelihood experiences I would like to offer to you what I believe are causes of Sleep Paralysis.

1. Sleep Paralysis occurs when you are encountered by an entity from the "Spirit World". Why You?

Because you are a channel through which the entity can communicate.

They come to your realm of living enquiring you to come to their realm of life.

I will explain more through my encounters why I believe this to be true.

Many, if not all who experience Sleep Paralysis episodes are too fearful to go through a total encounter of Sleep Paralysis. The entity's presence is so fearful and the accompaniment of loss abilities of movement and speech is a fearful and frightening thing.

For those who truly experience Sleep Paralysis, they realize this isn't the natural realm in which we live and function in. It is our realm being influenced by an other realm, or what I would like to term as 'The Natural World vs. the Spirit World'.

Sleep Paralysis occurs when you are woken by the presence of an Entity entering into your presence. I believe paralysis begins upon the presence of the Entity (or) Entities.

The awareness of paralysis is always recognized through your Sensory Perceptions. The Entity always makes itself known by one (or) more of these senses.

Therefore, upon realizing that the Entity is before you, you are already beginning paralysis. I believe that paralysis is the result of two different beings from two different dimensions coming together - The Natural World/ Human race and the Spirit World/ Entity. When you hear or see the Entity, the paralysis has begun.

2. How do you know?
Because at that point you are unable to move or call / cry out. Then when the Entity approaches you or lays on your body you are in total paralysis. The Spiritual Entity comes in contact with the natural strength of Humanity.

I find that paralysis has a purpose, but many of life's purposes are never brought to a conclusion because people are crippled by "FEAR". They never understand why Sleep Paralysis comes to them. Most encounters of Sleep Paralysis usually result in an extraordinary warfare to regain their ability to move and speak. And yet like so many who undergo the trials of life, those who experience sleep paralysis never seem to understand or gain the knowledge or answers to the questions we search for in this life.

-END OF AP's Part One Interview-


  1. I suffered daily, nightly episodes of Sleep Paralysis from age of around 5 through the age of 32. These took place several times a day or night. My sleeping pattern was so bad I would try to nap at work in the "headache room" and get hit with the sleep paralysis there as well. I almost committed suicide...I had sleep studies done and spent 3 weeks in a Mental hospital. At 32 these 3 Holy Roller ladies prayed for me for an entire afternoon and I can only say I felt the "departure" of something....I have slept peacefully ever since. I believe this is a physiological condition that can be used by demons to torment us.

  2. I am 23 and have had these episodes myself. At first I thought nothing of it. but more and more over the last year or so I have had them more regularly. I cant move or speak but thats the only thing your trying to do. You do feel a strong presence, once i felt a dark presence sit on the edge of my bed. that was when i thought I will need to tell someone about this. I told a mate and he thought I was mad. He googled it and was suprised with what i said and what other people have experienced are so alike it was unbelievable. I have had episodes where I feel im being dragged away from my bed. To be honest I dont know what to believe or what to next. Ask a doctor or leave it.

  3. Sleep Paralysis can be removed from your life if you choose. If you can over come the fear you would not want it to stop. Many would love to experience Sleep Paralysis but are unable. You don't choose Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Paralysis chooses you. Don't fear it, for it does not harm you. Fear is the only harm, NOT Sleep Paralysis.

  4. Is Sleep Paralysis associated with ancient Babylonian and Sumarian language?

  5. Are there any assoclations with purple clouds that many claim to view as spiritual entities? Do you believe we are on the brink of some kind of spiritual horrorr in our world?

  6. I need help. when will you give life experiences? I need answers to overcome sleep paralysis. waiting your response.

  7. Are you going to post a third interview. Looking forward to your experiences.

  8. sleep paralysis is beyond the pale .. forget brain-chemistry run amuck type explanations. It's wholly "external". You don't think it's dangerous? Investigate Hmong +SUNDS (Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death). You could ask them how dangerous it is or isn't - unfortunately they're all dead.

  9. This is Pastor Paralysis. You must realize that sleep paralysis is only a stealth to a greater purpose. You'll find that paralysis is used to keep you from fighting the purpose of the entities encounter to your existance. I continue to get them on a frequent basis. The people of this world are coming out with this horror and it will continue to escalade. It is worldwide as you see and it will continue to become worse. It is spiritual entities coming in contact with the natural strength of humanity.

  10. Just woke up having one. I've had a lot of sleep paralysis in the past, but this time it was different and terrifying. I felt (and saw) a real evil presence with me trying to enter my body. Made it a blog post and asked 2 friends and my mother that were with me today if they felt/saw something odd today at home.


  11. The Bible and Sleep Paralysis, or the encounter of a spiritual entity coming in contact with the natural strength of humanity. Sleep Paralysis is a spiritual matter.Therefore, we must go to the greatest source of information on the subject of humanity and his relation to a physical and spiritual world. The Bible. The Word of God. In the book of Daniel chapter 10 we read about Daniel coming in contact with an angelic being. A created being from the spirit world. The Word of God describes what occurred to Daniel as the Angelic being came into his physical presence. (Verse 7) Not everyone will encounter what you will experience. (Verse 8) Loneliness, No strength. (Verse 9) The sound of a voice,and a deep sleep. (Verse 10)The touch of a hand, also their ability to move you. (verse 11,12) Trembling, fear. (verse 15) unable to speak. (verse 17) No strength,no breath. (verse 18)An appearance of a man. I present this not as sleep paralysis as much as what occurs when a spiritual entity comes in contact with the natural strength of humanity. I present to you that there are Evil Angelic Beings as well as Good Angelic Beings. Your life is in the Word of God. Search His word for in it you will find the answers of life. Jesus will deliver you.

  12. Mr. Sleep Paralysis - you have experienced this over 1500 times. Lord have mercy.You are a preacher, which means you lead the church, which means, to some extent, you have some responsibility over the salvation of their souls. They look up to you for guidance. You believe in heaven and hell, and that when a person dies, they will go to one place or another.
    Does it make you feel "special", that you have expereinced this so many times?
    You say you realize that this is an encounter with the spiritual realm... do you believe that this encounter is from the forces of God or of the evil one? If you believe that this is from God, then I challenge you, next time it occurs, say out loud, "My Lord and savior Jesus Christ, if this occurence is demonic, let it stop" say this over and over and mean it. ( If you can not speak then say it in your head) If you believe this occurence is from the forces of the evil one, then say, "My Lord and savior Jesus Christ, if this occurence is demonic, let it stop" ( If you can not speak then say it in your head)If you are truly a man of God then you will wish to know if the occurence you experience so many times and so readily, is truly from God or from Satan. If you do not call out for the Lord with an open heart, then that means that you do not wish to know if it is evil or not... and you may be held accountable for your ignorance... may the Lord guide you my friend and show you the truth behind what you experience so often... There are only two spiritual forces in the world at work. Those that are from God and those that are from the evil one and his minions.


  13. Mr. Sleep Paralysys - www.holyfire.org/eng

    After reading the link above, perhaps one day you will go to Jerusalem and experience this for your self...

  14. Nothing happens to God's children unless God allows it. I thank my Father for all He does and allows in my life. All things work together for good to them that love God to them who are called according to his purpose. I walk with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His grace is sufficient. I wouldn't change God's marvelous plan. We all have the same will from our Heavenly Father, but God has a different plan for all his children.

  15. Whatever happened to Sleep Paralysis? I haven't heard from him for some time.

  16. This is Sleep Paralysis. It appears it is over. 37years, what a road traveled. I learned alot with much recorded. What a journal.


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