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Monday, February 1, 2010

Women in Thailand use Black Magic to Subdue their Husband

From: HypeSeek@Asiaparanormal

Introduction to Black Magic in Thailand
In the traditional culture of Thailand’s black magic, women are usually the victims of black magic. Men will seek witch doctor (Maaw Phee) to formulate special love potion or charm made from the anatomical fluid of a dead woman, more commonly known as the “corpse oil”. The magic potion is dilute with drink and later serve to the women victim, the victim will succumb to the men like a slave unknowingly. However, women have reported using black magic as well. Some women in Thailand have resorted to use black magic to hold on their husband from external affairs.

The Process
The women will collect bodily material from themselves; the material can be perspiration, urine, vaginal secretion, menstrual blood, dry skin or broken nail. A friend has told me that the spell will come stronger if the material is directly apply onto the food and being serve to her husband immediately. Traditionally, Thai women who have the intention to charm their husband will squat or knee over hot food until her sweat or menstrual blood drip onto the food. She will need to retain the original favor of the food and activate the charm by chanting a black magic mantra over the “poisoned” food that she is going to serve her husband shortly. The husband after eating the food will lose any interest in other women. However, if the food mixed with extensive amount of bodily fluid, the men will suffer mental illness and even die from over dosage. The only way to break the spell is to force the men to drink a mixture of polluted water with moss from a temple.

Corpse Oil in Traditional Thailand Charms

A Popular Rumored Case of such Sorcery
This form of black magic is rumored to be the root in bringing the downfall of a Thai’s kingdom in the past. Somchintana Thongthew Ratarasam, a researcher of traditional Thai healing revealed this story about a prince and a descendant of King Mon Kut, who fell victim to this sorcery. The prince was in love with a recent concubine because of her beauty and superb cooking skill. The prince was weak and felt sick very often. It was rumored that the concubine had secretly serve the prince food with “additional” ingredient. The ingredient both kept his life as a prince and kept his enduring love for her. The rumored spread like wildfire across the kingdom and the king has forbid her to serve any food to the prince anymore. The prince could not resist her cooking until a strand of hair was found on the dish. She was accused of conjuring black magic to harm the prince and soon she disappeared from the kingdom. There isn’t any supporting evidence of this claim but majority of the people in Thailand will believe that black magic exist.


  1. Yeah Thailand really believe in their magic, I noticed last week when I was in 7 11, they were selling little vials of good luck for about 12 US dollars. Apparently the air inside had been blessed.

    I actually used to have a Thai wife that left me because a tarot told her I was cheating on her, which I wasn't.

    My current girlfriend keeps spirits in a glass cage in our room for good luck, I joked about opening it and letting the poor spirits out, but she started to get really upset so I just left them in there.

    Nice Blog I enjoy reading it. Keep it up.

  2. Hi Scott, we're glad you enjoyed reading our blog. From the team of Asia Paranormal, we thank you very much for your comments.

    We sincerely hope to have your continued support.

  3. As far as my understanding, if a jar bottle is a Gumang Thong, i used to rear one for three month and return to the akjarn(Monk) coz it became very noosy and noisy at night.

  4. Those husband with lots wives were most likely 10 out of 1 were using black magic. This is quite true based on the experience I witnessed around my married friends. I felt sad over their circumstances. Its not really fun to witness those paranormal thingys when things eventually happened on people we care and loved. Way to go paranormal team ^^ Just let you know, I really like this quote from the site: "That's the thing about curses: they don't exactly have any sort of statistical standard they must meet in order to qualify as such; someone just sees a pattern among a bunch of people, some of whom run into some bad luck, and vorla, they call it a curse. if you widen your focus enough, you recognize that we're all cursed, because we will all meet our demise at some point in the future. You don't have to take part in some dark, depressing superhero movie to get it. But, that curse has always hung over our heads. Life is good while it lasts. Go out and watch a movie with someone nice. But make sure it's a comedy. Something funny. Preferably with monkeys."

  5. Yeah, Welcome to the biggest Magic in the World. I have been sexually abused thousands of times by Malaysia governmental approval and now put England to their knees to comply with their circus clowns.

    1. How ever can Malaysia Government sexually abuse you? Its either you are here as a prost?

  6. No one in the west believes in magic, until they have experienced it first hand.

    1. this is very very true!

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