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Friday, January 7, 2011

NSP Goh Meng Seng claims he has seen UFO

Source: Temasek Review, Pamela

Goh Meng Seng, the Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) has admitted that he is a firm believer of UFO/alien and claims that he has personally seen an alien craft.

In an article published on sgpolitics on 3rd January 2011, Mr Goh, who recently sold his HDB flat to fund his election campaign claims that he has seen the alien craft in 1999 and described the said object as “no human technology can explain or did what that object did”.

According to him, the said oval shape object “looks like a glowing white cloud floating in the air. It was floating just outside my windows. I was watching TV at that time.”

He added:

"It caught my eyes because of its “glowing” nature and the way it moved, in a slow and steady movement which somehow looked “unnatural” to me. I tried to take a closer by moving to the window. Just a minute later, it just zipped and zoomed out of my sight within a blink of my eyes… I believe no human technology could make any object to move at such a great speed.

Such image is still imprinted in my mind deeply. Just too bad I didn’t have any video camera back then to record the whole process. From then on, I always keep an open mind about UFO sightings. Some UFO sighting reports around the world coincide with my own witnessing experience… such objects just zip and zoom out of sight within seconds.

Whether or not this news about the three gigantic spaceship is real, I really don’t know. Top travel from Earth to Pluto or Jupiter by a normal human space exploration crafts will take years… tens of years. If it takes only 2 years to reach Earth, it is already traveling at 20 times or more than human technology could do.

Keep an open mind. In my opinion, there are two types of UFOs on Earth. Some are human made, by some countries like America or Russia. But these are the ones which could just fly at “normal” speed due to technological limitations. They may be in saucer shape, have the ability to hover around etc but do not have the technology of traveling at the speed of light. Those which could do that, most probably are alien types."

This writer is unable to confirm if the said object was indeed an alien craft or some un-manned drone sent by the ruling party to spy on Mr Goh prior to the General election.


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