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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Kung fu' spritualist in exorcism bid

Widow Zainab Sulaiman, whose house in Kampung Penambang Bunga Emas, near Kota Baru, Kelantan has been plagued by hundreds of small fires which seemed to ignite out of the blue, is getting help from paranormal experts from as far away as Penang.

The latest "exorcist" is spiritualist Ong Q Leng, who came to the aid of the 73-year-old on Saturday to chase away "evil djinns" and "lock" the house to prevent it from coming back and causing trouble again.

Ong, 36, also known as Master Ong in Penang, said the house was infested with spirits sent by someone with ill-intentions.

She performed several 'kung fu' motions to get rid of them,

"I could sense an evil presence the moment I stepped into the house. There are little djinns under the house while the big ones are outside the house.

"I was able to chase away the small djinns but there is a 50-50 chance that they will return to cause mischief again."

"I have also provided 'shields' for Zainab and her family members, and advised her not to allow visitors as they could be possessed by the djinns," she said.

The mysterious fires have destroyed more than 250 pieces of clothing as well as prayer mats and two mattresses over the past two weeks.

Last Wednesday, a local group of Muslim ghostbusters called Darus Shifaq had conducted prayers and chanted Quranic verses, including cleansing with blessed water her ancient collection of keris, swords, and brassware believed to be possessed by the djinn.

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