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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sentosa Cove 'Death bungalow' sold for $13.6 million

In just five months, the Sentosa Cove bungalow where a KTV hostess drowned to her death has been sold.

Two brothers - Mr Mark Poh Seng Kui, 49, and Mr David Poh Cheng Seng, 56 - bought the three-storey waterfront bungalow on Ocean Drive at Sentosa Cove for $13.6 million in August this year.

While the price is not something to sneeze at, it is below the sale prices of other properties in the area, especially considering the fact that property prices in Sentosa Cove are heading skywards.


Master Oregon comment: Take a look at the following article which discusses why some people would not mind buying houses which are said to have paranormal activity in it. In the case of the Sentosa Cove house, granted its a prime location and valuable property, but most people would steer far away from it, given that a woman recently died there. I know I would. So what is the attraction?

Many states have laws that require a home’s seller to disclose the nature of any paranormal activity that has occurred in a home and in most cases it can affect the price the seller can fetch. On the other hand, there are certain folks that are trying to market their home’s paranormal activity as a plus. Even more interesting is the number of people that are specifically looking for ‘haunted homes’ for sale. It may sound surprising, but it’s true.

In some cases, the more haunted a home is, the more valuable it can become. If the seller can inarguably prove their home to have exceptional events taking place, the more likely they are to create a bidding war on their home to get prices over its actual value in a market and economy that has created a savvy home buyer pool that knows they have the upper hand and sellers are becoming so desperate they’re willing to sell a home well below its value just to get out from underneath their ARM payments.

[The Niche Market of Haunted Homes]


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