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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ghost Must Be Crazy ( 鬼也笑)

From Contributor : Chan ShiJie

Picture is (C) copyright to j team productions

Movie Synopsis (鬼也笑 影片简介)

This will be the synopsis
“The Ghost Must Be Crazy” has two different stories entitled “The Day Off” and “The Ghost Bride”. In “The Day Off”, Ah Nan (John Cheng) and Ah Lei (Wang Lei) goes for their annual in-camp training and they meet a very “on” Platoon Commander. As they’re about to play a prank on the Commander as a form of revenge for all the rigorous training they had to put up with, a series of strange things happen.

"鬼也笑" 拥有两部故是分为 "休假" 和 "鬼新娘" 这两个不同的故事。
在"休假" 的这部,阿南(程约翰)和阿磊(王磊)去为他们的年度兵营训练,他们遇到一个很“ON" 的指挥官。他们想要玩指挥官作为一切严格的训练的报复,有一系列奇怪的事情发生。

Picture is (C) copyright to j team productions

In “Ghost Bride”, Ah Hui (Henry Thia) who is unlucky in love meets a stranger, Ah Hai (Mark Lee), who promises him fortune and blessings if he seeks help from ‘brothers and sisters’ in the netherworld. Ah Hui does so and ends up finding a beautiful jade bangle inside a red packet. Soon after, Ah Hui strikes the lottery, but spends it all lavishly. Just when he is down in the dumps again, Ah Hai offers him another solution and something strange happens.

在“鬼新娘“,程旭辉(程亨利 )是一个在感情方面向当不幸的一个人遇到陌生人,阿海(李国煌)。 这个人所给他的承诺是财富和幸福,如果他肯试从地下的兄弟姐妹们的帮助。阿晖照他的话去做儿最终n拿到一个漂亮的红封包内的玉手镯。不久后,阿晖中了彩票所以罢工,但是他却乱乱的花。正当他再次的沮丧了,啊海向他提供了另一个解决方案和一些奇怪的事情发生。

Picture is (C) copyright to j team productions

Trailer and Teaser

You can watch the trailer here on this movie if you would like to

The first video is one that advertises and promoting this movie. It is shown in the cinema as one of the advertisements before the movie that you are watching starts.

The next video below is basically the MTV ! The theme song of this movie


My Personal Comments
Mark Lee ( 李国煌)

Personally this movie is like a trail for mark Lee and for his first try, I would personally say it is a good attempt from him.
我个人认为这部电影就像是马克李( 李国煌) 他的第一次的尝试,我本身会认为这是一个好尝试。

Story 1
Where the 1st story is on concern, there is a lot of joke element added into and it is very much based on how our Singapore Army is like of course with certain portions amended. Some of the amended portions may not make any sense at all but hey ! It is just a movie after all

I did have a very good laugh on it.

From what I can see it just trying to stress that don’t think there are no such thing as ghosts especially when you are out in the field training.

Many people like to say “ where got such thing as ghost ! ?” “if you believe got ghost then got ghost and if you don’t they don’t !” “ If you see the ghost tell the ghost to report to me and I will bla bla etc etc etc whatsoever …..” so in this movie it really happened ! What are you going to do when the ghost really reports to you?

Many things that you don’t believe or cannot see does not mean that it does not exists and it is not real ! At many times it does no harm to show respect to certain things and many more times it is better to believe it exists than to believe it does not, as like what the Chinese saying would states.

Story 2
As to the 2nd story, it speaks of a very typical story of people who would go to all length of praying to the dead to ask for fortune from lottery etc… which is a rather common thing in Singapore.

However, there is a difference between dead spirits of the underworld and deities of the heavens ! The biggest difference is that at the most if you fail to deliver your promises to the deities/gods of the heaven they will bless you again the next time. But however this will not be the case for the dead ! When you ask something from the dead and you fail to deliver your promises, the consequences is fatal !

The most important thing is what you promise be it to the heavenly deities or to the spirits of the underworld, you must be able to deliver your promises to them! Do not give empty promises to them. The best thing would be to depend on yourself instead of them.

If you were to closely listen to MTV, you will find that there is a message !

It is trying to emphasis to you that ghosts exists in this world but however this word ghost is not the real ghost that we imagine of. This “Ghost” can also be a living human around you who is as good as a “ghost” due to the things this person does, says, the character, personality etc…

This “Ghost” can be just around you in your daily life even. Perhaps your colleague, your so called friends etc… it can be anyone basically!

So beware !!!!!

This message is rather meaningful. Jack Neo’s movie all usually speaks of much moral values.

This is a good movie to watch and I would encourage you to watch if you have not yet!

Asiaparanormal's Comment

This Movie speaks of typical things in Singapore and it will be good for you to watch to learn more about things in Singapore if you are a non-Singaporean.

It is very true that ghosts and hauntings are often encountered and in most cases these are being brought in by yourself.

Many people wanted to become rich so much to the point of extend that they pray to almost anything and everything. There are some who gives alot of promises but in the end failed to deliver them. Hence severe consequences has to be faced in such cases.

[Click here to read full article]

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