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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Decorations For the Home using Fengshui

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, beautiful and meaningful Chinese New Year decorations, wisely chosen and placed at the entrance and in the house, attract good luck, health and money in new year. The entrance door, hallway decor and dining room table should look especially cheerful and inviting for lunar New Year. Bright red, shiny metallic and white colors are traditional colors for Chinese decorations that Feng Shui home and prepare it for lunar New Year celebrations.

The entrance door is a very important element of good Feng Shui home design. It is believed that attractively decorated for lunar New Year celebrations door and entryway not only create festive mood, but Feng Shui a home, protect the family and attract positive changes. Everybody and everything come into the house through the front door. Good Feng Shui decorating for the entrance and front door is a part of traditional Chinese home decoration for lunar New Year celebrations. (Feng Shui home, preparing for Chinese New Year celebrations)

The front door and the entryway should look festive and welcoming for Chinese New Year, according to ancient Feng Shui home decorating guide. Modern electric garlands or traditional rice paper lanterns and old Chinese coins are perfect lunar New Year decorations that Feng Shui homes and attract happiness. (Making Chinese lanterns for lunar New Year celebrations)

Chinese New Year decorations to Feng Shui home
North-eastern and northern parts of the house should be decorated for Chinese New Year with white and shiny ornaments. Bright red ornaments and colorful paper lanterns are great Chinese New Year decorations for the central part of the house also

You should not place garlands above the mirror, Chinese Feng Shui experts say, as they can cause conflicts in the house after Chinese New Year. Do not bring New Year decorations into your bedrooms. Ornaments, hanging near and over your bed can make you feel tired during holidays. (Feng Shui home design, Feng Shui for bedroom)

Dining tables, especially holiday tables, should be round or oval to help Feng Shui home. If your dining table is square or rectangular, cover the table with white tablecloth after drawing the infinity symbol (horizontal inverted number eight) with a chalk, to Feng Shui your dining room and holiday table. (Feng Shui color for home design, color meanings)

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  1. I'm a huge fn of Fengshui. I always recommend to my friends to try a little Fengshui guidance.. it always help.
    Great article!!

  2. shiny metallic and white colors are traditional colors for Chinese decorations that Feng Shui home and prepare it for lunar New Year celebrations. feng shui


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